Worst Week in Washington: The Nominees!

The Fix – Chris Cillizza

The firing and attempted rehiring of a mid-level U.S. Department of Agriculture employee named Shirley Sherrod has dominated the world of politics this week — drowning out President Obama‘s signing of financial regulatory reform and the Senate’s passage of unemployment benefit extensions.

It’s hard to imagine then that the Fix’s “Worst Week in Washington” winner won’t come from one of the many people who left the Sherrod incident looking — to put it nicely — horrible.

There’s Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack who pushed Sherrod out Monday, doubled down on that decision by Tuesday and by Wednesday was desperately trying to contact her to offer her a new position within the department.

Or Andrew Breitbart, the conservative journalist who started it all when he posted an edited tape of Sherrod’s remarks that told less than the full story.

Or even Obama himself who took a beating from liberals for his administration’s willingness to immediately cave to the pressure put on it by Breitbart before examining all the facts. (Make sure to read Mike Shear’s piece on the differing approach Obama has adopted to these tempests in teapots as president versus how he handled them on the campaign trail.)

So, whose it going to be? One of that trio or someone or something entirely unrelated to the USDA imbroglio?

Offer your thoughts in the comments section below. We’ll unveil the winner in our live video chat Friday morning at 10:30 a.m.

Author: kstreet607

Politics! Politics! I love politics! Unapologetic Barack Obama enthusiast.

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