Sessions And Cornyn Refuse To Detail GOP Agenda, Offer Zero ‘Painful Choices’ To Cut Spending

This is the sort of thing the GOP in congress will try and get away with until after the election.  Why in heaven’s name do they refuse to talk about their agenda after the mid-term elections?  They are banking on winning the majority back in the House.  Yet they refuse to tell voters and the media just what they will do if they do win back the majority.  That, in and of itself is just astonishing.  Although their base will not have a problem with it because they will blindly follow the GOP playbook like the good little lemmings that they are.

It is the independents that the GOP are afraid of.  They are the ones who appear to be on the GOP’s side because of their perceptions of Obama’s failed leadership.

The fact is, if Independents knew more about the “non-agenda” that the GOP has planned after the mid-term ‘take-over” (which will include repealing Health Reform and Economic Reform), they would not vote to put those clowns back in.

Their sole goal and strategy is to make Obama fail every new attempt at initiating “change” like the climate bill and immigration.  Of course we all know that every tactic the GOP has taken in their “Just say no” campaign over the last 18 months is a direct effort to cause the Obama administration to fail.

In my opinion, it is incumbent upon everyone who still supports the current administration, to make people aware of this.  They also need to be aware of how we got into this economic conundrum in the first place.  Eight years of laissez-faire politics and endless war under the Bush 43 administration.

Think Progress:

The heads of the Republican congressional campaign committees — Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) and Pete Sessions (R-TX) — appeared on NBC’s Meet the Press today to discuss their party’s strategy for the November elections. Sessions began by saying that everyone knows exactly “what Republicans stand for,” but he quickly proved that even he doesn’t really know. Host David Gregory, visibly frustrated, repeatedly pressed the two campaign chiefs for substance, saying, “these are not specifics, voters get tired of that.” But all he got in return was vapid talking points, like how Republican candidates are “standing with the American people back home.”

Gregory correctly dismissed what he was hearing from Sessions as “gauzy,” and turned to Cornyn, saying, “I’m not hearing an answer here, what are the painful choices” that Republicans are prepared to make to cut the deficit? Instead of offering any ideas of own, and in direct contrast to the sense of urgency with which conservatives paint the deficit, Cornyn responded that he would wait for President Obama’s debt commission’s report, which will conveniently come after the election. Gregory replied, “wait a minute, conservatives need a Democratic president’s debt commission to figure out what it is they need to cut?”

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