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Where’s Al Sharpton During Fox News’ Incessant Race Baiting?

Fox News has always pandered to it’s “low-information” base by race-baiting.  However, News Hounds asks the question, “where is Al Sharpton during Fox News incessant race baiting?”  Personally, Sharpton is not a favorite of mine.  In my opinion he and Jesse Jackson need to retire and allow more contemporary voices who advocate equality and progression in race related issues.  I, personally have dealt with forty years of both men, accomplishing more by lining their pockets and media exposure than any  momentous changes, advancing the above mentioned causes.

Ok, having said that, News Hounds wants to explore the issue so here is their point of view:

News Hounds

We’ve been reporting for more than a week about Fox News’ obvious race-baiting against President Obama and his Department of Justice. has a petition about it as well now that the race-baiting has spilled over to CNN. So where’s Al Sharpton and his National Action Network?

This is far worse than anything Don Imus said. Why hasn’t Sharpton and/or NAN stepped up and blasted the disgusting race-baiting on Fox News? I can’t find anything about it on NAN’s website.

You can contact NAN via their webform at I just sent them a comment asking them to speak out. I hope you will, too.

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World Cup Trophy Vandal: Man Tries To GRAB Trophy

Huffington Post Sports

JOHANNESBURG — A spectator ran onto the field and tried to grab the World Cup trophy Sunday, moments before the Spain and Netherlands players were due to walk out at Soccer City for the tournament’s final match.

A man ran in from a corner of the stadium and raced across the field toward the halfway line, where the trophy had been placed on a pedestal for the players to parade past.

The man was tackled just before he could get his hands on the trophy and was carried away by seven security guards, taken up the tunnel and past the waiting players as the crowd cheered.

Italy defender Fabio Cannavaro, who last lifted the World Cup trophy as winning captain when his team won the title in Berlin four years ago, had carried the trophy onto the field in its Louis Vuitton case. He took it out, and placed it on the stand facing the many dignitaries in attendance.

After Cannavaro left the field, the trophy stayed alone on the grass awaiting the arrival of the two teams. It was eventually taken off after the Dutch and Spanish national anthems were played.

Both Spain and the Netherlands are trying to win their first World Cup.

In the semifinals, an Italian fan carrying a vuvuzela ran onto the field during Spain’s win over Germany on Wednesday to protest the exclusion of a player from Italy’s squad.

Paul The Octopus · World Cup Soccer

Paul The Octopus Makes TWO Final World Cup Predictions!

Two days ago, I started paying attention to that amazing octopus who as of yesterday was 7 for 7 in its predictions of World Cup events.  Today, Paul the octopus nailed it!  He chose Spain and Spain won!

Huffington Post – 7-10-10

UPDATE: PAUL THE OCTOPUS IS NOW SEVEN FOR SEVEN. AMAZING. If Spain wins the World Cup final on Sunday, he will be eight for eight.

Paul, the remarkable oracle octopus whose knack for predicting the outcome of World Cup games has earned him worldwide fame as well as “revenge grilling” death threats, has outdone himself. The precious prognosticator made two final World Cup picks on Friday, putting his hard-earned credibility on the line in a bold gambit.

The generous genius predicted that Germany will conquer Uruguay in the tournament’s third-place game on Saturday, and he picked Spain over the Netherlands in the final on Sunday — the first non-German game the majestic mollusk has ever predicted.

Paul’s prophetic picks have been unassailable during the World Cup. By choosing between two mouth-watering mussels, Paul indicates which team he knows will win. The soccer sage successfully forecasted all four of Germany’s victories and both of the country’s losses.

Scroll down for photos of the elegant Oracle from Oberhausen, as well as a video of him making his profound predictions.