Palin’s Immigration “Solution” Panned By Fox News Pundits

Does anything that woman says, politically, make any sense at all?

News Hounds

Add Dana Perino’s name to the growing list of Fox News personnel who are less than impressed by Sarah Palin. On last night’s (7/9/10) O’Reilly Factor, Perino beat liberal Leslie Marshall to the punch of panning Palin’s “solutions” for the country’s immigration problems discussed in the previous segment.

Bill O’Reilly, who had neatly come close to destroying Palin’s credibility on the issue during their discussion, asked Perino, “You heard Governor Palin. What did you think. Does she have a plan that would work?” Notably, he refrained from commenting in that regard, himself.

Perino answered, “Well, I didn’t hear a lot of specifics and, because she is not the president, she doesn’t have to provide a lot of specifics. But I think that interview was instructive for a couple of reasons, Bill… One thing that was concerning to me is when she said she would send as many troops as it would take on the border. I think that’s as unspecific as what President Obama has said… The question of how many it would take, I mean, I don’t think anybody really knows that. So she would need to get more specific there. And in addition to that, you hit the nail on the head with the problem of the 12 million people who are already here. And it might sound OK to say that you would just send them all back and deport them. But our country is not going to do that. We’re not going to stand for it. And plus, many of these people have had children here. We’re not going to send them back.”

Liberal Leslie Marshall joked that if Perino didn’t stop agreeing with her, they wouldn’t be allowed back.

Nobody said a good word about Palin’s “solutions.”

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