Health Reform Begins In Earnest Today

Daily Kos – DemFromCT

Not only in earnest, but in 21 states that agreed to let the feds organize their high risk pools. The states that wanted to do it themselves are lagging (and that includes big states like IL, CA and NY) but even they expect to start taking applications over the summer. From the LA Times:

The Obama administration and some state governments will begin accepting applications Thursday for new insurance programs designed to cover people who have been denied insurance because they have pre-existing medical conditions.

These so-called high-risk pools were included in the new health care law to provide relief for some of the most desperate uninsured Americans between now and 2014, when a provision of the new health care law takes effect requiring insurance companies to cover everyone regardless of medical history.

This piece from Noam N. Levey has some nice basic bullets on where, which states, how much, when and even a piece on the Boehner tax:

Who will have to pay the new tanning tax?

The law levies a 10% tax on tanning services, which salons are expected collect from consumers and forward to the federal government.

The law exempts phototherapy services provided by a medical professional for the treatment of dermatological conditions, sleep disorders and other conditions.  

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