Obama Plans Oval Office Address To The Nation On Gulf Oil Spill, Tuesday Night


I wonder when Barack Obama campaigned for the job of POTUS, did he ever stop to think what an utter challenge it would be.  On top of the everyday challenges that any POTUS would experience, Obama has to deal with a base who thinks he’s not doing enough for the progressive movement.  He also has to deal with fiscally conservative  Blue Dog Coalition  Democrats who continue to make it hard for Obama to pass legislation without a 60 majority.

Of course there are the rest.  The GOP, Fox News, Tea Party advocates and every other right wing leaning group, talk show host  or organization, that wants to see Barack Hussein Obama fail in every thing he attempts to accomplish on his political agenda during his first term.  They are banking on the fact that he will not have a second term.  That is there goal.

Huffington Post

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama plans an Oval Office speech Tuesday night about the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

White House adviser David Axelrod says Obama will talk about the disaster after he returns from a visit to the region on Monday and Tuesday.

Axelrod tells NBC’s “Meet the Press” that the president will lay out steps that the government will take to cope with the fallout from the spill.

THIS IS A BREAKING NEWS UPDATE. Check back soon for further information. AP’s earlier story is below.

WASHINGTON (AP) – President Barack Obama plans to address the nation this coming week about the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

White House adviser David Axelrod says Obama will talk about the disaster after he returns from a visit to the region on Monday and Tuesday.

Axelrod tells NBC’s “Meet the Press” that the president will lay out steps that the government will take to cope with the fallout from the spill.

Megyn Kelly Loses It Over Congressional Rep’s Statement Linking AZ Immigration Law To White Supremacists!

News Hounds – Guest Blogger

As the mouthpiece for the nativist right wing, Fox News never wastes an opportunity to bash those who oppose the AZ immigration law. But being “fair and balanced,” they have interviewed folks who are not fans of the law, including Clarissa Martinez, Director of the National Council of La Raza. But the presence of a guest from the other side, doth not a “fair and balanced” segment make as shown by what transpired during the course of the Megyn Kelly’s interview. I didn’t think that “fair and balanced” “news” anchors were in the business of demanding that their guests agree with them in denouncing Fox’s political enemies. Silly me.

On Friday (June 4th), faux “news” anchor Kelly reported that La Raza, a Hispanic advocacy group, is critical of President Obama meeting with AZ Governor Jan Brewer because the meeting legitimizes the new law. Both Kelly and Martinez agreed that the Federal Government is not doing its job of protecting the border. OK, so far so good.

 Kelly got into propaganda land when she said that Arizona “doesn’t want to see any more its citizens murdered, so they pass their own law” (Guess only illegals commit murder in Arizona?) “and groups like yours have been really critical of that law and some folks” (which folks, Megyn?) “you’ve really got no business criticizing that law because you’re not there, you’re not having to deal with what Governor Jan Brewer is having to deal with..” (Oh, so First Amendment rights don’t apply to those who “aren’t there? Really? If folks wherever they are, see what appears to be a Constitutional violation they don’t have the right to criticize. Should those, not living in the segregated South, have minded their own business when it came to Civil Rights?) But the best was yet to come.

Kelly then dropped the bombshell. Her voice rising and dripping with venom, she said “then today we see this Democratic Congresswoman from California come out and suggest that the people behind the Arizona law are connected to white supremacists. Clarissa you’ve gotta condemn that kind of talk, no?”

Martinez cited how crime is down in many Arizona communities but was stopped by Kelly who wanted to get back to the white supremacist thing. She wanted Martinez to listen to a sound bite from California Democratic Representative Linda Sanchez but rather than play the sound bite, she stated that Sanchez said that “white supremacists were behind this law.” Martinez, accurately, said that the law wasn’t “organic” and that the legal arm of the Federation For Immigration Reform is behind this.

Martinez tried to continue; but Kelly talked over her: “You’re not answering my question. Do you condemn that remark because the polls show that over 70% of Arizonans are in favor of this?” (And this related to the white supremacy thing, how?) Being “fair and balanced,” Kelly did not reference the rest of the poll which shows that the overwhelming majority of Arizona Hispanics oppose the law. She said “and now you’ve got a US congresswoman coming out and saying that white supremacists” (her voice grew louder) “are the ones behind this. That they’re the inspiration for this? You’ve gotta condemn that. Don’t you?” When Kelly, visibly exasperated, tried to say that the AZ Law is “more protective” of immigrants, Martinez said that it goes beyond the federal law. Kelly wasn’t pleased when Martinez cited how some AZ police are objecting to the law. She whiningly asked “do you support this boycott of Arizona?” When Martinez tried to respond, Kelly asked “what sense” it made because Arizona is hemorrhaging money” so “what sense does it make “to punish Arizona…?

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Politico’s Top 10 One-Liners Week Ending 6/12/10


The week’s top ten one-liners:

 “We talk to these folks because they potentially have the best answers, so I know whose ass to kick.” — President Barack Obama, dropping an a-bomb.

“Galarraga’s name should have been added to an elite list.” — Sen. Harry Reid, weighing in on the Detroit Tigers’ pitcher’s near-perfect game, undone by an umpire’s missed call on what should have been the 27th out.

 “In the spirit of a genuine Irishman, we are going to beat England.” — Vice President Joe Biden, making a World Cup prediction. 

 “I’m not loved by Hillary Clinton… and I don’t love her either.” — Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, singing about the Secretary of State.

 “I understand we have the same issue with smoking.” — Obama, chatting up Philippine President-elect Benigno Aquino III about their shared habit.

 “Whatever the hell this says.” — Rep. Ralph Hall, delivering an opening statement at a House Science and Technology subcommittee hearing.

 “Or, what the heck, give me a call.” — Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, telling Obama to seek her out for help in dealing with the Gulf Coast oil spill.

 “I’d like to assure everybody here that it’s not because I heard a voice in a cornfield.” — Actor Kevin Costner, testifying on Capitol Hill about a device developed by a company he’s backed that separates oil from water.

“Now we have the press here. Nice of you to tell me.” — New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg, getting testy with a staffer when journalists showed up at a City Hall meeting.

 “My dad is a f——-g player and reckless as hell!  He just got at this doods wife super low-key” — Rep. John Conyers’ son, tweeting.

Obama, UK’s Cameron wager beer over World Cup game


 President Barack Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron may agree on weighty issues like Iran and Afghanistan but their “special relationship” stops when it comes to soccer.


The two leaders “agreed to disagree” on Saturday about the desired outcome of the U.S.-England World Cup soccer match that began at 1830 GMT, the White House said in a statement.

Obama and Cameron had just finished a call that covered foreign policy issues and the BP Plc oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. The president “affirmed his deep commitment to the special and historic relationship between our two countries,” the White House said.

Then beer — and a little bit of friendly ribbing — entered the chat.

“The president noted that the historical record of previous World Cup matches between the United States and England favors the United States and the president wagered the best lager against the best beer in America on an American win over England,” the White House said.

In The News

The New York Times – The Early Word

President Obama implored Republican and Democratic Congressional leaders Saturday to approve $50 billion in aid to cities and states to blunt “the devastating economic impact” of budget cuts on teachers, firefighters and other state workers. Both chambers have stalled on the package amid concerns over the rising national debt, but many economists argue that more spending could help ease unemployment.

All in a Name: The company responsible for the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, BP, formerly known as British Petroleum, may be based in the Britain, but Obama administration officials are hitting a nerve when they refer to it incorrectly as “British Petroleum,” stoking the already high tensions between the two countries in the wake of the spill, The Times’s Sheryl Gay Stolberg notes.

This does not sit well with some ink-stained wretches (or clean-fingered bloggers) across the Big Pond, who are wondering aloud just how special the “special relationship” between the two countries still is.

Even the images of oil-drenched pelicans and tearful words of Louisiana fishermen and relatives of the deceased oil rig workers in recent hearings on Capitol Hill probably won’t be enough to spur action on proposals to cap greenhouse gas emissions, The Times’s John Broder writes. There is, however, increasing interest in a “measure that penalizes BP, imposes higher costs and tougher regulations on offshore drillers and takes some steps toward reducing overall energy and petroleum consumption.”

Office of the Repealer: Senator Sam Brownback, the Republican from Kansas who is hoping to become governor, has a proposal to scrap all the state’s unnecessary and over-the-top regulations that officials have dreamed up over the years. Lawmakers in Missouri and Michigan have recently passed legislation repealing arcane rules governing things like steam boats and margarine. If Mr. Brownback wins in November, he would establish the State Office of the Repealer, an idea that’s proving attractive to his supporters.

The G.O.P’s top picks in California — Carly Fiorina, who beat the more moderate Tom Campbell in the Republican primary Tuesday, and Meg Whitman, the party’s nominee for governor — are hardly the typical Silicon Valley candidates.

That role is far more suited to Mr. Campbell, writes The Times’s Jonathan Weber. “For more than three decades, the one-time law professor and member of Congress has positioned himself as just the kind of smart, socially liberal and fiscally conservative politician whom high-tech business leaders could love.”

FTC Investigates Apple: The Federal Trade Commission is preparing to investigate charges that Apple is using its App Store to unfairly hurt its competitors. Even though Apple — whose iPhone controls 28 percent of the mobile market — is free to control its own online store, companies like Adobe and Google allege that the guidelines for participation in Apple’s mobile iAd platform — altered just a few days ago — stifle competition in the emergent advertising market.

Intelligence Officers Fight Corruption: In Afghanistan, the U.S. military’s intelligence network, designed to identify and track terrorists and insurgents, is increasingly focused on uncovering corruption rampant across Afghanistan’s government, The Times’s Thom Shanker and Eric Schmitt report. The undertaking — remarkable, but perilous — is intended to gauge the “perversion of authority by Afghan power-brokers, which senior officials describe as “a plague” on the American-backed effort to build an effective and competent government and win the support of the Afghan people.”

Obama’s Approval: Politics Daily has posted this round-up of the latest approval numbers. Across the board Mr. Obama continues to struggle and in Florida, a Quinnipiac University says Obama’s job approval rating has sunk to the lowest level ever in its polls.

Is Fox Nation Harboring Domestic Terrorists Targeting A School?


We’ve written many times about death threats against President Obama found in Fox Nation comments. Now we have found a discussion about committing domestic terrorism against a Los Angeles school whose “revolutionary” teachers accompanied students on a trip to Arizona to protest its new immigration law.

The Fox Nation article – which derives from a Foxnews.com article – does not say that the trip was in any way an official school trip but the headline suggested it was: School Takes Field Trip to Protest AZ Law. The first paragraph was so deliberately inflammatory, it could have been written by Glenn Beck:
Standing in front of a wall-to-wall mural featuring a who’s who of revolutionaries, including Ho Chi Minh, Fidel Castro and Che Guevara, and boldly displaying the motto Patria o Muerte, Venceremos!!! (Fatherland or Death, We Shall Overcome!!!), a group of teachers, students, parents and community activists in the Los Angeles Unified School District gathered last month for an unusual field trip — to Arizona, to protest that state’s controversial immigration law.

The article continues that incendiary language throughout. So it’s no big surprise that at least one Fox Nation denizen picked up the hate mongering and ran with it.

One of our readers caught a post by “Sandrailer” advocating a molotov cocktail at the school’s address. That comment seems to have been removed by the Fox Nation moderators. But we found several more that were less explicit but just as clearly advocating violence against the school. Unfortunately, I am unable to edit the address out of the screen grab. But I am reporting these threats to the school.