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GOP celebrates Gulf disaster

Daily Kos

The gods of sloppy e-mailing smiled upon HuffPo today, when GOP communication strategists accidentally included the outlet in a series of e-mails crowing about the fantastic PR that Bobby Jindal got today.

The specific news report that had party operatives celebrating was a local Fox Channel 8 report on an event held by Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal calling on President Obama to lift the moratorium on offshore drilling.

“Watch the video — you can’t beg for a better package than that,” writes a top Louisiana GOP spokesman to a communications staffer at the Republican National Committee. “Good perspective on moratorium from the gov and locals.”

The package is, to be sure, a PR coup. Jindal, local officials and workers worried about the effect of the moratorium rip into Obama, pleading with him to reconsider.

Peter Duet, in a thick Louisiana accent, tells the assembled crowd that he is a single father and that his daughter recently asked him why he works so much at Port Fourchon. “Baby, so daddy can take you to Wal-Mart and buy you toys,” he says, explaining that he won’t be able to buy his daughter toys — or food, for that matter — if Obama doesn’t reverse his decision.

“This is literally all that is being talked about in the Gulf — gives good perspective,” writes the RNC official, looping in a number of other RNC operatives, along with HuffPost.

In every crisis is an opportunity, but only Republicans could be making political hay out of the destruction of the Gulf Coast ecosystem and the way of life of fishermen, oystermen, shrimpers, tour-boat operators, restauranteurs, and many more by attacking Obama. There’s no question that the oil industry has been important to the region’s economy. There’s also little question that the oil industry is now in the process of destroying a huge chunk the Gulf economy.

You could also conclude that the GOP communication strategists might as well be Big Oil communication strategists. These e-mails show that the Republican National Committee certainly shares the goals of Big Oil–lifting the moratorium and damn the Gulf Coast and all of its people.

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Pelosi: We’ll stop blaming Bush when his problems go away

Crooks & Liars

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi doesn’t hesitate to blame the Bush administration for issues facing this country and that isn’t going to change until the problem he created are solved. 

In an interview that aired Friday on MSNBC, Chuck Todd asked Pelosi if there was a statue of limitations on placing responsibility on President George W. Bush.”Well, it runs out when the problems go away,” Pelosi replied. 

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Colbert: ‘It’s BP’s Well, So The Only Person To Blame Is Barack Obama’ (VIDEO) | TPM LiveWire

Stephen Colbert said last night that he knows “BP is a soulless corporate giant that could very well kill all life on our East Coast, but why is their stock going down?”Colbert also knew exactly who is at fault for the spill. “It’s BP’s well,” he said, “so the only person to blame is Barack Obama.”

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Michele Bachmann

Gawker – Bachmann Has Spoken: Barack Obama Is the ‘Worst President Of All Time’


Minnesota’s lunatic congressmonster, Michele Bachmann, was on a little radio program this morning talking about our sinister president Barack Obama and she essentially asserted that he is the worst president ever. Then she threatened to karate-kill him. Oh boy.

In response to Bachmann’s big statement, Twin Cities alt-weekly City Pages did a little approval rating breakdown and found that as far as those numbers go, Obama’s so far doing better than Presidents Bush, Carter, and Reagan. They were all lower, and thus worse, right? And just think if we had approval data for that shantytown salesman Herbert Hoover! Why people threw turnips at him from the backs of their DeSoto automobiles as regular as clockwork! You couldn’t find a Hooverville resident from here to Buffalo who didn’t think him the worst ever.

No president can ever live up to Bachmann and her ilk’s beloved old uncle moneybags, Ronald Reagan, who rallied from those initially low-ish numbers to leave office with a very high approval rating (like 60%). And that’s where we run into a problem. Reagan sort of was the worst president ever, in certain ways? And yet those numbers… So, sorry City Pages, but the approval numbers don’t actually mean anything when discussing the very important matter of which president is or was the worstest. What means something is that Barack Obama is meaner to British toxic pelican slayers than he is to his best friends, the hated Moslem Terror Fiends. And he says the word “ass.” Thus, Worst President Ever. Hiiii-ya, Michele!

Sarah Palin

‘Saint Sarah’ of Newsweek

Dave Weigel – Washington Post

The magazine (owned by The Washington Post company) that so offended Sarah Palin with its 2009 cover of her in running gear goes a little softer in its new issue.

The article, by Lisa Miller, is so insightful and sympathetic to conservatives that I can picture Newsbusters bloggers banging their heads against a wall, unable to find bits to disagree with.

Behind the Christian-military rhetoric, though, is a theology that’s generic, Griffith and other scholars say. (Though the video clip that made the rounds during the campaign of Palin being prayed over by an African minister gave foes on the left the willies, most churchgoing conservative evangelicals were completely unfazed.) In her speeches, Palin never damns anyone to hell. She never talks about sin: Discussing her daughter Bristol, accidentally pregnant at 17, she talks about responsibility. When Palin writes about her born-again experience, she talks not about an encounter with Jesus or the Holy Spirit, as so many evangelicals do, but of a sudden awareness of the awesomeness of creation. “Looking around at the incredible creation that is Alaska — the majestic peaks and midnight sun, the wild waters and teeming wildlife — I could practically see and hear and feel God’s spirit reflected in everything in nature.” Palin refers often to Ronald Reagan in her speeches, and even critics concede there’s something Reaganesque about the way she approaches faith. It’s easy. It’s optimistic. It’s future-oriented. “She seems like an ordinary Christian woman who has done extraordinary things,” says Georgetown history professor Michael Kazin.

Jake Knotts

South Carolina State Senator Censured For ‘Raghead’ Comments, Says He ‘Could Care Less’

So, Helen Thomas is gone for voicing her OPINION, albeit questionable, Obama gets flack for saying “kick ass” and this cretin remains in place.  Go figure!

Think Progress

Last week, South Carolina state Sen. Jake Knotts (R) came under fire for calling President Obama and Nikki Haley, his party’s nominee for governor, “a raghead.” The South Carolina Republican party condemned Knotts’ comments immediately after he made them last Thursday. And last night, the Republican Party of Lexington County — where both Knotts and Haley live — voted to officially censure him. In 25-7 vote, the party voted to “condemn, censure and ask for the resignation” of Knotts. Despite the overwhelming vote, some party members defended Knotts, who was not present:

In the original resolution, it called for Knotts to be kicked out of the Lexington County GOP, but they decided to remove that wording.

During the meeting, people spoke up for and against Knotts.

“I actually thought the apology was just as bad, the attempt at the apology was just as bad as the original remark,” said Joshua Gross.

I do not feel like we should be divisive and sew more discord by doing something so ugly as to censure him,” said Tommy Blonk.

Lexington County GOP Chairman Rich Bolen said before the vote that Knotts’ comments “lended credence to the idea that South Carolinians are redneck, backward, Neanderthals, and we obviously don’t want that to be our image across the country.”

Meanwhile, the chairman of the powerful Greenville County Republican Party called for Knotts to be “expelled from the party.” “I cannot sit idly by and watch our Party be torn apart by Senator Jake Knotts’ bigotry,” Patrick Haddon said in a statement. Even Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC), an ally of Knotts who infamously shouted “you lie” to President Obama during an address to Congress, condemned Knotts, saying, “I was hurt and disgusted to hear Senator Jake Knotts direct such offensive slurs at a community which is very close to me.”

In response to the censure, Knotts said he “could care less” and would not resign. In a separate interview, he said the censure was “all politics,” and warned that libertarians had “infiltrated” the party. He said he had not called Haley to personally apologize, and that the “press has given Nikki Haley a free ride.” When a reporter asked where the press had failed to hold her accountable, Knotts said, “have you ever asked her if she believes in Jesus Christ as her lord and savior and that he died on the cross for her sins? Have you ever asked her that?”

Given the other recent embarrassments of the South Carolina Republican Party, it’s not surprising that leaders have been so quick to condemn Knotts for his obviously inappropriate comments.

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I Agree With BartCop on This One…


The president made a mistake in the words that he used in an interview yesterday. 
  I think that he lost a lot of credibility there when he used words that were not very presidential.” 
        — Jim Inhofe, the biggest asshole in Oklahoma, on Obama saying “kick ass” on the Today Show    Link

“Telling Pat Leahy to ‘Go fuck yourself’ was sort of the best thing I ever did.” 
        — Dick Cheney, the biggest asshole in Texas,     TIME May 10, 2010  Page 28

The double standard only exists because the Democrats refuse to fight back.   They can say “fuck” and brag about their victory.   We say “ass” and they say we’ve lost our credibility.

When Bush was president, any Democrat caught telling the truth had to apologize,  but Cheney is so proud of telling that wimp Leahy to fuck off.

That’s the main reason the Bush bastrds got away with so many crimes.   They knew the spineless Democrats would not try to stop them.   People who say we only have one party in America are wrong.   We have Republicans and we have Surrendercrats.

I am so ashamed to belong to a party of quitters and losers.

Orly Taitz

The last Orly Taitz post ever

I don’t blame Dave Weigel in the least for not wanting to report on Orly Taitz, ever again. 

Dave Weigel – Washington Post

I first encountered Orly Taitz at a December 2008 press conference on efforts to oust President-elect Obama based on the conspiracy theories about his birth certificate. I’d been warned about her by Gary Kreep, a “birther” attorney who had filed lawsuits over the issue in California and been struck by the shoddy quality of legal argument and writing produced by Taitz. For the next 18 months, to my amazement, Taitz turned herself into something of a celebrity, getting booked on TV (including The Colbert Report) and profiled by the Post to talk about her ridiculous conspiracy lawsuits.

As far as I’m concerned, the Taitz trainwreck ended on Tuesday when she rode a wave of publicity to 26% in California’s GOP primary for Secretary of State. Only 21 people donated to her campaign, despite her ability to draw massive media attention for such a low-profile race. Today, she’s talking about voter fraud (of course) and mulling a challenge to Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Ca.). Who cares? When she made the move from freaky celebrity to politics she got rock-solid proof of her irrelevance.

Yes, it’s slightly disturbing that even 26% of a party’s electorate would vote for Taitz. And it will continue to be news if elected Republicans jump on board with the birther quest, whether led by her or by someone else. It would have been news if 51% of Republicans made her their nominee — it will be news if Republicans nominate someone with these views in another state.

But Taitz herself is no longer a story. I see that she cited my posts about her — which were pretty much straightforward accounts of the fundraising and vote totals of her doomed campaign — as proof that the media still cares about her. Well, we don’t care about her. Let’s stop indulging what is obviously a pathetic campaign for attention and celebrity.

(Side note: A number of conservatives have mocked MSNBC and other outlets for speculating whether Taitz ever had a chance. I think it’s clear that unqualified candidates, like Texas’s Kesha Rogers or South Carolina’s Alvin Greene, can win primaries if voters aren’t paying much attention to their races. So the speculation was fine, but there wasn’t anything to worry about.)

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Why Obama doesn’t dare become the ‘angry black man’ (Video)

(CNN) — Here’s proof that President Obama has indeed ushered in a new era in race relations. 

Who would have ever expected some white Americans to demand that an African-American man show more rage? 

If you’ve followed the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster, you’ve heard the complaints that Obama isn’t showing enough emotion. 

But scholars say Obama’s critics ignore a lesson from American history: Many white Americans don’t like angry black men. 

 It’s the lesson Obama absorbed from his upbringing, and from an impromptu remark he delivered last summer. Yet it’s a lesson he may now have to jettison, they say, as public outrage spreads. 

“Folks are waiting for a Samuel Jackson ‘Snakes on the Plane’ moment from this president as in: ‘We gotta’ get this $#@!!* oil back in the $#!!* rig!’ But that’s just not who Obama is,” says Saladin Ambar, a political science professor at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. 

Some of the same people crying for Obama to show more emotion would have voted against him if he had displayed anger during his presidential run, says William Jelani Cobb, author of “The Substance of Hope: Barack Obama and the Paradox of Progress.” 

“It would have fed deeply into a pre-existing set of narratives about the angry black man,” Cobb says. “The anger would have gotten in the way. He would have frightened off white voters who were interested in him because he seemed to be like the black guy they worked with or went to graduate school with — not a black guy who is threatening.” 

Continue reading… 

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