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Hi.  Thanks for stopping by.  I’m taking a much-needed week-end off from blogging.  I’ll be back bright and early Monday morning.

In the mean time, my blogroll on the right has plenty of great sites to visit.  I hope you can check them out. 

Also, if you just want to read some of the links from this site, may I recommend:

The Fifth Column Of Insanity…it’s the first article I wrote on this site.

Russell King’s Blog – Author of “An Open Letter To Conservatives”

Dylan Ratigan – Breaking Down The SEC v Goldman Sachs Issues (Video)

Ten Immediate Benefits Of Health Care Reform

50 Interesting Facts about Barack Obama

The Origin Of Fox News’ Blatant Lies

Who’s Nuts?

AP Asks If Obama Is “Obnoxiously Articulate”

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10 Most Paranoid Obama Conspiracies

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Michael Steele’s Problem With Time and Space Continuum

Why Is This An Issue?

Michael Mukasey Slams Liz Cheney’s ‘Shoddy And Dangerous’ Logic In WSJ Op-Ed

President Obama: “‘I Am Not Bound To Win, But I Am Bound To Be True” ~ Abe Lincoln


Around The Web 5-14-2010

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According to veteran right wing Republican direct mail consulta..

U.S. Companies Dodging $60 Billion In Taxes
Tyler Hurst swiped his debit card at a Walgreens pharmacy in central Phoenix and kic..

Glenn Beck, America’s Historian Laureate                                                                                                                                                                                                           Why lock-and-load populists can’t resist references to the Civil War.

Right-wing media falsely claim Holder “refuse[d] to say ‘ra..
Right-wing media have falsely claimed that Attorney General Eric Holder “refus[ed] t..

Experts: BP disaster spilling the equivalent of two Exxon Valdezes a w..
Based on “sophisticated scientific analysis of seafloor video made available W..

Top Mexican soccer teams cancel match in Phoenix over Arizona’s new an..
Arizona has been facing a significant backlash from professional athletes and athlet..

Nobody Could Have Predicted
As usual: But scientists and environmental groups are raising sharp questions about

Charlie 2.0
Crist says he thinks Kagan will “do a great job.”

Tea Partiers

“Teabagger” Says Mispelled Signs @ Protests are Planted Liberals! NUTS!

Midweek Politics:

Teabagger Ned Ryun tells the interviewer that the misspelled signs at tea party rallies are liberal plants to make baggers look bad. Interviewer David Pakman also runs circles around him on tea party demographics claims. 

Part 1

Part 2