Politics Shortcuts

Politics Short Cuts 5-3-10

Scott Brown for vice president? –  Brown may be too green to be presidential material but he would almost certainly be in the mix for vice president if anyone other than Romney is the nominee.    Read Full Article

Gibbs: “We will keep a boot on the throat of BP” – The White House spokesperson said the pressure is on to stop the Gulf oil spill.  Video 

Obama wants to pick another woman for Supreme Court – Obama would like nothing more than to be the first president to elevate three women to the bench.    More Here

Was Obama’s drone joke offensive? – Some are comparing the president’s lighthearted joke to President Bush’s WMD video.  More Here

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NYC Car Bomb Scare

CNN: Police may have video of possible car bomb suspect

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New York (CNN) — Law enforcement officials are examining video that may have captured the image of a suspect in the attempted Times Square car bombing, New York’s police commissioner said Sunday.

The video “shows a white male in his 40s, in Shubert Alley, looking back in the direction of West 45th Street,” Commissioner Ray Kelly told a news conference, adding that the man looked around in a “furtive manner.”

“He also was seen shedding a dark-colored shirt, revealing a red one underneath. He put the darker one into a bag that he was carrying,” he said.

The video was captured about a half block from where police said a Nissan Pathfinder containing bomb-making materials was found Saturday evening on West 45th Street in the city’s iconic Times Square area.     More>>>

Earlier Reports on Car Bomb

Read more about the discovery of the car bomb

iPhone Reports capture evacuations

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Environment · Gulf Coast Oil Spill

Feds Ban Fishing In Gulf Region

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Commercial and Recreational Fishing Banned From Louisiana To Florida

VENICE, La. — BP’s chairman defended his company’s safety record and said Sunday that “a failed piece of equipment” was to blame for a massive oil spill along the Gulf Coast, where President Barack Obama was headed for a firsthand update on the slick creeping toward American shores.

BP PLC chairman Lamar McKay told ABC’s “This Week” that he can’t say when the well a mile beneath the sea might be plugged. But he said he believes a 74-ton metal and concrete box – which a company spokesman said was 40 feet tall, 24 feet wide and 14 feet deep – could be placed over the well on the ocean floor in six to eight days.  More>>>

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