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Texas lawmaker: Obama is ‘God’s punishment on us.’

I know this sort of talk from lawmakers, televangelists and just plain crazies across the country should not alarm me at this point, but it still does.   I still have to wonder what color is the sky on their planet?

Talking Points Memo:

On Saturday, Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX) and several other elected officials boosted Fox News host Glenn Beck at an event at the Oil Palace in Tyler, TX. The day was full of right-wing flame-throwing, including Perry saying that he was “proud” to be in an “army” of anti-Obama Americans. Another prominent theme during the event was that the country has “drifted far away from its founding values”:

Gov. Rick Perry, U.S. Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Tyler, and state Rep. Leo Berman also spoke, all delivering similar messages.

Berman told the crowd, “I believe that Barack Obama is God’s punishment on us today, but in 2012, we are going to make Obama a one-term president.”

Gohmert said, “The longer we go, the more we see how important it is to stick with principles.”

Beck later stated that the U.S. Constitution was “divinely inspired” and our rights “come from God.” “If God is with us, who can possibly stand against us?” Beck asked. “The answer is no one.” On his radio show last week, Beck claimed that he was carrying out God’s “plan.” Berman, a Republican representing Tyler, controversially told Chinese-American immigration lawyer Harry Joe from Dallas to “go home” and “kiss my ass.” The exchange came when Joe criticized Berman’s proposal to require all undocumented immigrants to located to self-designated “sanctuary cities.” (HT: Jackson Williams)

5 thoughts on “Texas lawmaker: Obama is ‘God’s punishment on us.’

  1. Yes, LTL, and I’ve done a post on it. Actually I did a post with two views, one the racist angle and the other by Greg Palast about the political angle.

    Earlier yesterday on Chris Matthews’ show, Matthews alluded to the law being a political tool also, having to do with the Hispanic block of voters that have swung over to the Dems.


  2. KHIRSH, as an African American blogger who writes about politics and the crazy weird things some people do, I cannot and will not take sides from a black or white perspective.

    On the otherhand, you can speak your mind without fear of being blocked here. Your opinion as well as everyone else’s is welcomed here. Thanks for sharing it.


    1. And kstreet:

      I know you caught it – Rachel Maddow’s expose on the people behind the Arizona anti-immigrant law.

      PLEASE do a post on that!


  3. White people in this nation have lost their minds. But I don’t worry about it. Why they believe that this is their country and it belongs to no one else has always been a mystery to me. may God have mercy on the their sick minds.


    1. Khrish:

      Don’t you think you would have to say “SOME white people.” And don’t you think SOME black people have “lost their minds” too? You should not overlook the fact that but for the opposition of SOME white people, slavery might well continue even today. And SOME black people would be saying they are happier that way.

      So please be sensitive to the insult in statements like “white people in this nation have lost their minds.” Most white people do not deserve that insult. In fact if truth be told, there are many unsung white Americans who really deserve monuments for their contributions not only to the goal of racial equality, but to social justice for ALL Americans.

      That’s the truth. So try to keep it in mind.


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