Krugman calls GOP’s “bailouts” claim “possibly the most dishonest argument ever made in the history of politics”

We all know that politicians lie when it is beneficial for them to do so.  However, the past 15-20 years have been absolutely outrageous when it comes to GOP lies.  It’s like one blogger writes:

 Think twice before you vote Republican this year America. Do you realize that a lot of this year’s GOP candidates are former congressman and senators you have thrown out in the last 10 years? If they were not good enough then they are not good enough now. They are what helped to ruin this country and balloon the debt. Do not buy their lies!

Do not let these people trick you into thinking they are for smaller government, less spending and more freedom. They are crooks and liars and are simply manipulating the political winds. Remember the 90’s (they were great), George Bush made you think America was going to fall apart because taxes were too high, Spending was out of control and gas was too expensive. Look at where he took us. The grass is always greener on the other side until you get there and realize that the dirt has just been painted green.

Economist Paul Krugman, commented this Sunday on ABC’s This Week, that the GOP’s claim that regulating and reforming current  Wall Street practices is nothing more than having endless bailouts.  Krugman says that Mitch McConnell’s statement and similar comments by GOP House members are the most dishonest argument ever made in the history of politics.  Watch here.

Ex-Geico Voice Over Guy Talks To Geraldo (Video)

Huffington Post:

The voice actor who was fired by Geico after leaving a disparaging voicemail for the tea party PAC FreedomWorks, spoke to Fox News’ about Geico’s decision to let him go.

Lance Baxter, also known as D.C. Douglas, told Geraldo Rivera that he regretted calling the group mentally retarded, but that he did not regret comments asking Freedomworks how they plan on reacting when a member of their group turns violent.

Baxter urged those who support him not to direct their anger at Geico, but at FreedomWorks.

FreedomWorks posted audio of Baxter’s messge, along with the actor’s telephone number. In a separate interview with Fox that pas part of the same segment, FreedomWorks preisident Matt Kibbe, accused Baxter of posing as a victim.

Rivera pointed out that Baxter was something of a victim and had suffered for his remarks. Kibbe responded, saying that he thought it was fair to judge Baxter for his remarks.

The Other 98%

While surfing one of my favorite blogs, Oh For Goodness Sake!, I noticed something on the sidebar.  It was a pie graph with the title: “The Other 98%”.   I visited the site and I’m quite impressed and frankly quite happy to see a “real” grass-roots movement to counter the “astro-turf” movement of the “Tea Party”.

Check out the site.  You won’t be disappointed.

Police Say Joseph Sean McVey Just A “Cop Wannabe”

It looks like Joseph Sean McVey was merely someone who was a “cop wannabe”, according to Newsweek.

An armed man was arrested on Sunday at a North Carolina airport where President Obama’s plane was about to depart, but federal authorities now believe the man was only a harmless police wannabe. Joseph Sean McVey was arrested after his car, equipped with police lights and a conspicuous array of radio equipment, much of it obsolete, pulled up outside the security perimeter of the Asheville, N.C., Regional Airport, according to a federal law enforcement official, who requested anonymity when discussing sensitive information. Air Force One is said to have been taxiing in preparation for takeoff, carrying the president and his entourage.

McVey, who could not be reached for comment while in police custody, is to face a hearing in a state court today, according to the Asheville Citizen-Times. Local authorities initially charged McVey with impersonating a police officer, the federal official says, but they later dropped that charge and replaced it with a state charge of carrying a firearm “in terror of the public.” Despite the fierce sounding label, the offense is only a misdemeanor under North Carolina law, and because indications at present are that McVey did not intend to threaten the president—although he knew the president was visiting the airport—federal charges may not be filed against him. Even so, a U.S. Secret Service spokesman says the agency “will definitely monitor the investigation.”   More>>>

Texas lawmaker: Obama is ‘God’s punishment on us.’

I know this sort of talk from lawmakers, televangelists and just plain crazies across the country should not alarm me at this point, but it still does.   I still have to wonder what color is the sky on their planet?

Talking Points Memo:

On Saturday, Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX) and several other elected officials boosted Fox News host Glenn Beck at an event at the Oil Palace in Tyler, TX. The day was full of right-wing flame-throwing, including Perry saying that he was “proud” to be in an “army” of anti-Obama Americans. Another prominent theme during the event was that the country has “drifted far away from its founding values”:

Gov. Rick Perry, U.S. Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Tyler, and state Rep. Leo Berman also spoke, all delivering similar messages.

Berman told the crowd, “I believe that Barack Obama is God’s punishment on us today, but in 2012, we are going to make Obama a one-term president.”

Gohmert said, “The longer we go, the more we see how important it is to stick with principles.”

Beck later stated that the U.S. Constitution was “divinely inspired” and our rights “come from God.” “If God is with us, who can possibly stand against us?” Beck asked. “The answer is no one.” On his radio show last week, Beck claimed that he was carrying out God’s “plan.” Berman, a Republican representing Tyler, controversially told Chinese-American immigration lawyer Harry Joe from Dallas to “go home” and “kiss my ass.” The exchange came when Joe criticized Berman’s proposal to require all undocumented immigrants to located to self-designated “sanctuary cities.” (HT: Jackson Williams)