Right Wing Extremism

Right Wing Round-Up #5

Right Wing Watch:

Texas Freedom Network: David Barton’s Contempt for Teachers.

Think Progress: Limbaugh: Volcanic eruption in Iceland is God’s reaction to health care’s passage.

David Weigel: Tancredo: Send Obama ‘back’ to Kenya.

Towleroad: President of Duke College Republicans Forced Out After Fellow Students Discover He’s Gay.

Steve Benen: Leave The 19th Amendment Alone.

Greg Sargent: Palin: Founding Fathers Wouldn’t Agree With Separation Of Church And State.

Despite the fact that Sarah Palin has earned millions of dollars since quitting as Governor, her SarahPAC seems to be spending a lot of money making sure she travels in style.

Box Turtlle Bulletin: National Institutes of Health Director condemns anti-gay pediatrician group.

The National Journal says Gov. Tim Pawlenty’s religion may be one of his “greatest assets” as he contemplates a 2012 run for president, an issue that “has been largely overlooked by both the national media and the Pawlenty camp itself.”

Newt Gingrich and Jim Garlow team up to defend the Christian Legal Society’s right to bar gays and non believers from its membership in an Washington Post op-ed.

Truth Wins Out’s Wayne Besen provides an inside look at the Freedom Federation’s ” Awakening” conference, while Liberty Counsel’s Matt Barber provides a different take on events.

Finally, Good As You: Focus on the Family’s ME outpost: Gay tolerance will destroy America, just like it did the World Trade Center.

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