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Obama’s Dilemma With The Radical Right And Free Speech

Seen on another blog:

It is the fault of law enforcement, and eventually administration officials that this sort of thing is allowed to propagate. This BS will eventually inflame and motivate some wacko to attempt something.

Can you imagine this going on for long under the previous administration? That poor sap that made the “burning bush” got three years, even though, everyone knew it was meant as a joke. People want a warrior king, and Obama is allowing the “Obama is weak” meme to propagate.

At the risk of sounding like someone in the  Bush administration – I don’t think anyone anticipated the amount of vitriol that has manifested against the first Black president of the United States. 

Under the guise of patriotism, emerged a  hateful, oft-times racist,  politically incentivized group who, under the protection of the first amendment has had carte blanche to say and do anything they please about the POTUS.

Contrast that with the George W. Bush’s extreme crack-down on first amendment rights due to national security issues. 

People could not wear opposition t-shirts at Bush rallies

People could not wear t-shirts that showed the number of dead soldiers in Iraq during a Bush’s State of The Union speech.

Demonstrators at the Republican National Convention were shuffled to a “safe zone” –  dubbed, “Guntanamo on the Hudson” by the protesters.

 Journalists were fired for speaking out against Bush.

Military personnel who spoke out against Bush’s war policies were fired or investigated.

No one is suggesting that we relive those days of Bush’s total disregard for freedom of speech.  On the contrary.  First amendment rights are the cornerstone of our democracy.  Every citizen of this country is guaranteed that right.  My point is, George Bush stifled that right and was never questioned by the media for doing so.  Yet, conversely, the right wing militia, tea partiers, FOX News, hate talk radio invectives against Obama personally as well as his policies, flow freely through the airwaves. 

President Obama could never do what George W. Bush did.  First and foremost because he is a constitutional scholar and understands the right of free speech.  Secondly, if the first reason did not exist, the fact that he is Black, would elicit outcries that  free speech has been stifled by a racist president and his administration.

My concern is more about the right wing militia types as well as the gun-toting tea bagger types.  While claiming their right to “free speech”, one has to wonder about the nexus that connects free speech with threats to democracy.

The President and the Attorney General are between a rock and a hard place.  There is no precedent to rely on here.  He’s the first man of color in the office.  Enforcing threats to democracy  would be turned against Obama with a loud and massive right wing backlash and cry of “racism from the Obama administration”.


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Tea Party Anger

Former Vice President Dan Quayle Warns GOP About Dangers Of The Tea Party

Huffington Post:

“Former Vice President Dan Quayle has a warning for the GOP — “don’t let the tea party go Perot.”

In other words, Quayle is counseling against allowing the Tea Party to form the kind of third party that ended up costing President George H.W. Bush re-election in 1992.

In an Op-Ed to be published in Sunday’s Washington Post, Quayle wrote that “[t]he emergence of official Tea Party candidates would be very welcome news in the Obama White House,” because it would destroy what he sees as a current certainty that “Republicans will gain mightily” in November.

“All at once, a powerful and energetic counterweight to the Democratic establishment would become a splinter group, destroying the unified opposition it has helped to create,” Quayle wrote.

In the Post piece, Quayle advised the GOP to reach out and embrace the Tea Party — as the Republican Party did with the tax revolt movement in the late 1970’s — an effort that helped them get Ronald Reagan elected to the White House.”