Blog Round-Up


Crooks & Liars:

field negro: Nice Try!

Talking Points Memo: Looks like being Obama’s attorney general requires putting your manhood in a blind trust

A Tiny Revolution: All your power are belong to us

Bob Cesca’s Awesome Blog: Best Healthcare system ever!

Matthew Yglesias: If the Founders had wanted a supermajority requirement for the Senate, they could have put one in the Constitution

Infrastructurist: Innovative Building Idea of the Week: Houses made from beer bottles

Right-Wing Watch:

A Boulder child has two mommies … and that is why the preschool student will not be allowed to return to Catholic school next year.

The Hannah Giles Legal Defense Fund really needs your donations.

 Warren Throckmorton has come under attack from Peter LaBarbera and Linda Harvey.

 Ken Hutcherson wants you to know that he is free of prejudice.

 Did I say “reconciliation”? I meant “nuclear option.”

Finally, did you hear the rumor going around yesterday that Chief Justice John Roberts was going to step down?  The story of how it got started is pretty hilarious.

Author: kstreet607

Politics! Politics! I love politics! Unapologetic Barack Obama enthusiast.

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