Right Wing Watch Blogger Round Up


Right Wing Watch: 

David Weigel: At CPAC, Tea Party Movement Re-Enters Conservative Fold. 

Sarah Posner: As inflammatory tea party rhetoric gets toasted at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference, Focus on the Family’s advocacy arm tries to show a softer, gentler side of the religious right. 

Media Matters: CPAC has always been a welcoming venue for the far-right fringe. 

Think Progress: CPAC audience boos former GOP Rep. Bob Barr for saying waterboarding is torture. 

 Joe.My.God: Rachel Maddow Goes To CPAC. 

HRC Back Story: DC Marriage Law Closer to Reality as Court Rejects Opponents’ Injunction Request. 

TFN: David Barton: Garbage in, Garbage out. 

Steve Benen says “[Scott] Brown is quickly proving himself to be a dim-witted clown.” 

Hey, guess who else has signed on the The Mount Vernon Statement? The Traditional Values Coalition

It tells you a lot about LifeSiteNew’s agenda when it runs headlines like this: “Lisa Miller Safe for Now: Virginia Judge Refuses to Issue Arrest Warrant.” 

Is anyone surprise that Gary Cass and Bill Donohue flipped out over Elton John’s comments? 

 The FRC needs money to save DADT and not let “homosexual rights extremists invade the U.S. military and destroy it from within.”

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