Larry Sinclair – Grifter or Profiteer? Final Installment

If one were to google “Larry Sinclair, Donald Young” the long list of links implicating Barack Obama in Donald Young’s murder is astounding.  Sinclair had an army of supporters flooding the internet with the Donald Young story as told by Larry Sinclair.

Finally, Sinclair’s proponents got the “smoking gun” they were looking for to bring Obama down!  Or so they thought.  His supporters sent him money to go around the country  tours, informing people about “the real Barack Obama and the Donald Young connection”.   

Sinclair allies  also paid for trips to Washington, DC.  First, to the Democratic National Committee  Rules/Bylaws Committee Meeting in DC in May 2008.  Then for Sinclair’s National Press Conference in June 2008.  Both trips were meant to shine a spotlight on Sinclair’s allegations and finally make the mainstream media take notice.  

Unfortunately, Sinclair decided to send “anonymous” threats  to some of his detractors the day of his arrival in DC (May 28, 2008).  The threats were traced to the hotel in which Sinclair was staying.  The irony is that his actions that night were added to the court records in the blogger case and may have had some impact in the ultimate outcome.

It should be noted that from the time Sinclair announced the “Donald Young connection to Barack Obama” until his News Conference, Sinclair’s supporters numbered at least 500 and maybe more.  This was Sinclair’s peak in terms of collecting money for his different tours and visits to DC.

Ther Mitch & Nan Show: Where is LaRye’s Proof? July 8, 2008

The Money

Larry insist this is not about the money.  Though he has recently abandoned all attempts to “get his story out and further his cause”, fundraising is now and has always been in full swing.

And first and foremost, Larry’s entire “LAWSUIT” which to date has been a MISERABLE failure, is an attempt to sue three bloggers for “slander”.

It seems evident that as Larry hangs on to the vestige of support he has remaining, he is intent that these gullible, feeble-minded, bigots (and Hillary Clinton hang ons) be milked to help pay off his criminal debts and keep him from jail.  

He did this with a Florida warrant and continues to do it today.  For a complete list of Larry’s illegal collections, raffles and the fleecing of the feebs, please visit here:

So why is it SO clear to us and others that while Larry claims “its not about money” it is ALL ABOUT MONEY?

“All about the money…”, indeed. 

When all the “projects” listed above failed, and Sinclair supporters were out of tens of thousands of dollars, with nothing to show for it, Larry Sinclair came up with another idea.  He decided to write a book.  He asked his supporters to buy advance copies of the book (to fund the self publishing venture), and that the book would be delivered in early January 2009.   The book was eventually self published and ready for distribution in August 2009.   Many of the supporters hung on to their last hope that Sinclair will eventually get mainstream media notice.   They felt the book, entitled Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair: Cocaine, Sex and Murder? would contribute to President Barack Obama’s downfall.  To date, the book has not  fared very well.  Although Sinclair sent a free copy to many news commentators and news outlets, the book has never been mentioned on network or cable news programs…not even once.

Having endured yet another fail with his book, Sinclair did not want to give up his internet “cash cow”.   So in late November 2009, Sinclair announced that he would run for Congress in his district (FL-24).   He has asked for donations toward his ‘campaign’.  Sinclair had a counter on his congressional page showing the donations, but recently took it down.  Perhaps it was because of the current IRS issues he’s having.  Perhaps thats why he took down his “PayPal” button as well.

Tying up loose ends:

Larry Sinclair lost the lawsuit against the bloggers.

Larry Sinclair’s attorney, Montgomery Sibley was suspended from practicing law in DC and FL.

Larry Sinclair was arrested after his press conference  at the NPC.

Larry Sinclair’s supporters have for the most part, moved on to attach themselves and their support to the “birther queen” , Orly Taitz.  

So the final question is:  Larry Sinclair, grifter or profiteer? defines “grifter”:

grifter – swindler: a person who swindles you by means of deception or fraud defines “profiteer”:

Profiteering is a pejorative term for the act of making a profit by methods considered unethical

Either way, Sinclair has found a niche on the internet that is his very own “cash cow”.  It appears that as one scheme after the other fails, Mr. Sinclair will come up with a new one and most assuredly, the few die-hard supporters he has left, will be right there to give him what he wants.

Part I – How it all started

Part II  – will what happened the night he took polygraph test and the devastating aftermath.

Part III – More on Polygraph Test

Part V –  Postscript

Author: kstreet607

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7 thoughts on “Larry Sinclair – Grifter or Profiteer? Final Installment”

  1. Glix, I couldn’t agree more. I doubt that he has ever been an active Democrat. He IS however, an active conservative who indeed follows the teabagger philosophy to a “T”, lol no pun intended.


  2. In the face of Sinclair’s BIG lies, it is insignificant but there is one lie he has been telling all along. Larry has claimed he’s been a Democrat his whole life.

    Larry was unable to vote prior to the 2002 midterms due to being incarcerated or “on paper” from his 18th birthday on.

    A related lie is Larry’s claim to be a liberal. While the exact boundary between liberal and conservative is a little fuzzy, nobody holding Larry’s stated views would ever be called liberal. Larry claims to be against gay marriage, against universal healthcare, against both the Democratic President and the Democratic Congress and against the stimulus plan. As far as I can tell, he’s not FOR anything except defeating the Democrats.

    Sounds not only like a Republican to me but a full blown tea-bagging conservative.


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