Raw Story: GOP congressman goes nuts over White House acorn cookies

From time to time, I have to revisit the crazies that prompted me to create this blog in the first place.

This has got to be one of the weirdest things I’ve read.  I’m not a fan of Representative Steve King (R-IA) and anything he says or does should not suprise me in the least.  However, this takes the cake (or “cookie” as it were.)

Raw Story:

Were they acorn cookies, or ACORN cookies?

US House Rep. Steve King (R-IA) says it was the latter. The congressman known for being one of the most fierce opponents of the community organization ACORN was evidently shocked when he was served acorn-shaped chocolate cookies at the White House Christmas Ball Monday night.

“At the WH Christmas Ball Monday night, they served ACORN cookies,” King announced on Twitter, in reference to the community organizing group with that acronym.

It’s hard to say why the White House would have chosen cookies in that shape, given the recent connotations of the word “acorn” in political circles. Perhaps it was unintentional, or perhaps it was a bit of a jab at the Republicans in attendance.

But for Rep. King, the message was clear. “I didn’t expect to see such stark symbolism,” he wrote in an email to Fox News.

ACORN’s activities have been an obsession of King’s since well before this fall’s controversy, when conservative activists posing as a pimp and prostitute captured on video ACORN employees advising them on how to hide evidence of a prostitution business and smuggle people into the country.

In May, King called for congressional hearings into ACORN’s finances, and in September he described President Barack Obama as the “chief organizer” of ACORN.

Noting King’s desire to link Obama to the controversy over ACORN, the ChattahBox blog opines that the White House acorn cookies may well be the smoking gun the House representative has been looking for.

“King may have found the link he has been seeking between Obama and ACORN,” the blog quipped.

It amazes me how some of these people got elected to public office.  Is a pre-requisite to being elected a Representative or Senator batshittery?

Well, Rep. Allen Grayson is not the only one who would like to tell the right wing nuttery as well as a lot of conservative democratic nuts to STFU.  This trusty old video  is the best way I know to tell the whole bunch of them where to go:

Nobel Prize For Obama – Speech Reflects On His “Wartime President” Status

President Barack Obama accepted his Nobel Prize early this morning, our time, in Norway.

The President acknowledged that in comparison to pasts recipients of the Peace Prize, his accomplishments were far less impressive.    Critics  felt the President should have refused the award since he has escalated the conflict in Afghanistan, which indicate to some that his actions contradict what the Prize stands for.

Think Progress:

In his Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech this morning, President Obama called his own accomplishments “slight” in comparison to past winners and spoke at length about the irony of winning the award as a wartime president. He evoked the concept of “just war” to argue for the use of force that is “necessary” and “morally justified.”

There’s an interesting thread on David Sorota’s piece on the progressive blog Open Left

 Sarota expressed his opinion, which basically states that having escalated the war in Afghanistan, Obama should not have recieved the award:

By that I mean, you can be a genuine progressive interested in peace and think this award is a travesty on progressive grounds, and also not think that the Rush Limbaugh/GOP attacks about this award from the right are valid at all. Likewise, you can think this award is a travesty and simultaneously hope that one day President Obama truly ends up building a record deserving of such an award. You can even think this award is a travesty and think Obama is on the way to building up such a record, but is undeserving of the award because he’s only been president for 9 months and hasn’t yet proven himself a Nobel-level peacemaker.

A commenter on the blog responds to someone who said the Nobel Prize is worthless:

King gave a lifetime and a life for his work on equality. Mandela spent 27 years in Jail fighting Appartied. Obama spent 12 days in office before being nominated. This award is worthless!!!

You flaming hypocrite! As if you give a DAMN about the standards of the Nobel Committee! You just want an excuse to attack somebody you don’t like. Period.

That’s all the right-wing is. Hypocrites and liars. They’ve got nothing to bitch about except they hate Obama and can’t stand it that he won something. So, they invent reasons to complain!

It’s interesting to contrast these reactions with that in other countries:

The self-centered view most Americans, especially conservatives, have in relations to the rest of the world is the main culprit as to why most Americans feel Obama is undeserving of this great honor, when in fact, he definitely is worthy of it.The total lack of dignity and respect in the Bush Administration’s unilateral approach to “diplomacy” towards other nations severely undermined any efforts by the global community presenting a cooperative approach combating global warming, nuclear proliferation, territorial disputes, terrorism, human rights, etc.

With the election of Obama as President, his immediate implementation of a foreign policy centered on respecting and listening to other nations was a major achievement in itself.

Since then, Iran has agreed to talks with the US, Russia announced it will not deploy Iktar missles, US-Cuban relations have improved dramatically, the Iraq War will be over by 2010 and the United States has already begun troop withdrawals.

While their are others that deserved as much consideration for the Nobel Peace Prize, who else has done as much in a short amount of time? The Nobel Committee did not give this award as a token. Obama has ALREADY accomplished enough to deserve it.

The commenter succinctly expresses my own sentiment about the issue.

Huffington Post has a full text of the speech here.