Blog Round Up – 12-09-09

Oliver Willis – Alberto Gonzalez – We shouldn’t have tried to purge the U.S. attorneys… not because it was unethical but because the Democrats would notice!”

Oh For Goodness Sake – Another day, another birther loss…

Think Progress – Beck: We should just abolish Medicare

Democratic Underground – Rachel Maddow: Gay Therapy Con-Artist Cohen Has ‘Blood on His Hands’ (Video)

The Regulator – Re: Larry Sinclair running for Congress – I Demand A Retraction (Of My Past)!

The Hill – Obama to GOP: ‘Stop trying to frighten the American people’

Daily Kos – The Truth About Republicans and Medicare

Crooks & Liars – McChrystal/Eikenberry Hearings – More Troops Leads to Success

Wonkette – Congress falls out of love with Tiger Woods

Right-Wing Watch – Right Wing Leftovers