MediaMatters4America: Week in Review: December 4, 2009

Ya gotta love the way the right wing media stick to their talking points en masse.   These people really DO want President Obama to fail.  They whine and moan about everything he does. 

Media Matters:

President Obama never had a chance …

It didn’t matter what decision he came to regarding troop levels in Afghanistan, or what he said about the ongoing conflict there, because Fox News and the rest of the conservative media had already reached two conclusions. First, he took too long. Second, he was wrong.

Since the Bush administration stuck him with the untended-to mess in Afghanistan, Obama had to make a choice — more troops, fewer troops, withdrawal. When Obama signaled that he actually wanted to consider his options before making a decision, the Fox News followed the lead of Dick Cheney — one of the primary authors of the Afghanistan debacle — in accusing the president of “dithering” and “inaction.” Glenn Beck, never one to be subtle or reasonable, accused the president of “letting our troops literally bleed and die” and said Obama would “pay for it” in the hereafter.  

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