Politicizing Terror · Rachel Maddow

Rachel Maddow: Where Are The Dems While Republicans Are Politicizing Terrorism?

One of the main reasons I admire Rachel Maddow is her intelligence in reporting issues and her ability to fact check everything that she reports on.

Her December 30th, 2008 show has got to be one of the best examples of her professionalism.  As Rachel mentioned on her show last night, she is working with a skeleton staff because of the holidays.  However, she still managed to put together a show where she demonstrated how the Republican outcry against President Obama is simple hypocrisy.

Here is her opening segment of last night’s show:

grifter or profiteer? · Larry Sinclair · Limo Driver

Larry Sinclair – Grifter or Profiteer? – Part III

Dr. Barland’s report on the polygraph test- 1st series:

“I scored the printout of the first series of charts (regarding oral sex)…there were strong and consistent reactions to the relevant questions. I scored the chart as Deception Indicated.”   Polygraph report

One last word about the polygraph saga with Larry Sinclair and Dan Parisi.  In public email exchanges, Dan Parisi had threatened to stop payment on the $20,000.00 check  that Sinclair was to receive.  Parisi felt that Sinclair’s had reneged on his promise to release the limo driver information (the sole “witness” to Sinclair’s story.)    The relevant emails can be viewed here. (Pages 42-44.)

The polygraph results had devastated  Sinclair’s supporters.  He lost at least 60% of them after the results of the tests were announced.  The internet was filled with stories about Sinclair failing the test.  Both conservative and progressive blogs as well as online news reports  announced the results and gave their opinions on what was really happening with the Sinclair saga.

The Limo Driver

 Sinclair and his supporters knew that having a corroborating witness would add weight and credibility that even the mainstream media couldn’t ignore.  However, producing the limo driver would turn out to be an impossible challenge for Sinclair.

If the limo driver came forth,wrote most of his supporters, then people would believe Larry’s story.   For Sinclair, keeping the “limo driver meme” alive was guaranteed to keep those donations coming into to the Sinclair coffers.

An excellent insight into the “limo driver” aspect of Sinclair’s story can be found here, here and here.

Sinclair was persistent about keeping his story alive.  One has to wonder, what went through his mind when he suddenly lost more than half of his support after the polygraph results?  Sinclair needed a new “hook” to bring his supporters back in.  Something sensational and believable.  Something that could present “evidence” and melodrama all at once.  Something that even the Globe Magazine would write about .  That “something” turned out to be what I call:

The Introduction of the  Donald Young Invective

Although Sinclair tried to keep his supporters (and entice new ones) with stories about Dan Parisi and David Axelrod scheming to derail him by “fixing” the polygraph results due to a $750,000 bribe Axelrod gave Parisi.  There was also a law suit initiated against three bloggers who Sinclair claimed defamed his character.  Sinclair had to get an attorney to represent him in that blogger case as well as re-opening a complaint he filed against the Democratic National Committee, David Axelrod and Barack Obama claiming slander. 

He also sent two  letters to then Senator Obama demanding that he tell the truth about the events of November 1999.  Essentially the letters amounted to Sinclair asking Obama to prove a “negative”.

However, all of those things did not keep Larry Sinclair’s supporters focused enough.  They wanted something to “bring Obama to his knees” before the end of the primary season.  They wanted red meat!   At the time, Sinclair seemed their only hope.

On February 17, 2008, an interview on The Cao Show, a right-wing internet radio show changed the failing dynamics for Sinclair.  The following exchange occurred:

Larry: ‘Someone even posted on, they’ve even posted something on the web to where it comes, if you Google my name, stating hey, you know Sinclair is going to be found murdered and then they’re going to try to blame that on Obama too’

Cao comments on murder not being a stretch of the imagination because there is the story of the murdered gay choice director at Obama’s church.

Most Sinclair observers believe that was the first time Sinclair had even heard of a gay man from Obama’s church being murdered. This interview occurred about a week or so before the polygraph and the results.  In the interim, Sinclair never mentioned the Donald Young/Barack Obama connection.

Then on March 10, 2008, in an interview on The Jeff Rense Program, another internet radio program aimed at conspiracy theories, Sinclair had this to say:

The second thing I need to discuss right now is probably is going to come as a bombshell to you as well. I have received numerous requests over the last few days asking me to respond to allegations going around the internet and some of the blog sites about a rumor that Paul Young – and for those who do not know who Paul Young is – this is the choir director connected to Senator Obama’s church who was found murdered in his home last December. I have refused to comment either way as to whether or not myself and Mr Young had any contact. I had waited for tonight to let you know on your program that there is truth to those allegations but that I cannot get specific on them. I just needed to clear it up because I am just getting bombarded with emails, you know, individuals asking well is it true, what did you say? Mr Young and I did communicate prior to his death and I felt that since you were the first person that actually exposed the story it was only right that I formally comment on those allegations here on the Jeff Rense show…I did not meet with Mr Young face to face at any time.’‘I just need to clarify something…I think I referred to Mr Young as Paul just now and I am sitting here on my laptop talking to you looking at an email from a Paul Day who has been harassing me and the gentleman’s name was Donald Young.’

‘It’s my understanding that he was (gay).’

[JR: When did you first hear about his (Young’s) murder?] Actually, I really didn’t and that’s the funny thing. I had not really paid that much attention to it.

LS: I had become more aware of Donald’s passing and the circumstances surrounding it after I had posted my YouTube video and I had gotten an email from one of the YouTube users asking me if I had heard about this and when I started looking into it I thought ‘oh my god’, that’s probably why if you notice that I posted on my blog recently asking other people to comment and let me know if I should consider this a threat.

That was the introduction of the Donald Young meme created by Larry Sinclair.  Channeling Nemamiah has shot holes through that entire interview here and here.  A reasonable person can easily come to the conclusion that something is amiss here.

Needless to say, Sinclair’s daily comments from supporters went from an average of eight comments a day to comments in the hundreds.   The Donald Young story was the boost Sinclair needed to continue feeding his coffers.

NOTE: It appears that Jeff Rense has made his archives available ONLY through subscription.  Channeling Nemamiah has a transcript of that particular show as it relates to Sinclair. It starts at the bottom of page 68 and ends in the middle of page 70.

Next…Sinclair gets help milking the Donald Young invective. 

Part I – How it all started

Part II  – will what happened the night he took polygraph test and the devastating aftermath.

Part IV – Sinclair’s “proof”.

Part V –  Postscript


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Before the holidays, I had promised that :

We’ll be back on Sunday evening/Monday morning with a week-long look at “The Best and Worse” of 2009.

I won’t have time to do that, however, let me refer you to the best  “best/worse” LISTS all in one place: 


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grifter or profiteer? · Larry Sinclair

Larry Sinclair – Grifter or Profiteer? – Part II

The “Whitehouse.com” sponsored  polygraph test for Larry Sinclair was originally scheduled for Tuesday, February 26, 2008 in New York City.

That night,  Sinclair went on his You Tube page to solicit money from his supporters so that he could stay in Los Angeles, where the polygraph actually took place four days earlier than announced by Parisi and Sinclair.

Sinclair’s You Tube Comments archived from: Channeling Nemamiah (pp45-50):

MysticNinjaJay: Are you actually asking Youtube posters for money?! That’s messed up man. LarrySinclair0926: Hey youngster, I am putting up double out of $20,000.00 to any supporter that wants this in the MSM now. Nothing personal, but you have a problem with that let me know and I will meet you tonight anywhere in california you ant nme to. I am fucking sick of of the shit you and others have sent my way and I am ready to fight you face to fucking face. If you do not have the balls, then be the bitch you are and get the fuck off my youtube page.


hndrxuntilidie: What?? i’m giving up!!! you’re a certified mad man, for real. You’re asking strangers on youtube for” money”? Larry, please go see a phsyciatrist–you need some help.LarrySinclair0926:  I am mad as hell, I am sick of you little fucking internet warriors that talk shit and I am telling each and everyone of you warriors stand up to me face to face toe to toe and get beat down like the little gutless bitches you are. You have a problem with that the FUCK YOU PUNKS.


hndrxuntilidie: Larry!!..it sounds like your becoming real angry and agitated!! please go to the hospital and et the help that you desperately need. Only a mad man get angry over other peoples hard earned cash.LarrySinclair0926: You go to the fucking hospital you fucking gutless bitch. I am angry because you gutlutless punks talk all this shit and don’t have the balls to say who you are or where you are. Fuck you, you have a problem with me I am at XXX Wilshire Blvd Rm XXX, Los Angels, CA. 213-XXX-0000 Until you have the balls and guts to say this shit to my face go fuck your mama punk ass bitch.

Many of Sinclair’s supporters and detractors tried to tell Sinclair that polygraph tests were not reliable and were not allowed as evidence in  court.  At the time of the following exchanges, Sinclair had revealed that the polygraph test had already been administered:

Antipolygraph: Unfortunately, polygraph results can neither confirm or disconfirm Larry Sinclair’s allegations against Barack Obama, as explained in our (AntiPolygraph’s) latest video posting.

LarrySinclair0926:  fuck you too!!!!!

 MysticNinjaJay:  THE VIDEO AND INFO EXPOSE H. FEARS AND CANNOT REFUTE….For the Truth about Polygraphs search Youtube for the vid: “Michael Shermer Tests the Polygraph”.  Also go to the Wikipedia article on Polygraph and read the segment titled “Reliability”.

LarrySinclair0926: Youngster, do not make me take you down over this BS. Wait til you see my polygraph video and try to refute it. You will be embarrassed to silence.

ExposeHypocrites: MYSTIC JUMPS SHIP ON POLYGRAPH…He throws one anti-polygraph “expert” out there, and then when I show a video of that “expert” getting slammed by Bruce Burgess, now he throws up some other ham & egger. It’s over Mystic. It’s time to find a new hero.  THE SUNSHINE CLUB (EST. 2/2008)

 LarrySinclair0926: EH the second expert reviewing mine is Gordon (something) in Salt Lake City that is the foremost expert on the attempted use of counter measures. My examiner stated to me yesterday I would be happy to know there are not signs of attempts to use counter measures in my polygraph.

Antipolygraph: Would that be Gordon H. Barland, perchance?

FlashGordon: These dopes are claiming that with the proper EXPERT training you can beat a POLYGRAPH. Do you think Larry would even know how to train to beat a POLYGRAPH.

LarrySinclair0926: Let me tell you something, I have never stated this, but you idiots refer to me as some moroon, I have a aster and a lwa degree. I simply cannot take the bar because of my stupid past in my 20’s. You people do not want to go up against m on education because most of you will lose badly.

MysticNinjaJay: No Gordon, if you payed any attention to the antipolygraph videos you would know that the counter measures are rather elementary. You do not need expert training only basic understanding to tell lies undetected. Worse yet innocent people can FAIL the polygraph as many things can trigger the devices such as nervousness, anger or excitement. And compulsive liars who believe their lies can lie undetected as well. Polygraphs are a pseudoscience.

MysticNinjaJay:  There is no way to scientifically analyze the mental processes controlling decisions to lie. Maybe one day they will invent a machine that reads minds and acts as a REAL lie detector but science isn’t there yet. If you watch the video I linked to a body language expert had more luck detecting lies than the polygraph with all its fancy equipment. Magicians train to read body language. I saw Criss Angel read Oprah to guess a number between 1 and 100. It’s not magic it’s psychology.

LarrySinclair0962: again I tell you to wait til you see the video from my polygraph. What makes you an expert?  You cannot even do so calledpsych evaluations correctly. Trust me, I have beat down experts with far more education and training than you.

MysticNinjaJay: There was another hint in the MSM about Sinclair’s story. On Larry King Live they were discussing the NY times story on McCain. Larry King asked the guest if he thought that the critics would be just as hard on a claim made against Barack Obama. The guest replied that there HAVE been claims made against Obama and were met with equal scorn by the MSM. If Larry passes I think the story will break ASAP. If he fails he’s done. Should he pass there will be a media circus over polygraph reliability.

LarrySinclair0926: I have given yo nothing but respect. I have told people to do the same and I have even told my own mother to back off of you. If you insist and continuing with your crap, I cannot and will not defend you. I am not telling you you have to believe me, but your BS can and has been refuted by professionals for years now but you fail to include that in your posts.

ExposeHypocrites: ANTIPOLYGRAPH…You got owned by Bruce Burgess. You lost all credibility in that video in my view.

LarrySinclair0962: Oh Contrair. While they may not be admissable in criminal court procedings, they are in civil litgation and they are widely used and respected in the elimination of suspects. Get your facts correct before you attempt to take a position with me.

LarrySinclair0926: fuck you, I am not going to continue to let you bitches tear me down without a fight. you have a problem with that get the fuck off my youtube page.

The point here is that Sinclair later claimed that the polygraph test was a fraud and that the Obama camp as well as Dan Parisi schemed to make it look like he failed the test. Yet, as seen from the exchanges above AFTER the tests were administered, Sinclair seemed to have no problem with polygraph tests. 

One last thought, in my earlier segment I showed the Sinclair/Parisi  email exchange where Sinclair presented to Parisi, an plan to change  the amount of money he would recieve from Parisi .  Sinclair also mentioned that a portion of those proceeds would go to help his mother with medical issues and bills.  Yet, as clearly stated above, Sinclair was willing to negotiate  with his supporters:

I am putting up double out of $20,000.00 to any supporter that wants this in the MSM now.

That would have been unfortunate for his mother if someone actually did  back up the entire $20,000:

No I am asking my supporters to elp me stay here and get this in the MSM and I am willing to double their investment into this story up to $20,000.00.

Sinclair had also sent Dan Parisi an email about the same time he had the above exchanges with his supporters and detractors.  Essentially, Sinclair was making a deal with Parisi to send him $2500.00 immediately:

Lawrence Sinclair 
Sat 2/23/08 4:47 AM
Dan Parisi (dparisi@house.com)
I am prepared to give you the chance to save $2500 by you providing me with $2500 cash and re-writing the $20,000.00 check for $15,000.00 check and I return to you the $20,000.00 check so that I can remain here un til monday morning and I pay the cost from saturday thru Monday myself to get this out in the MSM.

I will need you to respond by 1:00 PM today. That is a savings to you of an additional $2500.00 dollars.  Please contact me by calling the room at x 207 or pounding on the room door.

Thank you
Larry Sinclair

Tomorrow, Sinclair needs a cover to circumvent the polygraph fallout.   

Enter…The Donald Young obloquy.

Part I – How it all started

Part III – More on Polygraph Test

Part IV – Sinclair’s “proof”.

Part V –  Postscript

grifter or profiteer?

Larry Sinclair – Grifter or Profiteer? – Part I

I have followed the “Larry Sinclair saga” from its inception on January 28,  2008. (The day Sinclair launched his You Tube video.)

I have logged hours of  documentation on Sinclair.  I have written several pieces exposing particular elements of Larry Sinclair’s constant deception.  They will be referenced in this article according to the topic at hand.

I am not the only “expert” on Sinclair and his exploits.  The Regulator  has an entire blog based Sinclair’s exploits. In fact I will be referencing them a lot, as well as , Channeling Nemamiah, and The Mitch & Nan Show.  There are other comprehensive sources that also have dedicated coverage of Larry Sinclair, exposing the man behind the proverbial “curtain”.

This “expose” will be in several parts.   This is part 1.

Sinclair and his followers were livid that the Main Stream Media ignored his story.  It was Sinclair’s promises of Main Stream Media attention, that prompted his supporters to give to him via his perpetual “Pay Pal” button which appeared on several blogs Sinclair had over the past two years.

Part I:

Larry Sinclair is running for Congress  in Florida’s 24th District.  How did he get to this point?  I will try to demonstrate the timeline of plans and schemes that have thusfar culminated with Sinclair still seeking attention by announcing his plans to run for congress.

 Larry Sinclair is also running from authorities in Colorado for an outstanding warrant  issued years ago.

Additionally,  Larry Sinclair claims he is a “freelance writer” (among other things) when inquiring about things that may be out of reach for the average person.

Here’s an example, he didn’t actually “claim” to be a freelance journalist  when he called Barack Obama’s fatally ill grandmother, Madelyn Dunham in Hawaii, to ask her some questions about Barack.  However, his tone and nuance was intended to give that impression when he spoke to the President’s sister that he was a “professional”, looking to interview a dying woman..  Listen.   

Larry Sinclair prides himself with that call and still has it listed on his You Tube Page.  This is only one small iota, (albeit in my mind a HUGE faux pas on Sinclair’s part), in which Sinclair makes an utter fool of himself.

The Beginning:

Larry Sinclair posted a You Tube video telling viewers that he had a homosexual affair with Barack Obama back in 1999. 

He quickly became an internet phenomena and curiosity.  There were at least two factions, the believers and the non-believers who battled each other to this day as to whether Larry was being truthful or whether he lied.

One of the main “hooks” that kept Larry supporters on his side in those early days was his various “schemes” to make the Mainstream Media pay attention to him.  This was also around the time that Barack Obama, Presidential candidate had started looking like a practical challenge for Hillary Clinton and John McCain.  Sinclair’s supporters would do anything for Larry, just as long as the result was MSM attention. 

At Larry’s peak of internet notoriety, he ultimately received well over tens of thousands of dollars from donations.  It all began with an offer to Larry Sinclair, an offer he could not refuse and in fact, negotiated to make the pot sweeter for him and at the same time convincing the owner of a website that the owner would in fact be saving money in the long run.

The  now defunct website called “Whitehouse.com” had offered Sinclair $100,000 to take a polygraph test if the results turned out to true.  Sinclair was even promised $10,000 just for showing up. Sinclair took Whitehouse.com up on their offer but had a better idea.  Sinclair wanted the $10,000 as promised, pass or fail.  However, he also wanted to give $10,000 to charity…pass or fail.  In the end, Sinclair negotiated a $30,000 “pass or fail” fee.  Could he possibly had known that he was going to fail, and thus negotiated an additional $20,000 with no strings attached?

Here is a public document explaining Sinclair’s “logic”:

 This blog provided the emails:

 RE: Dear Murray

From: Lawrence Sinclair

Sent: Thu 2/21/08 9:29 AM

To: Dan Parisi (dparisi@house.com)

 Have Rob call me I have a different figure in mind and part of that figure I would want split into

two separate certified or cashiers checks payable to two charities. It will still be a lot less than

you will lose when I pass this test. Add 10K to what you suggests and have 5k each payable

to the following

 1. Duluth Salvation Army Housing Loan Program

and 2. Girls and Boys Club of Duluth

 Let me know what you think?


RE: Dear murray

From: Lawrence Sinclair

Sent: Thu 2/21/08 9:35 AM

To: Dan Parisi (dparisi@house.com)

 If you want to do this without doing the 100K yes, Because even the part coming to me is

going to pay my mothers back bills and medication so yes, if that is acceptable to you. You

still have all exclusive rights to video as you want, and I still agree that no other polygraphs

can be done for 4 weeks.


Subject: RE: Dear murray

Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2008 09:42:04 -0500

From: DParisi@house.com

To: lws

 If you want we can do this. We give you 20k either way instead of the way we have it and

maybe you give $2,000 or 10% to charity. If you do that way then you get rid of all these bribe

accusations. You will also look very good to the media and public as well. Thanks

 Dan Parisi


(Emphasis are mine.)

So, there was Sinclair, re-negotiating the deal that Dan Parisi had originally set forth.   Sinclair would claim on many occasions that he was not in “this” for the money, yet from the beginning, it HAS been all about money.  Stay tuned…

Part II will what happened the night he took polygraph test and the devastating aftermath.

Part III – More on Polygraph Test

Part IV – Sinclair’s “proof”.

Part V –  Postscript

GOP · Sen. Tom Coburn

This Is Why They’re Called “Crazies”…

A couple of days ago, we reported  that medical doctor and Senator, Tom Coburn (R-OK) asked this of the American people a few hours before a vote to end fillabuster of the Health Reform Bill:

What the American people ought to pray is that somebody can’t make the vote tonight. That’s what they ought to pray.

Most newscasters and pundits on the left seemingly thought that  Coburn was talking about Senator Robert Byrd, a democrat who is 92 and in frail health.  Byrd had to be wheeled into the Senate to vote for what was the first of three procedural votes leading up to the passage of the Health Reform Bill.

Coburn actually went on Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren show to “explain” what he meant…well sorta:

Crooks & Liars:

Coburn: I wouldn’t back away from that. I’d love for everybody’s alarm clock that’s for this thing not to work. You know, the fact is that this is an epic change in our country. It’s a reduction in freedom in our country. It doesn’t reform health care, it just expands the mess that we have today.

Crooks & Liars coninues…

It would be a lot easier to take this denial at face value. But when you have some of Coburn’s fellow religious-right nutcases out there applying a Psalm wishing for someone’s death to President Obama, and otherwise ramping up the use of “imprecatory prayers” against political opponents, especially President Obama … well, let’s just say we all know what a dog whistle sounds like.

This is why Amato called out Matt Lewis yesterday for indulging in the “alarm clock” nonsense. Yeah, guys, we’re all that stupid.

But wait!  There’s more.  Here is a tearful caller who phoned into C-Span Tuesday morning to ask Senator Barrasso a question.  THIS is why we call them “the crazies”:


CALLER: Yeah doctor. Our small tea bag group here in Waycross, we got our vigil together and took Dr. Coburn’s instructions and prayed real hard that Sen. Byrd would either die or couldn’t show up at the vote the other night.

How hard did you pray because I see one of our members was missing this morning. Did it backfire on us? One of our members died? How hard did you pray senator? Did you pray hard enough

HOST: Senator Barasso, he was referring to Senator Inhofe, who was not part of the round of voting this morning.

BARASSO: The votes today, they needed 60 votes in favor of the bill. Senator Inhofe is opposed to the bill, and whether he was there or not didn’t make any difference. There was no way that Jim Inhofe was going to vote for the bill, the senator from Oklahoma. So that’s why he wasn’t there this morning.

HOST: Do you know where he was, senator, why he wasn’t able to make the vote this morning?

BARASSO: No, I don’t know.

http://www.dailykostv.com/w/002442 /

This poor fool thinks Coburn screwed  it up and killed Inhofe by not praying hard enough!

You can’t make this stuff up!

U.S. Politics

Wing Nuttery Roundup

From the people at Right Wing Watch:

Sen. Tom Coburn said the American people should be praying that a Senator couldn’t make it to cast a vote on health care reform, while a conservative blogger hopes that Sen. Robert Byrd dies.

Michael Steele says Democrats are “willing to basically flip the bird to the American people” in passing health care reform.

Rep. Bart Stupak’s office has been coordinating attacks on the Senate bill with Republicans and Religious Right groups.

Media Matters names Glenn Beck its “Misinformer of the Year.”

PolitiFact names Sarah Palin’s “death panels” claim it’s “Lie of the Year.”

 Rep. Bart Stupak’s office has been coordinating attacks on the Senate bill with Republicans and Religious Right groups.

Finally, congratulations to Good as You’s Jeremy Hooper and his husband Andrew Shulman for being the first same-sex couple to be featured in Martha Stewart Weddings.

Think Progress:  “Conservative of the Year”, Dick Cheney denies there have been any results from the stimulus.

The Daily Beast:    Steel’s speaking fees draw ire…

Huffington Post:  Lieberman: Obama never pressed me on Public Option

Oh, For Goodness Sake:   The Boy Toy in the dentist’s chair has his mouth wide open

Religious Fanatics · Sen. Tom Coburn

Sen. Coburn: Pray That A Senator ‘Can’t Make The Vote Tonight’

So what exactly IS Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK) saying here?  

The senate will vote for cloture on the health care bill late tonight or early Monday morning. 

From the sound of it, I wonder if “praying” that a Senator cannot make the vote tonight means “praying that some harm come to a senator?”  Thats probably a stretch, but even Sen. Dick Durbin, who interrupted  while Sharrod Brown had the floor, to issue a challenge to Sen. Coburn:

Think Progress: 

Durbin:  I have been trying to reach Sen. Coburn. … This statement troubles me, and I’m trying to reach him come back to the floor and explain exactly what he meant about a senator being unable to make the vote tonight. … I’m reaching out to Sen. Coburn. I’ll be on the floor for the next 45 minutes, and I hope that he will join me there.

Oh BTW…here is Coburn’s profile via The Rachel Maddow Show.