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Oprah Winfrey’s holiday show offers duets: Mary J. Blige and Andrea Bocelli …. Alicia Keys and Tim McGraw … more

This blog is usally about the “crazies” that find themselves in the spotlight because they either said something really weird or has some strange ideas regarding Bracak Obama or the progressive movement.  Since this is the Thanksgiving holiday week-end, I wanted to do one more entertainment piece that I just read about.

Full disclosure:  I am NOT an Oprah fan.  I haven’t watched her show since the early nineties.  However, I AM a fan of Andre Bocelli (Time to Say Goodbye is one of my favorites.)  Mary J. Blige is my daughter’s favorite singer.  It will be interesting to see two such diverse people sing a duet on Oprah’s holiday show on Monday. I will definately record that show!

There’s more!  Alicia Keyes (huge fan here) and Country Western star Tim McGraw will also sing a duet!

Orlando Centinel:

Could it be that Oprah Winfrey wants in on Simon Cowell’s turf?Lady O staged that Karaoke Challenge. Now she has lined up a holiday show filled with duets for Monday.

You’ll see Oscar-winner Jennifer Hudson with Sugarland.

Mary J. Blige with Andrea Bocelli.

Tim McGraw with Alicia Keys.

The Winfrey folks call it “our first-ever holiday duet extravaganza!”

Sounds like a good reason to tune in at 4 p.m. Monday on WFTV-Channel 9.

6 thoughts on “Oprah Winfrey’s holiday show offers duets: Mary J. Blige and Andrea Bocelli …. Alicia Keys and Tim McGraw … more

  1. LTL, at least you got to see it! I neglected to set my DVR so I missed the entire show.

    From the onset I thought that a Blige/Bocelli duo would be challenging…from your reaction it appears I may have been right.

    How did the others do?


    1. Don’t get me wrong, Mary J. was stunning to look at. Her hair was something else, reminded me of the flame on a candle. Her face was beautiful as always and her body type is very appealing – a shorter version of Michelle Obama. (ANY version of Michelle Obama delights me.) And Bocelli was as honest, authentic and inspiring as always. But maybe the chemistry wasn’t there. Bocelli supposedly flew in from Italy only a day earlier and the two of them only had a single rehearsal. Maybe that had something to do with it. And they only sang one carol. (I can’t even remember its name – that should tell you something.) But I have seen both of them put on some memorable performances in the past. Not so this time.

      Still it was kinda nice to see them together (especially Mary J.)

      Alicia Keyes – pretty as can be. Tim McGraw – country boy with cowboy hat. Didn’t work. Keyes’s voice was even a little frail. Didn’t sound like “New York”. Also same problem as with Bocelli/Blige- no chemistry, lack of rehearsal.

      Glad I saw them though. In sum, Mary J. and Alicia Keyes were very nice to look at, but not that great to listen to.

      Didn’t stick around for Jennifer Hudson’s duo with Sugarland.


      1. Ok LTL, I really got the full picture now. I guess my favorite duo for now is still Sara Brightman and Andre Bocelli. Although Streisand and Neil Diamond weren’t bad in their day.

        I can also go waaay back and say that Marvin Gaye and Diana Ross were not bad doing “Stop, Look, Listen…”


  2. Okay, so I watched the Bocelli/Blige duo with great anticipation since I like both of them a lot.

    But something seemed to be missing. I wasn’t quite feeling it this time. Was it me?


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