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Palin Supporters Appear To Be Less Informed Than Most On Policy

Why do these people support a woman for President,  who’s political policies they know nothing about?  In fact, Palin herself has yet to CLEARLY define just where she stands on issues like the environment, health care, domestic policy as well as foreign policy.   Oh she’s tweeted some things and posted things on her face book, but it appears she is NOT educating her supporters on the ISSUES. 

It’s like Jon Stewart says…when you peel back the layers of onion…THERE’S NO ONION!  

Where’s the substance from Palin and from her followers.   They are merely repeating what she is saying…NOTHING!  Listen very carefully.  These people simply regurgitate her words and catch phrases.  Amazing!!!

6 thoughts on “Palin Supporters Appear To Be Less Informed Than Most On Policy

  1. It’s hard to argue with the videos. It seems like Sarah Palin has become exactly what she criticized Obama for being during the campaign — a celebrity. People aren’t buying “Going Rogue” for its depth of insight on foreign or domestic policy. They’re buying it because Sarah Palin appeals to them as just an average, everyday person. Certainly not someone qualified to be the President of the United States.



  2. All of the correctly informed and certified intelligent citizens are basically the people that read blogs like this! Heard there were a few people still go to libraries, but can’t vouch for them? Anyway, can’t understand who are buying all those ROGUE books? Must be some intelligent people who read, instead of waiting for more government handouts courtesy of our children’s future as indentured slaves to China.


    1. Hoboduke, your point is well taken and your irony has not gone unnoticed.

      Actually I was wondering if they will actually open the book and read it. It seems to me if those people interviewed would merely leave Fox News alone and pick up a newspaper, or even perhaps go online and read conservative material, they would get a better take on what’s happening in the world instead of looking like very uninformed reactionists who are looking for an authoritarian figure to lead them.

      Palin shrewdly makes it a point to speak THEIR language, plain, simple, folksy. Thats all they need. They will follow her, like lemmings, wherever she leads them. The same goes with Beck and Limbaugh as well. It seems that these people are lost and NEED to be told what to think and how to think it.

      Thats MY take on the ‘Palin folk’.

      As for progressives waiting around for government handouts, I would suggest to you that for 30 plus years of farm subsidies, auto industry subsidies, tax breaks for the top 2% of this country, bank bailouts, etc., it appears to me that Main Street is hardly waiting for “more government” handouts. That would be the Wall Street crooks, not anyone on Main Street. Perhaps, the material you are reading is rather one-sided.

      Like I have told my kids all of their lives, diversify, read what both political sides are saying. Weigh the options, look at what’s presently happening in our country and then make up your mind independently, not what someone dictates to you, what you should do. Our country was built on independent thought from real thinkers, not fear mongerers.


      1. Welcome to the one sided sunny side of the street! Doom and gloom pervade the somber pronouncements and sermons from Washington DC senators and representatives on almost any topic that needs a new bill tomorrow. I keep going back to a local joint with a sign “Free beer tomorrow.” But none of us live in tomorrow, we live in now. Right now, the majority of Americans are confused on what Washington DC is doing to us or for us. Will Rogers comments are as insightful today, as during the time of FDR. Be afraid when senators and representatives are working to “help” us. Most inmates on death row carry a bible, and maybe one or two actually read it over the last 100 years.


      2. kstreet,

        I think just about everyone who will buy Palin’s book, i.e, her bozo fans who have been waiting for the book with baited breath, already bought it. You will see a precipitous fall off of sales of Palin’s book from here on.


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