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“F**K You Sean Hannity…”


I suppose many progressives who either watch or read about Sean Hannity, the dumbest tool in the Faux News shed…well…ONE of the dumbest, will love the following Sean Hannity smack down by Andy Ostroy.

The Ostroy Report:

That’s right, fuck you Sean Hannity. Someone had to say it. You are anything but the “great American” you and your brainwashed listeners delusionally call each other every five minutes. In fact, to the contrary, you’re about as unpatriotic as they come. You root for America to fail. Just so you can keep spewing your partisan venom at President Obama and Democrats. Shame on you.

I say this not as a Democrat who’s upset with you, because I’m not. Truth is, I and most other Democrats couldn’t care less what you have to say. We find you ignorant and insignificant and can’t believe anyone actually chooses to listen to you on the merits. But what’s most shameful about you is how you blatantly lie and deceive your own audience. People who put their trust and faith in you. And you pay them back by feeding them bullshit at every possible turn. If only they know just how full of crap you are. But their ignorance of the facts is exactly what you prey on. As ill-informed as you are on the issues, they make you appear smart.   And that’s not easy.   Much More Here>>>

Ya gotta love the author’s passion.  There’s much more to read at his site.