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margandhelenMargaret and Helen  is a very funny and sometimes poignant look at the world from their point of view.  Actually they are two women in their 80’s.  Margaret is pretty much the “silent” partner in this venture.  Helen is the “story teller” and she’s quite opiniated in terms of politics and culture.

This is from their ‘About’ page:

My name is Helen Philpot. I am 82 years old.  My grandson taught me how to do this so that I could “blog” with my best friend Margaret Schmechtman who I met in college almost 60 years ago.  I have three children with my husband Harold.  Margaret has three dogs with her husband Howard.  I live in Texas and Margaret lives in Maine.

I read Margaret and Helen as often as I am able.  Unfortunately, the wait for a new post from Helen can be rather long.  Obviously at 80 something, (that would have been my mom’s age bracket had she lived) there are far more priorities in Helen’s life beside updating a blog.  In fact on her latest blog, she begins by telling Margaret that Harold (Helen’s husband) is doing better.  

My favorite part of Helen’s blog is her opinion on all things political and sometimes cultural.  You gotta go see some of her back writings to see what I’m talking about.  In the meantime, here’s her opinion on current topics in today’s news:

Here are my thoughts – for what they are worth:

  • Even if he got it for remembering to leave the seat down for Michelle and the girls,  Barack Obama getting the Nobel Peace Prize is a good thing.   Don’t we want the United States to be seen as an instrument of peace in the world?  Erick Erickson probably had trouble spelling his own name in grade school and Michael Steele is clueless as to the irony of his job title.
  • The little boy didn’t get into the balloon.  End of story.  To report anything more is helping a means to an end that leads to a reality show none of us needs to see.
  • Sarah Palin wrote a book.  It was co-authored by a million monkeys on a million typewriters.
  • Is Jay Leno at 10PM really all that different from Jay Leno at 11PM?  What network executive came up with that stroke of genius?
  • The Boston Tea Party was a key event in the growth of the American Revolution. The British Parliament responded in 1774 with the Coercive Acts and the Colonists in turn responded to the Coercive Acts by convening the First Continental Congress.  The crisis escalated, and the American Revolutionary War began near Boston in 1775.   The 9-12 Project, by comparison,  was proof positive that people who watch Glen Beck can’t spell.
  • The only person I like less than Rick Perry is Dick Cheney.   What a shame Kay Bailey Hutchison has lost her sense of smell because that is one big pile of shit she just stepped into.
  •  Palin having an opinion about  Levi Johnson “selling his body”  is like Roman Polanski having an opinion about Woody Allen’s choice in girlfriends.  Pot meet Kettle. 
  • John and Kate minus eight equals one jackass and the woman who deserves him.
  • Give Rush Limbaugh a football team.  Who better than he understands the effects of massive head injuries?

I recommend this blog for everyone.  Don’t be fooled by their ages, these ladies are feisty, intelligent and far more rational than the people she goes after.