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Sunday Respite

Happy Halloween and All Saints Day

My three grandsons dressed up as a Skeleton (the oldest, who is 8), Spiderman (the 5  year old), and the baby (3 years old) dressed up as a Star Wars Storm Trooper.  I’m going to the “way back” machine to pull the following memory out:  When I was their ages my parents would improvise and make home made costumes out of whatever was around.  One year I was a gypsy.  Another year a dutch girl, and still another year, a clown.  All with clothes around the house.  Those costumes my daughter-in-law bought the boys came close to $100.00.  Well, so much for old fashioned ideas. 

I found the cartoon below on Crooks & Liars.  It’s so appropos for the “other side”.


Last week I showed three Auto Tune The News videos but forgot this one:

I also found this flashback.  Enjoy!