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Whacked Out “Pastor” Advocates Violence Against President Obama

manning-02This is absolutely incredible.  “Pastor” James Manning, an ex-con and  self-styled “preacher” has been around for a while.  He first began to get notice when he started making videos deriding  Barack Obama, stating that “Barack Obama is nothing more than a ‘long-legged mack daddy’ “.    He has also promoted the likes of Larry Sinclair, another ex-felon and “self styled” author who penned a book about a sexual and drug liason with Barack Obama in 1999, as well as “birther queen” Orly Taitz..  

Manning has only a fringe following.  His videos, which appear on You Tube are extremely hard to watch for the rational  majority in this country.


James Manning, the “ATLAHWorldwide” African-American minister so beloved by the birthers, has been in the birther movement for a while. A Hillary Clinton supporter, he once said Obama’s father was “a-whoring for a trashy white woman” and called Obama a “Long-legged Mack Daddy”. Considering that he seems to have some distaste for non-Blacks, I suspect his hatred of Obama is race-based as well. One of the things he’s said before is Obama isn’t a “real black man” because he “didn’t come out of the American Slave experience and could not qualify for reparations”.

But he managed to outdo himself in his 16 October video where he’s calling for a million members to do a “work stoppage” and boycotts against Obama supporters.

And maybe just a bit more than simple stoppages and boycotts……

2:28 to 2:40

“If Obama lives, then the constitution, and America dies. Now listen to me very carefully, please hear me, please hear me: If we let Obama live, America dies…”

 5:12 to 5:35

“What we need to be focused on, if we allow Obama to live, in his present state as a criminal, then America is torn apart. God knows America is gone. America is gone, if we allow Obama to continue, then the nation is gone, so which, which is it? Obama lives and America dies?

 10:08 to 10:43

“Now what’s it going to be? What’s it going to be? Is it going to be Obama? He will live and ride off into the sunset as America’s first African-American….President, which is a lie from the pit of hell. But are you gonna let that lie stand, and then the Constitution and America. I can tell you now. Five months from now America will no longer be. We must take immediate and decisive action now.”

Seems to me a pretty direct threat.

Now, with those quotes in mind:

Secret Service Contact Information

YouTube Abuse

Thank you Bad Fiction for the heads up on this clown.

2 thoughts on “Whacked Out “Pastor” Advocates Violence Against President Obama

  1. James Manning is the scum of the earth.

    He’s a prison “bible” educated con man who manipulates and uses racism for profit under cover of “church”.

    He needs a good beating by a white woman followed by arrest, incarceration and further and continued humiliation.


  2. Judge land and now judge Carter, smack down the crazies, poor little Birthers.

    Not even “Fake News” Bill O’Reilly believes the crazies, how funny.

    Was the $20K fine enough? Maybe when Taitz becomes a real lawyer she will appreciate what just happened. I wonder if she is a mail order bride, just like her law degree? She is perfect reporter material for “Fake News”, where unfounded rumors and innuendo reign supreme , unlike a our US courts of law, where you need to present documented facts, not half baked lies (prepare for more failures).

    When flies get too close to the lights they get burned, Taitz just got burned, thing is, like a fly she will continue, no end in sight. Poor little Birthers they are haters not debaters.

    A lawyer, dentist, realtor and black belt, WOW I must say a JACK of all trades master of none.


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