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More Absurdity From The Wing Nuts: Tea Partier Uses Army Email Address To Call For “Civil Disobedience”


Just when you thought they couldn’t get any more idiotic than they have been in recent events, the weird world of Right Wing Nuttery is alive and well and one wingnut just revealed himself via his UNITED STATES ARMY email, to call for civil unrest.  You can’t make this stuff up:


A Tea Party activist today used a U.S. military email address to call for “civil disobedience” in opposition to the policies of the Obama administration.

In a message sent this morning to fellow members of the Tea Party Patriots, who had been discussing movement strategy, Richard A. Correa Sr., who identifies himself as a retired sergeant, wrote:

Civil disobedience is the next logical step.

Correa’s email, which was obtained by TPMmuckraker, was sent using a U.S. army address.

The email may in fact have been an effort to tone down the fervor among Tea Partiers. It appears to have been a response to a fellow activist, Carol Dietz, who, in her own email sent to the Tea Party group on Wednesday, had argued that the group needed to become more aggressive in its effort to resist the administration. Dietz compared the Tea Partiers to Jews in Nazi Germany, who, she said, “went like sheep quietly to their slaughter.”  


One thought on “More Absurdity From The Wing Nuts: Tea Partier Uses Army Email Address To Call For “Civil Disobedience”

  1. The best thing that could happen to these nuts is a Democratic win in New Jersey and Virginia. They need to know they are a very small minority of the population and that America has evolved past them.

    I have high hopes for N.J. (polls say Corzine is leading by 9 %) but I fear a Democratic loss in VA, not so much because of the number of the RWers but because of the deception and treachery of opportunists like Sheila Johnson, ex-wife of BET founder Robert Johnson.

    That Sheila Johnson ad where she touts herself as a “Democrat” for Bob McDonald makes me sick. If she’s for a Republican, she’s a Republican. Does she really expect anyone to think the election of a Republican can do anything but hurt the Democrats? She’s a lying phoney, heartless (witness her making fun of stutterers) sellout.


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