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Media Matters: Conservative media increasingly preach rhetoric of violence, revolution

violent-hannity-rush-beckLet me put this into perspective.  Of all the talk radio programs on the air today, NINETY-ONE per cent are Conservative talk programs.  They are saying the things that Fox News cannot or will not take the chance in saying.  That is a huge amount of ‘like minded ideaologues” listening to the hate-filled venom spewed on a daily basis on ninety-one per cent of the air waves.  Media Matters  speaks to this issue:

Media Matters for America has previously noted that since Obama’s inauguration, conservative media figures have made ominous, even apocalyptic claims about the impact policies pursued by Obama and other progressives might have on the United States and have unleashed violent and revolutionary rhetoric.

For instance:

Beck speaks for one third of the nation: “[Y]ou will have to shoot me in the forehead before you take away my gun” and “before I acquiesce and be silent.” During the July 30 edition of his radio show, Beck warned “ACORN, GE, Obama, SEIU” that “you are awakening a sleeping giant, and I have nothing to do with it” and that “America is waking up. You know the American Revolution took place with 12 percent of the population? Twelve. Are you telling me there is not 30 percent of this population that you will have to shoot me in the forehead before I let somebody into my house to tell me how to raise my children; you will have to shoot me in the forehead before you take away my gun; you will have to shoot me in the forehead before I acquiesce and be silent.”

 Beck further stated: 

They cannot move on these things, because they are building a machine that will crush the entrepreneurial sprit and the freedom that our Founding Fathers designed. This machine, whatever it is they are building, will crush it. Do not let them build another piece.

So while I turn away, I want to make sure that I have at least 10 million eyes watching — watching every single move they are making.


We know why they’re doing what they’re doing. You need to do what you need to do, and as long as that is peaceful, we will save our country. [Premiere Radio Networks’ The Glenn Beck Program, 7/30/09]

The following links are from Media Matters and reports what is being said today by some of the “heavy hitters” in conservative radio land:

Limbaugh: Democratic Party “obsessed with your death,” “party of abortion and euthanasia, slavery and not liberty”

Limbaugh: “Obamacare” will “smother the individual,” “aimed at robbing you of your humanity,” “all of us will be slaves”

Savage blames Obama for causing “schism” between parties and races, then slams “psychotically paranoid” Democratic leaders

Limbaugh on Obama: “We’re dealing with a guy who is out to destroy the whole concept of the West, Western civilization”

Beck’s take on motherhood: “Moms must view themselves as Sarah Connor … from The Terminator

Responding to Behar’s criticism, Beck attacks progressives: “This is the kind of thinking that leads to genocide”

The point is, these batshit crazy fanatics are on the air PURPOSELY spewing the rhetoric that gets them more and more listeners.  For them its the bottom line that counts.  These commenters on the air are far removed from the blue collar, working class or unemployed people who listen to them.  Their only interest is the corporations that sponsor them and THEIR bottom line as well. 

I’m sure I’m not the only one that believes something tragic, on a national level will have to happen to tone down or turn off the deafening shrill of venom, hate and vitriol coming through our air waves.

In my opinion they have gone beyond the pale, but contrary to their assertions that The Constitution is being attacked, it appears the First Amendment still protects their every word.  In fact I would venture to say that the FCC and other relevant agencies have NOT tried to put an end to this rhetoric because it would make martyrs out of the rhetoricians as well as make them appear to be correct about “the government”.

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