Faux News

Coulter: Liberals behind Obama-as-Hitler posters

Just when you thought wing-nuts coudn’t get any nuttier, in comes Anne Coulter, straight from her huge stately manor in Transylvania, no doubt.  I’m pretty sure the  interview was done at night so that she’d have ample time to go back to her “sleeping quarters”.  Take a look at that woman will you?  She may not have the “Goth” look but she surely has the “deprived” of healthy red blood cells running through her veins look”.

Ok, back to the title of this article.  Crooks & Liars reported that Coulter does not believe that the GOP or their conservative constituents are responsible for the Obama as Hitler images that we saw for the last 6 weeks or more.  She believes Liberals infiltrated the crowds and waved the signs.

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