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The Crazies Get Crazier

tom_delay_mugshotTom Delay: Indicted for various financial fraud schemes in the Abrahmoff investigations, was on “Dancing With the Stars” on Wednesday night.  There’s no way I wanted to watch this creepy crawler do anything, much less dance!   I am now certain the Nutsoids have taken over the asylum!  Why else would a major network put that criminal POS Delay on the air at all?

My favorite comment about this fool’s antics was from Maureen Dowd:

“It might be a sign of the apocalypse — a frilly Tom DeLay shimmying away from an indictment and onto ‘Dancing.'” –Maureen Dowd, in The New York Times

palin-celebrity-get-me-outSarah Palin: Palin’s “pallin’ around” with Communists over in China I see.  She had a few choice words about our President (without naming him specifically).  Seems to me when The Dixie Chicks did something similar, Right Wingnuts on the radio went beserk!  How dare they speak ill of the President while over seas? Yada yada yada. Boycott!

Palin is another “train wreck”, ala Michelle Bachman, and the other far right fringe nuts.



Taitz CrazyOrly Taitz:  This woman has a gross disregard for the law.  One Judge told her that she would be sanctioned if she submitted more frivolous hyperbole when the issue had been addressed and awaiting a hearing on Oct. 5, 2009.  Needless to say she submitted more hyperbole.  Orly Taitz is the “gift that keeps on giving”.   We’ll continue to watch the train wreck…


Beck 2Glenn Beck:  Ok so their first attempt at saying Obama would try to indoctrinate their kids fizzled like match on a short stick, The wack-a-doodles, spearheaded by the OTHER gift that keeps on giving, Glenn Beck have now “uncovered” another video showing a teacher instructing little kids to “pledge allegiance to Obama”!  (I am almost certain it will be found to be a hoax!)  They always get caught.

Yep, the crazies have taken over the asylum! 

H/T to for the Taitz pic. 

And…How was YOUR day today?

3 thoughts on “The Crazies Get Crazier

  1. KStreet, what a great blog. I’ve always loved your posts and I’ll be coming by here often.

    Not only did DWTS put Delay on, he danced to Wild Thing. ROTFLMAO I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.


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