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Morning Joe v. Glenn Beck

This happened a few days ago, but I wanted to include it as a post.  Get the popcorn ready kids!   This is gonna be fun to watch!  Both Beck and Scarborough have egos the size of Manhattan.  I’m anxious to see how this develops!


By Samuel P. Jacobs – The Daily Beast:

Joe Scarborough called on conservatives to distance themselves from Glenn Beck—who’s punching back. Samuel P. Jacobs asked the GOP’s heavyweights take sides. Mitt Romney did, sort of. The rest hid.

There’s a civil war going on between two big-shot conservative talk show hosts and the Republican Party is caught in the crosshairs.

This week, MSNBC host Joe Scarborough called out Fox News’ Glenn Beck for hate speech. He gave 2012 hopefuls an ultimatum. “We’re going to have a conservatives’ honor roll on this show…,” he told the Morning Joe audience. “I’m talking to you, Mitt Romney and I’m talking about anyone who wants to be president in 2012. … You need to call out this type of hatred.”

Beck’s camp responded later that day, saying Scarborough “couldn’t be voted dog catcher” and claiming “this loser can’t get any coverage.” (Note: OMG those are fightin’ words!  LOL)

So are any of the Republicans’ leading candidates for 2012 responding to Scarborough’s call? According to a Daily Beast survey, not so far—and those who have are approaching the question very gingerly.




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