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O rly? Taitz Claims She Can Have President Obama “Out Of Office In 30 Days”

During the 9/12 Tea Party March on Washington, DC, Orly Taitz, self described “queen of the birthers” declared that she will force Barack Obama out of office within 30 days.

Native Born Citizen Blog  has a countdown of those 30 days.

This ought to be interesting.  There’s one thing I will say for the Russian born Taitz, she is tenacious as heck.  She has had more cases thrown back at her (which she then appeals to a higher court) and yet she still continues to file suit in Federal District courts around the country, declaring that Obama is a ‘usurper’.  We are 10 days into the countdown with 20 left.  Her next court appearance in California is October 5th where she has deluded herself into thinking that Judge David Carter has ordered expedited discovery.  Yet, on that same day, Judge Carter has said that he will rule on a Department of justice motion to dismiss the case.  For some reason Mrs. Taitz is acting like she KNOWS the Judge will rule in her favor.  It is only after the ruling on the DOJ motion will anyone know if the case will procede to the next level.

Someone needs to pull Orly aside and tell her this.