Who’s Nuts?

GOP NutsSo, what IS the problem that so many right wingers, birthers, teabaggers, tenthers, et al have with President Barrack Obama?  Its very hard to keep up with all the issues on the table at present.

The political cartoon above pretty much sums it all up. 

ACORN, birth certificates, naturalized citizenhip and healthcare debates, the economy, taxes, TARP, and a host of other issues, all centering around Barack Obama and his ability, or lackthereof to lead this country.  The GOP don’t know which ones to embrace and which ones to turn a blind eye (after giving the participants a wink and a nudge, no doubt.)

Here is my problem.  Wackenhut, Blackwater and other private contractors in Iraq have taken billions of taxpayers dollars with impunity and no Congressional oversight and no one is speaking about it.

The reason we are in a recession is due to 25 years of tax breaks to the rich and corporations with no SEC oversight to control the greed and theft which ocurred in that span of time under both Republican and Democratic presidencies.  Yet these people who listen to the likes of Beck, Limbaugh, Hannity and the rest are protesting about what they tell them to protest about.  Its common knowledge that those who are DICTATING to the poor ditto-heads out there are corporate shills and are merely interested in protecting the status quo.

Bushco didn’t help with his redistribution of wealth from the middle class to  corporations.

Now SCOTUS is poised to give  corporations even more power by controlling our electoral process.

Finally, of course there are the ubiquitous “birthers”.  The following video sums up their belief as to why Obama is a “usurper” and is occupying the White House illegitimately.

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