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Media Matters: Conservative media increasingly preach rhetoric of violence, revolution

violent-hannity-rush-beckLet me put this into perspective.  Of all the talk radio programs on the air today, NINETY-ONE per cent are Conservative talk programs.  They are saying the things that Fox News cannot or will not take the chance in saying.  That is a huge amount of ‘like minded ideaologues” listening to the hate-filled venom spewed on a daily basis on ninety-one per cent of the air waves.  Media Matters  speaks to this issue:

Media Matters for America has previously noted that since Obama’s inauguration, conservative media figures have made ominous, even apocalyptic claims about the impact policies pursued by Obama and other progressives might have on the United States and have unleashed violent and revolutionary rhetoric.

For instance:

Beck speaks for one third of the nation: “[Y]ou will have to shoot me in the forehead before you take away my gun” and “before I acquiesce and be silent.” During the July 30 edition of his radio show, Beck warned “ACORN, GE, Obama, SEIU” that “you are awakening a sleeping giant, and I have nothing to do with it” and that “America is waking up. You know the American Revolution took place with 12 percent of the population? Twelve. Are you telling me there is not 30 percent of this population that you will have to shoot me in the forehead before I let somebody into my house to tell me how to raise my children; you will have to shoot me in the forehead before you take away my gun; you will have to shoot me in the forehead before I acquiesce and be silent.”

 Beck further stated: 

They cannot move on these things, because they are building a machine that will crush the entrepreneurial sprit and the freedom that our Founding Fathers designed. This machine, whatever it is they are building, will crush it. Do not let them build another piece.

So while I turn away, I want to make sure that I have at least 10 million eyes watching — watching every single move they are making.


We know why they’re doing what they’re doing. You need to do what you need to do, and as long as that is peaceful, we will save our country. [Premiere Radio Networks’ The Glenn Beck Program, 7/30/09]

The following links are from Media Matters and reports what is being said today by some of the “heavy hitters” in conservative radio land:

Limbaugh: Democratic Party “obsessed with your death,” “party of abortion and euthanasia, slavery and not liberty”

Limbaugh: “Obamacare” will “smother the individual,” “aimed at robbing you of your humanity,” “all of us will be slaves”

Savage blames Obama for causing “schism” between parties and races, then slams “psychotically paranoid” Democratic leaders

Limbaugh on Obama: “We’re dealing with a guy who is out to destroy the whole concept of the West, Western civilization”

Beck’s take on motherhood: “Moms must view themselves as Sarah Connor … from The Terminator

Responding to Behar’s criticism, Beck attacks progressives: “This is the kind of thinking that leads to genocide”

The point is, these batshit crazy fanatics are on the air PURPOSELY spewing the rhetoric that gets them more and more listeners.  For them its the bottom line that counts.  These commenters on the air are far removed from the blue collar, working class or unemployed people who listen to them.  Their only interest is the corporations that sponsor them and THEIR bottom line as well. 

I’m sure I’m not the only one that believes something tragic, on a national level will have to happen to tone down or turn off the deafening shrill of venom, hate and vitriol coming through our air waves.

In my opinion they have gone beyond the pale, but contrary to their assertions that The Constitution is being attacked, it appears the First Amendment still protects their every word.  In fact I would venture to say that the FCC and other relevant agencies have NOT tried to put an end to this rhetoric because it would make martyrs out of the rhetoricians as well as make them appear to be correct about “the government”.

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Newsmax removes column that called for military coup to resolve the ‘Obama problem.’

barack-obama-2009-9-7-17-10-2Ok, is it me or are those wingnuts getting way out there on the crazy scale?   Most people know that Newsmax is the internet version of Fox News Television.  However, even Fox News couldn’t get away with a commentary about  Removing the “Obama problem” via military coup.  My question is, what IS “the Obama problem” in those wack-a-doodles’ minds?   That he is a “socialist”?  Or could it be his intent to “dismantle the constitution”?  Perhaps its because of what Limbaugh said yesterday, that “Obama is a dangerous man…”?

Hell, I doubt that it takes ANY reason for the right-wing nuts to want to “dispose” of our LEGALLY ELECTED POTUS!

Think Progress  tells us the story behind the removal of the column:

In a column published on the right-wing site Newsmax yesterday, John L. Perry writes that a military coup against President Obama is possible. Newsmax appears to have taken down the column from its website this morning. Media Matters has archived it, however:

There is a remote, although gaining, possibility America’s military will intervene as a last resort to resolve the “Obama problem.” Don’t dismiss it as unrealistic. […] Military intervention is what Obama’s exponentially accelerating agenda for “fundamental change” toward a Marxist state is inviting upon America. A coup is not an ideal option, but Obama’s radical ideal is not acceptable or reversible.

Unthinkable? Then think up an alternative, non-violent solution to the Obama problem. Just don’t shrug and say, “We can always worry about that later.”

In his Washington Post column, former Bush speechwriter Michael Gerson acknowledges that “military leaders seem impressed” with President Obama’s decision-making process. “Obama’s engaged, deliberate style has fans in the military,” he writes.




“Kill Obama” Facebook Poll Investigated By Secret Service

Where do these people come from?  What color is the sky in their world?  How stupid can one be to formulate a poll on Facebook that is clearly criminal, and not expect to get some blowback from the United States Secret Service?

HuffPo Reports:


WASHINGTON — The U.S. Secret Service is investigating an online survey that asked whether people thought President Barack Obama should be assassinated, officials said Monday.

The poll, posted Saturday on Facebook, was taken off the popular social networking site quickly after company officials were alerted to its existence. But, like any threat against the president, Secret Service agents are taking no chances.

“We are aware of it and we will take the appropriate investigative steps,” said Darrin Blackford, a Secret Service spokesman. “We take of these things seriously.”

The poll asked respondents “Should Obama be killed?” The choices: No, Maybe, Yes, and Yes if he cuts my health care.

The question was not created by Facebook, but by an independent person using an add-on application that has been suspended from the site.

“The third-party application that enabled an individual user to create the offensive poll was brought to our attention this morning,” said Barry Schnitt, Facebook’s spokesman for policy.

Because the application was disabled, the responses to the nonscientific polls are not available.

“We’re working with the U.S. Secret Service, but they’ll need to provide any details of their investigation,” Schnitt said.

Read more at:

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Coulter: Liberals behind Obama-as-Hitler posters

Just when you thought wing-nuts coudn’t get any nuttier, in comes Anne Coulter, straight from her huge stately manor in Transylvania, no doubt.  I’m pretty sure the  interview was done at night so that she’d have ample time to go back to her “sleeping quarters”.  Take a look at that woman will you?  She may not have the “Goth” look but she surely has the “deprived” of healthy red blood cells running through her veins look”.

Ok, back to the title of this article.  Crooks & Liars reported that Coulter does not believe that the GOP or their conservative constituents are responsible for the Obama as Hitler images that we saw for the last 6 weeks or more.  She believes Liberals infiltrated the crowds and waved the signs.


Why do people say such loopy, ugly things about Obama? The enduring rot in American politics.

New York Magazine Investigated these questions:

20090928_obamahate_coverAll around were satanic representations of President Barack Obama in whiteface, as a Nazi, an African witch doctor, a Marxist, a Muslim, and Che Guevara’s best friend—but Kathy Golya had never felt so good about the new administration as she did right now. It was a day after Representative Joe Wilson’s outburst in Congress, and the South Carolina congressman had given voice to Golya’s inner heart. He hadn’t just said it on the Internet, he had said it to the president himself.

 No, it was not the appropriate place, Golya said, but still she glowed with the memory. “It was the first time in my life I felt good, since he got into office. Someone had called him a liar.”

A prim, slender homemaker in her fifties from northeastern Pennsylvania, Golya had come out to a tea party in Scranton with her friend Donna Biscontini to have solidarity with everyone else with strong criticisms of the president. Not really criticisms, actually, but feelings—anger, upset, a sense of dispossession. There had been a kind of revolution in the country with Obama’s election, the women felt. They talked about the president’s “czars.” One of the czars believed that animals should have lawyers to sue their owners. “Animals have more rights than people,” Biscontini said. Another was for forced sterilization. “Who’s that sound like? Hitler,” Golya said. The president was putting himself at a godly level, was her point; he was saying that man controls his destiny, not God. She saw that as arrogance. She mentioned that the president’s wife wore $600 shoes when she was helping the poor.


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Morning Joe v. Glenn Beck

This happened a few days ago, but I wanted to include it as a post.  Get the popcorn ready kids!   This is gonna be fun to watch!  Both Beck and Scarborough have egos the size of Manhattan.  I’m anxious to see how this develops!


By Samuel P. Jacobs – The Daily Beast:

Joe Scarborough called on conservatives to distance themselves from Glenn Beck—who’s punching back. Samuel P. Jacobs asked the GOP’s heavyweights take sides. Mitt Romney did, sort of. The rest hid.

There’s a civil war going on between two big-shot conservative talk show hosts and the Republican Party is caught in the crosshairs.

This week, MSNBC host Joe Scarborough called out Fox News’ Glenn Beck for hate speech. He gave 2012 hopefuls an ultimatum. “We’re going to have a conservatives’ honor roll on this show…,” he told the Morning Joe audience. “I’m talking to you, Mitt Romney and I’m talking about anyone who wants to be president in 2012. … You need to call out this type of hatred.”

Beck’s camp responded later that day, saying Scarborough “couldn’t be voted dog catcher” and claiming “this loser can’t get any coverage.” (Note: OMG those are fightin’ words!  LOL)

So are any of the Republicans’ leading candidates for 2012 responding to Scarborough’s call? According to a Daily Beast survey, not so far—and those who have are approaching the question very gingerly.




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The Crazies Get Crazier

tom_delay_mugshotTom Delay: Indicted for various financial fraud schemes in the Abrahmoff investigations, was on “Dancing With the Stars” on Wednesday night.  There’s no way I wanted to watch this creepy crawler do anything, much less dance!   I am now certain the Nutsoids have taken over the asylum!  Why else would a major network put that criminal POS Delay on the air at all?

My favorite comment about this fool’s antics was from Maureen Dowd:

“It might be a sign of the apocalypse — a frilly Tom DeLay shimmying away from an indictment and onto ‘Dancing.'” –Maureen Dowd, in The New York Times

palin-celebrity-get-me-outSarah Palin: Palin’s “pallin’ around” with Communists over in China I see.  She had a few choice words about our President (without naming him specifically).  Seems to me when The Dixie Chicks did something similar, Right Wingnuts on the radio went beserk!  How dare they speak ill of the President while over seas? Yada yada yada. Boycott!

Palin is another “train wreck”, ala Michelle Bachman, and the other far right fringe nuts.



Taitz CrazyOrly Taitz:  This woman has a gross disregard for the law.  One Judge told her that she would be sanctioned if she submitted more frivolous hyperbole when the issue had been addressed and awaiting a hearing on Oct. 5, 2009.  Needless to say she submitted more hyperbole.  Orly Taitz is the “gift that keeps on giving”.   We’ll continue to watch the train wreck…


Beck 2Glenn Beck:  Ok so their first attempt at saying Obama would try to indoctrinate their kids fizzled like match on a short stick, The wack-a-doodles, spearheaded by the OTHER gift that keeps on giving, Glenn Beck have now “uncovered” another video showing a teacher instructing little kids to “pledge allegiance to Obama”!  (I am almost certain it will be found to be a hoax!)  They always get caught.

Yep, the crazies have taken over the asylum! 

H/T to for the Taitz pic. 

And…How was YOUR day today?


Republican ‘Birthers’ Outnumber Democratic ‘Truthers’



David Weigel of the Washigton Independant writes:

Public Policy Polling’s ongoing survey of American attitudes about presidential conspiracy theories continues with a fascinating look at the “birther” and “truther” sympathies of Republicans, Democrats, and Independents. One takeaway: While some conservatives have brushed aside criticism of the “birthers” in their based by criticizing 9/11 conspiracy theorists on the left, there are far more conservative “birthers” than liberal “truthers.”

Forty-two percent of Republicans say President Obama was born outside the United States, while only 37 percent say he was born here. Twenty-five percent of Democrats say President George W. Bush let 9/11 happen, while 63 percent say he didn’t. Sixty-two percent of “liberals” say no, as do 62 percent of people who say they voted for Obama. The only element of the Democratic Party’s base with considerable 9/11 “truth” sympathies? African-Americans, only 46 percent of whom rule out a Bush connection.

Continued here.

To be honest here, I’m not sure what one has to do with the other.  One group of crazies believes that “The Government” was responsible or had prior knowledge of the 9/11 attacks.  The other group believes that the POTUS is an illegal alien. 

In my opinion,  BOTH are questionable assertions, but one is a personal attack against Barack Obama, while the other is just another “government conspiracy”.   hence the marked contrast in the amount of people who believe both “theories”.

U.S. Politics

O rly? Taitz Claims She Can Have President Obama “Out Of Office In 30 Days”

During the 9/12 Tea Party March on Washington, DC, Orly Taitz, self described “queen of the birthers” declared that she will force Barack Obama out of office within 30 days.

Native Born Citizen Blog  has a countdown of those 30 days.

This ought to be interesting.  There’s one thing I will say for the Russian born Taitz, she is tenacious as heck.  She has had more cases thrown back at her (which she then appeals to a higher court) and yet she still continues to file suit in Federal District courts around the country, declaring that Obama is a ‘usurper’.  We are 10 days into the countdown with 20 left.  Her next court appearance in California is October 5th where she has deluded herself into thinking that Judge David Carter has ordered expedited discovery.  Yet, on that same day, Judge Carter has said that he will rule on a Department of justice motion to dismiss the case.  For some reason Mrs. Taitz is acting like she KNOWS the Judge will rule in her favor.  It is only after the ruling on the DOJ motion will anyone know if the case will procede to the next level.

Someone needs to pull Orly aside and tell her this.


Who’s Nuts?

GOP NutsSo, what IS the problem that so many right wingers, birthers, teabaggers, tenthers, et al have with President Barrack Obama?  Its very hard to keep up with all the issues on the table at present.

The political cartoon above pretty much sums it all up. 

ACORN, birth certificates, naturalized citizenhip and healthcare debates, the economy, taxes, TARP, and a host of other issues, all centering around Barack Obama and his ability, or lackthereof to lead this country.  The GOP don’t know which ones to embrace and which ones to turn a blind eye (after giving the participants a wink and a nudge, no doubt.)

Here is my problem.  Wackenhut, Blackwater and other private contractors in Iraq have taken billions of taxpayers dollars with impunity and no Congressional oversight and no one is speaking about it.

The reason we are in a recession is due to 25 years of tax breaks to the rich and corporations with no SEC oversight to control the greed and theft which ocurred in that span of time under both Republican and Democratic presidencies.  Yet these people who listen to the likes of Beck, Limbaugh, Hannity and the rest are protesting about what they tell them to protest about.  Its common knowledge that those who are DICTATING to the poor ditto-heads out there are corporate shills and are merely interested in protecting the status quo.

Bushco didn’t help with his redistribution of wealth from the middle class to  corporations.

Now SCOTUS is poised to give  corporations even more power by controlling our electoral process.

Finally, of course there are the ubiquitous “birthers”.  The following video sums up their belief as to why Obama is a “usurper” and is occupying the White House illegitimately.