They Hope You Won’t Wake Up

The Huffington Post Here’s the bottom line. The Tea Party Republicans and their Big Business and Wall Street allies plan to grab what they want while ordinary people sleep through this election. They want ordinary Americans to stay home on Election Day. To them, high voter turnout is like daylight to a burglar — or […]

Here Comes Corey: Corey Booker To Be Sworn In Today

I watched Rachel Maddow’s interview with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid last night and one of the take-aways from that interview was Senator Reid’s enthusiasm over the prospect of having Senator-Elect Cory Booker on his team. The Huffington Post WASHINGTON (AP) — Cory Booker has come to Washington. The former Newark mayor will be sworn […]

Maddow Tears Apart Ted Cruz for Praising ‘Racist’ Jesse Helms

Mediaite Senator Ted Cruz raised more than a few eyebrows when he said the U.S. Senate could use “a hundred more like Jesse Helms” because Helms was known for harboring some pretty racist views. Rachel Maddow took the opportunity to remind viewers of those views to show exactly how crazy Cruz’s comments really were. Maddow briefly went through the history of African-Americans […]

Forgetting the relevant Katrina detail, eight years later

The Maddow Blog How much do Louisiana Republicans dislike President Obama? Many of them blame him for the government’s tragic response to Hurricane Katrina — which struck the state more [than] three years before Obama took office. The latest survey from Democratic-leaning Public Policy Polling, provided exclusively to TPM, showed an eye-popping divide among Republicans in the […]

BREAKING: Senate Passes Historic Immigration Reform

Think Progress On Thursday afternoon, an immigration reform bill that would affect millions of undocumented immigrants was approved by a final vote of 68 to 32 in the Senate. The bill puts up to 11 million undocumented immigrants on a pathway to citizenship and enforces tough border security measures. Vice President Joe Biden presided over […]