David Frum’s Attempt To Save His Republican Party

David Frum is an old school conservative who feels his party has lost it’s way… Mario Piperni One can almost feel David Frum’s pain in this insightful and honest look at his beloved Republican party.  You should read the entire piece in New York magazine to get a full sense of where Frum is coming from but… More David Frum’s Attempt To Save His Republican Party

Our Sadly Lowered Standards for Dickitude

Mother Jones‘ Kevin Drum has done it again.  His articles are humorous and smart. Here’s his take on Mark Halperin’s faux pas on Morning Joe yesterday.  The piece was written yesterday, as well.  Mother Jones  Mark Halperin is one of my least-favorite political analysts, a reliably unimaginative weathervane of conventional wisdom. Today, on Morning Joe, he gave his considered… More Our Sadly Lowered Standards for Dickitude


The terrible irony is that my cable company doesn’t carry Current TV.  That sux big time!   Huffington Post After six months off the air, Keith Olbermannreturned to television Monday night with a new edition of “Countdown” on Current TV. The hotly anticipated premiere featured appearances from some of Olbermann’s contributors, including Michael Moore, John… More HE’S BAA-AACK!

The West Wing: “Then Shut It Down”

My favorite television program of all time…and one of my favorite episodes.  (I have all 7 seasons in boxed sets.) Related Articles Was a specific West Wing event based on a real incident? (ask.metafilter.com) 31 Day TV Meme: Day One (mralphafreak.wordpress.com) On Paying Attention To Television (dovetailedlife.wordpress.com) i need to stop watching the west wing… More The West Wing: “Then Shut It Down”

Glenn Beck Exposes FreedomWorks Fisting (A DC Douglas Tweak)

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