Activist Justices Favor Religion Over Scientific Progress

Liberaland The 2012 campaign featured the first Mormon candidate to ever run for Commander in Chief.  Willard Romney, who by way of his standing in the Mormon faith, is obedient to the LDS religion’s hierarchy.  He believes that such leaders “are divinely inspired, that they speak for god on earth.” Imagine if the LDS doctrine governed the Supreme […]

“”: Nutty Right-Wing Quotes

Which are your favorites? Ann Coulter: ”You will find liberals always rooting for savages against civilization.” Bill O’Reilly: ”They didn’t root for the Nazis against civilization.” Coulter: ”Oh yes they did. … It was only when Hitler invaded their precious Soviet Union that at the last minute they came in and suddenly started saying, ‘Oh […]

The Top 10 Craziest Quotes by Tea Party Candidates

Huffington Post Regardless of the outcome of the 2010 elections, the Tea Party has already made history by spawning the craziest crop of political candidates America has ever seen. Judge for yourself by reading this assemblage of Tea Party wisdom on everything from Nazi reenactments and violent revolutions to masturbation, witchcraft, and mice with human […]

Ken Buck Can’t Explain How Government ‘Goes Too Far’ In Separating Church And State

This is the reason most Tea Party candidates like Sharron Angle, Christine O’Donnell, Rand Paul and others refuse to talk to the media.  They know that because they are not “polished politicians”, they’re  prone to make mahy gaffes that will most certainly be headlines the following day as well as “breaking news” on televison and cable networks. […]