Wisconsin GOP: We could be history

This guy and  five others will be toast on July 12th! The Rachel Maddow Blog Wisconsin State Senator Dan Kapanke is one of six Republicans up for recall this summer. Mr. Kapanke is making headlines today for telling LaCrosse County Republicans they’ve got to hope public workers “are sleeping on July 12th – or whenever the (election) date […]

Wisconsin Debate Shifts To Recall Elections

To paraphrase a famous (often misquoted) saying:  Hell hath no fury like a populous scorned! Huffington Post Nearly a month after the Wisconsin standoff over union rights ended, some of the fervor from that debate has shifted to recall efforts targeting lawmakers in both parties – Republicans who voted to cut back collective bargaining and […]

Wisconsin Senator’s girlfriend had help getting job

So much for family values and all the  propaganda that goes with the family value meme.  Once again, the utter hypocrisy of Republican values comes shining through via the Gov. Scott Walker twisted governing. Milwaukee – Wisconsin Journal Sentinel Even though the state is supposedly broke, top officials in Gov. Scott Walker’s team were able to scrape together […]