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Online, a digital trove of JFK material

Tour guide Dorothy Kennedy looked over a display at JFK Library

In honor of the 50th anniversary of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy’s assassination, Rachel Maddow spoke of the following links on her show last night.  As promised, she posted them on her blog and I’m re-posting them here.

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For you to peruse and process at your own pace, here are some of the JFK archival materials Rachel referenced this evening on the air, including the exceptionally rare footage unearthed from the NBC archives by Hardball producers earlier this week (above).

In the video below, conductor Erich Leinsdorf breaks the news of Kennedy’s assassination to the audience of the regular Friday afternoon Boston Symphony Orchestra concert at Symphony Hall.

And here is Time Magazine’s interview with William Shisler, the Boston Symphony Orchestra librarian and one of the only remaining witnesses to the event.

Parts 1 and 2 of Lady Bird Johnson’s Audio Diary for November 22, 1963.

…and the transcript with her handwritten notes. (pdf)

The LBJ phone call with Sen. Richard Russell, November 29, 1963, in which the president pushes Russell to participate in the special commission to investigate Kennedy’s assassination. (mp3)

The newly digitized Warren Report (77.45MB pdf)

Senator Paul and the disappearing transcripts

MSNBC – Michael Yarvitz

As examples of his plagiarizing from Wikipedia and other sources pile up, Rand Paul’s Senate office now appears to have started scrubbing his Senate website to make it harder to get the text of his speeches.

The screen grab below shows what it used to look like if you went to his website to watch his “State of the Union” response, containing the block of text plagiarized from an Associated Press article. You could follow along with the transcript of the speech typed out below. You can see the page says, “Below is a video and transcript of his speech.”

That full transcript was still up as of October 14, according to Google’s cache of the page. Now it’s gone. “Below is a video  of his speech,” the page reads. So, yes, you could transcribe the video yourself if you want to search for whether the words he used came from someone else, but Rand Paul’s office won’t make it so easy for you anymore.


In Rand Paul’s Mind Rachel Maddow Is a Hater Because She Demands Honesty and Facts



Sen. Rand Paul responded to Rachel Maddow busting him twice for plagiarizing from Wikipedia by calling her a hater, but it is really Paul who hates Maddow’s standards for honesty and facts.

Paul responded to getting busted by Maddow for plagiarizing from Wikipedia by claiming that it wasn’t plagiarism, because he never claimed that the movie was his work. Sen. Paul then called the MSNBC host a hater, “This is really about information and attacks coming from haters. The person who is leading this attack, she’s been spreading hate on me for about three years now, and I don’t intend for it to go away. But, I also don’t see her as an objective news source.”

Maddow replied to Paul, “This is about you lifting other people’s words verbatim and pretending that they’re your own. This is about you lifting entire sections of a website, inserting them into your own speeches, and then passing them off as your own original thoughts. This is something that high school students know not to do, and you are presenting yourself as a potential candidate for president. This has nothing to do with me…Senator. somebody else’s published words ended up in your speech with attribution. How did that happen? Do you understand that that is a problem?” Maddow described Paul’s explanation as incoherent, and said that she had a feeling that this might not be the end of it.

Rachel Maddow is right. Rand Paul is a serial plagiarist. She has the facts on her side. Rand Paul embodies the Republicans of today, who dispute every fact. In Republican terms, an objective news source is Fox News, or Drudge, or Rush Limbaugh. Unless the allegation came from conservative media, it has no merit. It’s just haters being haters.

Republicans now live in a post reality world, where there are no facts. If a Republican elected officials needs some facts, they make some up. If the media tries to call them out, they scream liberal bias for as loud and as long as they can. If there are no realities and no facts, there can be no honesty. The fast way to lose a game with no rules is to be honest. Honesty gets punished in the Republican Party. Mitt Romney became the Republican nominee in 2012 because he demonstrated a willingness to say anything to anyone at any time in order to get elected.

Republicans see all of us who demand honesty and facts as haters.

Since there is no longer a shared agreement on right and wrong, we should all probably sit back and wait for Sen. Ted Cruz to deliver his I have a dream speech about defunding Obamacare sometime soon.

Morning Maddow

., speaks with reporters at Mul's Diner in Boston on Dec. 28, 2011.

Former Sen. Scott Brown, R-Mass

The Rachel Maddow Blog

Obamacare number: the feds have made 330,000 subsidy calculations. (Washington Post)

Hawaii legislature meets in special session today to vote on marriage equality. (Time)

A Texas judge is expected to rule on a challenge to part of the state’s new abortion law. (AP)

San. Rand Paul will try to convince Virginia libertarians to vote for Ken Cuccinelli today. (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

Fmr. Sen. Scott Brown registers a PAC in New Hampshire. (Concord Monitor)

Syria submits chemical weapons destruction plan. (The Hill)

Ellis Island reopens today, a year after Superstorm Sandy. (NY Daily News)

Rachel Maddow Sums Up The Shutdown In One Incredible Graphic

“Through this process, Republicans said they would shut down the government, or, once it was shut down, they would refuse to open the government unless they got each one of these things. Of all of these things that they demanded, they got none of them! None…these have been sixteen bad days for the country and the economy.”


Chris Matthews Nails It: “It’s Hatred,” Not Politics Behind Strong GOP Opposition to President Obama

I’m certain some readers are tired of hearing about this and I apologize for any redundancy.  This entire fiasco is scary as hell and needs to be on the front pages of every newspaper and blog until America says to the Tea Party” “ENOUGH!”

Forward Progressives

Something I (as well as many other liberals) have been saying for years was plainlystated by Chris Matthews on the Rachel Maddow Show last night.  Matthews didn’t hold back when he said it was “hatred,” not politics, that’s fueling such intense opposition to President Obama.

And it’s the truth.  While Democrats and Republicans have always bickered, I’ve never seen such a level of vile hatred as I have since President Obama was elected in 2008.  It’s just blind, unwavering disdain for a man many Republicans can’t even list five factual statements about.

Living in Texas, I can’t count the times I’ve heard negative comments against the president.  Not intellectual comments based on some kind of factual information, but comments made from sheer ignorance and misinformation.  And the kicker is, when you make these people aware that what they believe isn’t actually true—they simply don’t care.

It’s like a saying I’ve heard quite a few times since Barack Obama became president — “Republicans hate Obama more than they love America.”  Now, it’s up for debate whether or not they actually love America.  I maintain they love a version of the United States they wished existed but doesn’t—but that’s a topic for another article.

But I really do feel that these people hate President Obama to such an irrational level that they would rather see this country burn to the ground if it meant they got to oppose something he supports.  They don’t care about facts or reality, they hate Obama.

And that’s all that seems to matter.

Oh, the government was shut down for a pointless reason?  Who cares.  We hate Obama.

The United States might default on its debt, causing possible economic catastrophe which might hurt the lives of millions of Americans?  Who cares.  We hate Obama.

Hell, I remember when we killed Osama bin Ladin — even at a point which should have been apolitical, many of them quickly went into “Obama deserves no credit” mode to oppose giving him any credit.  Some basically said that since he didn’t pull the trigger, he didn’t deserve any credit for anything.  Even at a point where our country finally got the most wanted man in the world, Republicans found a way to try to attack Obama.

I really feel that if President Obama ran into a burning building to save 25 orphans, Republicans would find a way to attack him for trying to put firefighters out of business, or some other asinine response.

Where does this hatred come from?  Well, undoubtedly it comes from the fact that he’s half black.  Sure, Republicans will fight tooth and nail to claim that his race has nothing to do with their hatred toward him, but they’re full of crap.

I live in Texas, I see the racism constantly.  I can’t count how many times I’ve heard President Obama called some kind of derogatory name for African Americans.  Now, I’m not saying all Republicans who oppose President Obama are racists, but I do believe a large part of the opposition to him (especially from the tea party) has to do with his race.

Another area where I think this blind hatred comes from is the right-wing media machine which specializes in creating irrational fear and paranoia about whatever they wish to attack.  Republicans might not be good at many things, but they are masters at propaganda and pushing a simple, and consistent, message to their voters.  If Fox News is pushing it, I can almost assuredly expect to see my Republicans friends repeating those same talking points very soon.  Whatever the right-wing media tells them to think or do, they follow.

And that’s how we get to where we are now.  Millions of Americans with such an intense hatred for one man that no amount of facts, reality, common sense or logic will change their minds on anything.

Because like Chris Matthews said, it’s no longer about politics.  It’s about a pure, unwavering “hatred” of President Obama.

I really believe many of these Republicans would rather see this country reduced to ashes rather than get behind anything the president supports.

Rachel Maddow To GOP: You Broke It – You Brought It

For some, the post below this one may be too long to read.  I saw this segment of The Rachel Maddow Show last night in which she runs through the same thing as The Nation article…but with even more detail and information.  Enjoy…

Rachel Maddow reviews the years-long Republican plan to sabotage the Obama presidency at any cost, and talks with Ryan Grim, D.C. bureau chief for the Huffington Post, about House Speaker John Boehner’s struggle to find a way out of the government shutdown he allowed his party to force America into. ~ Licentiathe8th’s channel

Courtesy of the  The Rachel Maddow Show.

Rachel Maddow Explains How House Republicans Are About to Destroy The Economy



On MSNBC today, Rachel Maddow explained how House Republicans are about to destroy the economy with their insistence that Obamacare be defunded.


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MITCHELL:The reason people aren’t seized with this, they always work it out. There’s always a Christmas deadline, they will extend it by 30 days, 60 days, so people don’t seem to be focusing on this yet. The debt ceiling is where the rubber meets the road. Jack Lew says earlier in October they run out of cash. it’s a cash flow problem. If things are attached to that debt ceiling and we start looking at another downgrading of the US economy, that’s really serious stuff. That’s your 401(k).

MADDOW: That’s stuff that doesn’t get reversed even if retroactively fixed. when we had a credit downgrade as a nation, minor and controversial one, that’s something that has consequences in a way that takes years, maybe decades to grow out of. You look back at the way Ronald Reagan inveighed in the ’80s against messing with the debt ceiling. Really messing with it? Just taking Reagan’s arguments alone about the harm to the nation ought to be convincing to anybody on any part of the political spectrum as long as you love this country and as long as you don’t want to wantonly inflict harm that’s very hard to grow out of. The shutdown thing, I believe that’s going to happen. I realize that’s not a conventionally held view. I think the shutdown will happen and when we get close to the debt ceiling having shut down government we’ll be in a crisis mode. That will be an adult moment for the nation.

There is a lot of talk about the politics of this situation, but messing with the debt ceiling is dangerous because it is directly screwing with the entire economy. People could see their retirement accounts, which are just starting to rebuild after the last Republican caused economic collapse, get wiped out again. People aren’t taking this seriously yet, because a sort of crisis conditioning that has taken hold in this country.

The Republican have created and caused so many crisis that the American people have become desensitized when a new one pops up. People assume that Republicans will eventually back down, and they probably will, but their lack of leadership and direction could tank the economy before this is resolved. The longer House Republicans take to get their act together, the greater the risk for the American people.

Not all Republicans want to go down this path, but the House is in chaos. There is no leadership. Nobody on the Republican side listens to Boehner or Cantor. There is no unity, and absolutely no urgency to do what is right.

When the government shutdown in 1995, the economy suffered a 1% temporary drop in GDP. Combine that temporary drop with the economic impact of not raising the debt ceiling, and it will be a devastating body blow to the working men and women of this country.

While we have been distracted by the Ted Cruz circus and Obamacare, Republicans are this close to destroying our economy.

It’s time to buckle up and pay attention, because things are about to get bumpy.


This won’t come as a surprise to most Maddow watchers, but in my opinion, this video exposes the underbelly of Conservative “fundraising” to repeal “Obamacare”…

Daily USA News

Senator Amy Klobuchar, who convened a Joint Economic Committee hearing today to consider the costs of not raising the debt ceiling, talks with Rachel Maddow about conservatives using a war on Obamacare as a means of bilking money from gullible conservative patsies and the dangers of Republicans playing political games with the economic wellbeing of the United States. (Rachel Maddow)

NBCNews.com: msnbc


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Maddow Tears Apart Ted Cruz for Praising ‘Racist’ Jesse Helms


Senator Ted Cruz raised more than a few eyebrows when he said the U.S. Senate could use “a hundred more like Jesse Helms” because Helms was known for harboring some pretty racist views. Rachel Maddow took the opportunity to remind viewers of those views to show exactly how crazy Cruz’s comments really were.

Maddow briefly went through the history of African-Americans serving in the U.S. Senate, and recounted the story of how black senator Carol Moseley-Braun was taunted by Helms once in a Senate elevator when he was singing “Dixie,” just to try and make her cry.  Maddow continued showing viewers exactly just how much Helms exploited racial division in his political career, even to the point where he opposed integration.

Which then led, of course, to Maddow showing the clip of Ted Cruz.

Maddow could barely contain how unbelievably stunned and just a little pissed off she was at Cruz suggesting that the Senate could use a hundred more people like a man who was whistling Dixie just to make his black colleague cry.

Watch the video below, via MSNBC (via You Tube):