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Rachel Maddow To GOP: You Broke It – You Brought It

For some, the post below this one may be too long to read.  I saw this segment of The Rachel Maddow Show last night in which she runs through the same thing as The Nation article…but with even more detail and information.  Enjoy…

Rachel Maddow reviews the years-long Republican plan to sabotage the Obama presidency at any cost, and talks with Ryan Grim, D.C. bureau chief for the Huffington Post, about House Speaker John Boehner’s struggle to find a way out of the government shutdown he allowed his party to force America into. ~ Licentiathe8th’s channel

Courtesy of the  The Rachel Maddow Show.

Rachel Maddow – Unpopular Congress musters one gun bill (for conspiracy paranoids)

When I saw this segment of The Rachel Maddow Show last night I was outraged at the methods the GOP use to spread their lies via propaganda.

Rachel Maddow – ‘Something weird is going on’ in FBI shooting of Ibragim Todashev

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The Raw Story

On Thursday night’s edition of “The Rachel Maddow Show,” host Rachel Maddow discussed the swirl of questions around the shooting of Ibragim Todashev, an associate of Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the two men charged with the bombing of the Boston Marathon.

FBI officials have given conflicting accounts of the questioning and killing of Todashev, who knew Tamerlan Tsarnaev through Mixed Martial Arts fighting. Todashev, who, like the Tsarnaevs, was Chechen, lived in Boston for a time before moving to Florida. Agents from the FBI traveled to Florida to question Todashev repeatedly about the bombing.

“Last week while being questioned again in Florida,” said Maddow, “something went very, very wrong and he ended up dead.”

Law enforcement officials were interviewing Todashev in his apartment in Orlando on Wednesday, May 22, when something occurred that resulted in the young man being shot multiple times.

On Thursday, Todashev’s family held a press conference in Moscow, where they showed autopsie photos of their slain son. Ibragim Todashev was shot six times in the torso and once in the back of the head.

“We have not been able to authenticate these photos,” said Maddow. “No one has.”

But, she said, if they are genuine, “something weird is going on.”

“How does that comport with the FBI’s story that he was killed during questioning by armed agents who were only acting in self defense?” she asked. “Shot seven times, including in the back of the head?”

Todashev was questioned because of a possible connection to a bizarre 2011 murder in Waltham, Massachusetts in which three men were found with their throats cut, covered in marijuana, with $5,000 in cash untouched nearby. Law enforcement officials theorize now that Tamerlan Tsarnaev may have murdered the men with the help of some other person or persons.

“That cold case got hot again” after the marathon bombing, Maddow said. Tamerlan Tsarnaev was close friends with one of the victims, but, after his murder, Tsarnaev declined to attend his friend’s funeral.

After Todashev was shot during questioning, Maddow said, law enforcement officials “leaked an elaborate story” that purported to justify the killing. The officials also claimed that Todashev had implicated himself in the Waltham murders prior to being shot. They said that just before the man was about to sign a confession, he snapped, and “lunged at the interrogator with a blade.”

“That initial story has fallen apart,” Maddow said. Within 12 hours of the shooting, two of the three law enforcement officials who were talking to the media about the case changed their story, saying they were no longer sure whether Todashev had a knife.

Now, multiple sources have come forward to papers like the Washington Post to say that, in fact, Todashev was unarmed. NBC News reported on Thursday that Todashev may have been brandishing some kind of “metal rod.”

“So they shot him seven times?” Maddow asked, “Including in the back of the head?” She added that no one actually knows right now if that was the actual number of gunshot wounds on Todashev’s body since officials will neither confirm nor deny that the post-autopsy photos are accurate.

“What we’re left with here is a baffling mess and a story that does not make sense,” she said.


Rachel Maddow – Formerly fringe conspiracy theorists find voice in congressional GOP

When I saw this show last night I had hoped that the You Tube video would be available online so that I could share Rachel’s genius for explaining anything with wit and intelligence beyond any newscaster on TV today.

This particular opening segment of the Rachel Maddow Show expounds on my Think Progress post from a couple of days ago…

Democratic Underground

Rachel Maddow Picks Up Grammy Nomination For Best Spoken Word Album

Rachel Maddow

Unlike the subject in the previous post, Rachel Maddow is a well respected “truth-teller” who people from all sides of the political spectrum admire…

The Huffington Post

Rachel Maddow was nominated for a Grammy Award. The nominations wereannounced on Wednesday.

Maddow was nominated for Best Spoken Word Album with her book, “Drift: The Unmooring of American Military Power.” She shares the category nomination with Ellen DeGeneres, Bill Clinton and First Lady Michelle Obama.

A number of politicians have been nominated and subsequently won Grammy Awards in this category before. President Barack Obama won in 2008 with his book “The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream.” He also won in 2006 with his book “Dreams From My Father.”

Clinton picked up the prestigious award one year earlier—in 2005—with his book “My Life.” Secretary of State Hillary Clinton also won in this category in 1997 with her book “It Takes A Village.”

The 2013 Grammy Awards will take place on Feb. 10 on CBS.

Rachel Maddow – Romney’s willingness to say anything makes integrity an issue

This video from The Rachel Maddow Show is priceless, from beginning to end.  I really like the way Rachel dissects Right Wing “bull-pucky” as Rachel would say.

H/t: Democratic Underground

Rachel Maddow – Romney unmoved to change ad despite fact-check smackdown

I enjoyed this segment of The Rachel Maddow Show, last night.  In fact I enjoyed it so much I just had to share it with you.

The gist of the segment:  Rachel caught Mitt Romney in a bold-faced lie the day he went to Solyndra  to discuss President Obama’s involvement with the now defunct company.

Now, to the video…

Extending Bush Tax cuts Adds $700 Billion to Deficit

Yep, $700 billion additional dollars to the deficit! 

The White House has released a very easy and simple explanation about the tax cut fight in congress.

Remember, the Republicans will not even discuss the tax cuts for small businesses unless the Dems include the Bush tax cuts for the rich in their plan…

Maddow: Islamic Center Opponents Could Be Stoking Anti-Muslim Attacks

Huffington Post 

Rachel Maddow said that the opposition to the proposed Islamic center near Ground Zero could be the reason behind a wave of anti-Muslim incidents around the country. 

On her MSNBC show Monday, Maddow ran down a list of the many different anti-Muslim attacks that have taken place in recent weeks — from the possible arson at a mosque in Tennessee to the stabbing of a Muslim cabdriver in New York to protests against mosques in states around America. 

She said that it was not possible to tie the incidents together in any concrete pattern, but speculated that the fierce opposition to the center near Ground Zero may have unleashed a wave of anti-Muslim sentiment across the country: 

“Maybe the tie between them is the opponents, who claim to be against the Park51 center near the World Trade Center site solely as a matter of real estate…maybe the thing that ties them altogether is them…if it’s only about the specific location of that one Islamic center, then how come we’re not hearing anything from them at all about all about the other mosques being shot up and protested? Are Temecula and Fresno also just too darn close to Ground Zero?”