Military chiefs back Mubarak, Sept. elections

Washington Post As huge crowds packed central Cairo Friday, calling anew for the ouster of President Hosni Mubarak, Egypt’s military chiefs pledged to back the authoritarian leader’s decision to remain in office. The armed forces did not move against the demonstrators, however, and the statement from the supreme military council said it would guarantee “free and… More Military chiefs back Mubarak, Sept. elections

Mubarak Refuses To Step Down, Vows To Pass Powers To Egypt’s Vice President

I had an eerie feeling this would happen… Huffington Post  Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak refused to step down or leave the country and instead said he would hand his powers to his vice president Thursday, remaining president and ensuring regime control over the reform process. Stunned protesters in central Cairo who demand his ouster waved their shoes… More Mubarak Refuses To Step Down, Vows To Pass Powers To Egypt’s Vice President

Hosni Mubarak’s Human-Rights Horrors

The Daily Beast Torture, imprisonment, repression of dissent, murder, disappearances—as the Egyptian regime teeters, dissidents and bloggers look back on three decades of abuses. Pundits and politicians shout “Better the devil you know!” as Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak’s regime nears collapse.  Mubarak is hailed for not waging war on Israel, allowing some space for civil society,… More Hosni Mubarak’s Human-Rights Horrors

Sunday Morning Blog Round Up

  Egypt Protests: Anti-Mubarak Activists Bruised, Tired, Hungry Kristol Calls Out Colleagues In Right-Wing Media For “Sid[ing] With The Dictator” Mubarak Is Ginni Thomas Getting Rich Off Clarence Thomas’ Supreme Court Decisi.. Super Bowl 1 Video Found: Packers-Chiefs Tape Finally Discovered (VIDE.. Income inequality is worse in the U.S. than Egypt The flawed conservative case against… More Sunday Morning Blog Round Up

W.H. working on exit for Mubarak

Politico The White House is working to negotiate a peaceful, immediate exit for Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, including talk of a military caretaker government, before potentially bloody demonstrations on Friday, according to administration officials. Obama aides pushed back against a New York Times story late Thursday that reported Obama and his advisers were hoping to convince newly appointed Vice… More W.H. working on exit for Mubarak