New Fears That ISIS Bomb Brought Down Russian Jet

THE WORLD POST | HUFFINGTON POST New intelligence suggests that ISIS may have planted a bomb on the Russian passenger jet that crashed in Egypt on Saturday, an anonymous U.S. official told CNN. British Foreign Secretary Phillip Hammond confirmed to Reuters that there is a “significant possibility” that ISIS was behind the attack. Neither U.K. nor […]

NBC News Just Admitted The NY Times’ Story Based On Clinton Cash “Doesn’t Hold Up That Well,” Here’s Why

Media Matters for America NBC News has conceded that the flimsy anti-Clinton allegations contained in a New York Times report fail to deliver on the hype surrounding them. The Times report was based in part on a chapter from discredited conservative author Peter Schweizer’s Clinton Cash, and a series of facts surrounding the story’s allegations supports NBC’s negative conclusion. The Times story suggested that donations to the Clinton Foundation may have influenced Hillary Clinton’s State Department, when they signed off on the sale of Uranium One, a Canadian company […]

‘Exclusively For White People’ Stickers Found On Texas Businesses

TPM LiveWire Several businesses in Austin, Texas were vandalized with “Exclusively For White People” stickers, The Statesman newspaper reported on Wednesday. The offensive stickers said that a “Maximum of 5 colored customers/colored BOH staff accepted,” which, according to the paper is a reference to “back of house” restaurant operations. Above a City of Austin logo […]

‘Racial Thursdays’ Alleged at Alaska Army Base, Report Says

NBC News The U.S. Army has reportedly opened an inquiry into an alleged practice among some soldiers in Alaska of holding “Racial Thursdays” — when racial slurs were allowed without consequences. The Army Times reported the allegations from two anonymous soldiers at Fort Wainwright, Alaska, in an article posted online Wednesday evening. U.S. Army Alaska […]

10 things you need to know today: March 11, 2015

THE WEEK 1.Oklahoma students expelled over racist video University of Oklahoma officials expelled two students on Tuesday, accusing them of playing a “leadership role” in a racist chant by Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity members that was caught on video. President David Boren said the school was enforcing a “zero tolerance” policy for “threatening racist behavior.” […]

10 things you need to know today: February 17, 2015

The Week 1.Federal judge halts Obama’s immigration action A federal judge in Texas on Monday blocked the federal government from enacting President Obama’s executive order deferring deportations for up to five million undocumented immigrants. U.S. District Judge Andrew S. Hanen said the preliminary injunction was necessary to allow Texas and 25 other states to proceed with […]

Morning Maddow 1-12-15

Morning Maddow France to deploy thousands of forces to protect Jewish schools and ‘sensitive sites’. (New York Times)Sec. of State Kerry dismisses criticism of lack of top U.S. leaders at unity rally. (NBC News) Hayat Boumeddiene’s trail led from Turkey to the Syrian border. (NBC News) Video shows Paris gunman pledging allegiance to ISIS. (New […]

How Fox News Covers Right-Wing Cop Killers

Media Matters When Political Violence Doesn’t Warrant Collective Blame Claiming to be acting under the bloody “banner of Liberty and Truth,” Jerad Miller and his wife Amanda, entered CiCi’s Pizza in Las Vegas on Sunday right before noon and executed two local policemen on their lunch break. Authorities say Jerad approached one officer while he was refilling […]

Morning Maddow 11-25-2014

Morning Maddow Here’s why Michael Brown was killed, according to Darren Wilson. (NY Magazine) What’s next? Ferguson officer not out of the woods yet. (NBC News) Missouri Governor orders additional guardsmen to Ferguson. (KSDK) Congressional Black Caucus slams grand jury decision on Ferguson. (BuzzFeed) Thousands rally across the U.S. after Ferguson decision. (AP) Inside Sec. […]