Boehner proves the wrong point…

The Rachel Maddow Blog Thanks to provisions in the Affordable Care Act that Republicans demanded, members of Congress will have to sign up for health care coverage through exchange marketplaces. That’s not really the point of the exchanges – they’re largely intended for the uninsured and small businesses looking to cover their employees – but GOP […]

Ten days into ‘Obamacare’

This is very good information… The Maddow Blog It’s been 10 days since Americans could start signing up for health care coverage through the Affordable Care Act’s exchange marketplaces, and as you’ve probably heard, there have been some technical troubles. And while I don’t doubt it’s been incredibly frustrating for those who’ve struggled with online […]

Thursday Blog Roundup – 10/10/2013

Meet the 10 most dangerous terrorists Announcing Fed Nomination, Obama Praises Yellen T-Mobile getting rid of international data, texting fees  Oliver Willis: Inevitable: Fox News Hires Dr. Ben Carson Paul Ryan adds Medicare and Medicaid to the ransom note Obama chats up prominent figures from conservative media John Boehner’s Claims On The Medical Device Tax […]

Boehner And McConnell: Our Way Or We Break Medicare

Despicable bullies come to mind when I see how members of Congress will stop at nothing to get their way… TPM Your big Obamacare story of the day is that John Boehner and Mitch McConnell won’t recommend commissioners to the Independent Payment Advisory Board — a panel designed to contain Medicare spending — as the law asks […]