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Love, etc.: Beyonce and Jay-Z’s baby born in NYC

Well that’s nice.  I really Like Jay-z and Beyonce,  but what their security did to a man who’s wife had premature twins was ugly!

The Washington Post – Reliable Source

Born: A daughter to Beyoncé, 30, and Jay-Z, 42, in NYC Saturday night, according to reports by E! and the singer’s hometown Houston Chronicle.

The first child for hip-hop’s royal couple, who wed in April 2008, has been the most anticipated and rumor-generating celebaby of the year (unless Kate Middleton steps up to the plate).

Reports that they named her Blue Ivy Carter got a measure of confirmation Sunday by a tweet from the couple’s pal Gwyneth Paltrow — though, who knows, maybe she just picked that up from E!

The New York Daily News reported that the couple rented out an entire floor of a wing of Lenox Hill Hospital, had the security cameras taped over to prevent photos from getting out, and posted guards out front.

Ann Coulter Calls Princess Diana ‘Anorexic, Bulimic Narcissist’ (VIDEO)

Talk about Republicans and their uncanny ability to project their own worst faults on others, Ann Coulter has mastered the technique…

Huffington Post

Ann Coulter has some harsh words for the late Princess Diana.

The conservative commentator raised some eyebrows in a new interview with “The Insider” co-host Kevin Frazier.

“I find it a little baffling when Americans get so gaga-eyed over a princess. In particular Lady Di, who was just this anorexic, bulimic narcissist,” Coulter said.

Coulter, who was promoting her new book “Demonic: How The Liberal Mob Is Endangering America”, has professed contempt for Diana and the Royal Family before.

In April, Coulter appeared on “The O’Reilly Factor” to call the late princess a “nitwit hussy” and said of the Royal Wedding: “It’s totally embarrassing Americans cared about that.”

She also said she was specifically going to be on a plane to France so she wouldn’t have to watch William and Kate’s nuptials.

Coulter did admit on her “Fox News” appearance that she looked up Kate Middleton and said, “She seems like a lovely woman, I feel sorry for the life she’s signed on to.”

Princess Diana was known not just for her royal title, but for being the “People’s Princess.” It was her philanthropy working to raise AIDS awareness and working towards a ban on landmines that won her the respect and admiration of many.See Video here…

6 Wackiest Osama bin Laden Conspiracy Theories

Most of these theories surfaced years ago…

The Daily Beast

Prince William and Kate Middleton got a heads up about the raid and thus postponed their honeymoon. Osama Bin Laden worked for the CIA. He is not dead; no, wait—he was already dead. Josh Dzieza on six crazy theories about what really went on with the al Qaeda mastermind…

Al Qaeda’s confirmation of Osama bin Laden’s death will likely damp the conspiracy theories that flared up after the announcement of his killing, even without the release of photographs of the terrorist leader’s body. A vast majority of Americans agree with President Obama’s decision not to release the photos, according to a recent CBS poll, an indication that the public does not require further proof.

But theories continue to burble on fringe blogs and message boards, and given the nature of conspiracy theories, they probably won’t ever disappear entirely. In fact, many of the theories are simply updates to ones that have existed since the September 11 terrorist attacks. The Daily Beast rounded up some of the most popular theories—and some of the strangest.

William and Kate Tipped on bin Laden Killing

Bin Laden’s death bumped the birthers out of the news—it also bumped off the royal wedding. Could there be a connection between the two huge media stories? The Daily Mail thought so, and managed to track down a professor from the University of Buckingham who said he “would not be surprised” if Prince William and Kate Middleton had been forewarned about the top secret raid on bin Laden’s compound. After all, the royal couple postponed their honeymoon just before bin Laden’s death was announced. The Mail even asked a palace spokesman if there was a connection. He insisted there was none.

Bin Laden Worked for the CIA

Self-styled independent journalist James Corbett called the news of bin Laden’s death a “retirement party for an old CIA asset, along the lines of Lee Harvey Oswald in 1963.” Like the theory that bin Laden has long been dead, it’s another story from the 9/11 Truth movement that’s been updated for the news of bin Laden’s killing: bin Laden was always just a scapegoat for the September 11 attacks, and now that he was no longer useful, the CIA decided to tie up the loose ends. “Whether he actually did die yesterday or he’s been dead for years, or whatever the case may be, this is simply discarding a war on terror bogeyman who’s no longer scaring the populace,” according to Corbett. Iranian security official Javad Jahangirzadeh took a similar view, saying that bin Laden had been part of an American plot to create a violent image of Islam, and now that his work is done, he’s been killed.

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