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Kos’ Abbreviated Pundit Round-up: GOP is apparantly proud to be the stupid party

Repeating this, but what’s truly extraordinary is that losing side from last election is demanding concessions http://t.co/…
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Many conservative pundits are saying: don’t pay attention to what Boehner says, watch what he does. Ok, because what he says is idiotic. And speaking of blindingly stupid, many in the GOP are apparently blithering idiots:

A surprisingly broad section of the Republican Party is convinced that a threat once taken as economic fact may not exist — or at least may not be so serious. Some question the Treasury’s drop-dead deadline of Oct. 17. Some government services might have to be curtailed, they concede. “But I think the real date, candidly, the date that’s highly problematic for our nation, is Nov. 1,” said Senator Bob Corker, Republican of Tennessee.Others say there is no deadline at all — that daily tax receipts would be more than enough to pay off Treasury bonds as they come due.

Obama should have been arguing against the law of gravity. Everyone knows the House can repeal it with little consequence. That’s what they do with laws. And while we’re at it don’t worry about landing on the sun. We’ll do it at night when it’s cooler.

OMG this is going to be a disaster. http://t.co/…
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Daily News:

With stocks tanking and the world watching, President Obama tore into House Republicans Tuesday, warning they were risking economic catastrophe by refusing to hike the nation’s debt limit without strings attached.But in a sign of just how far apart the sides are, several leading Republicans downplayed the potential fallout of an unprecedented national default that’s edging ever closer.

Did [Ron Suskind quoting Karl Rove] “we create our own reality” lead to: Many in G.O.P. Offer Theory: Default Wouldn’t Be That Bad?
— @DemFromCT

Chris Cillizza:

“Ransom.” “Extortion.” “Deadbeat.” “Hostage-taking.” “Blow the whole thing up.” “Insane.”Those are just a few of the words and phrases that President Obama used to describe (and deride) what he believes is the Republicans’ strategic approach on the government shutdown and debt ceiling during a news conference Tuesday. (Full transcript here.)

David Frum has a great piece on the dysfunctional GOP entitled

Seven Habits of Highly Ineffective Political Parties

This looks fantastic: @popsci launches a new blog network w/too many great names to list. http://t.co/….
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Jonathan Chait:

The most telling thing about Boehner’s remarks is their brevity. The Speaker spoke for about five minutes, responded briefly to one question, and bolted out the door. Obama’s disquisition earlier today may have been long (over an hour) and professorial. But he was able to defend his position against questions, engage counterarguments, and marshal facts to support his position. Boehner couldn’t do any of those things. So he did the only thing a man in his position could do: repeat a handful of false or crazy talking points and quickly flee the premises.

Securities & Investment firms have given Richard Burr $906,377 in his career. Commercial Banks: $603,518. have to imagine calls will be made
— @samsteinhp

Ed Kilgore:

Now it’s possible this situation could be the exception that proves the rule, so wanton have Republicans been about taking the federal government and the economy hostage. But Enten’s right: when the economy does poorly, the party controlling the White House tends to take the biggest hit, even if that phenomenon is both beyond its control and largely attributable to the opposing party.It’s another reminder of the perils of our system of government at a time of asymmetric polarization: Republicans can act deliberately and unilaterally to screw up government in the reasonable belief a Democratic incumbent president and his party will ultimately lose support even if they do not objectively bear the blame.

Josh Eidelson:

Ex-GOP insider unloads: Blame “neo-Confederate insurrectionists” for shutdown!“I would take Boehner drunk over Cruz sober,” former 28-year GOP staffer-turned-author Mike Lofgren tells Salon

Pickett’s Charge.Marc Ambinder:

I have few qualms with Ezra Klein’s 13 reasons why government is failing piece, but I think his main point needs to be modified. Government is failing, he writes. I would add that it is purposely failing. It is operating precisely as a plurality of political conservatives want it to. The government is executing policies designed to reduce confidence in itself. The shutdown is not a consequence of a broken system. It is a consequence of a system that incentivizes particular outcomes over majority ones, rules that empower political minorities, and of the political and social needs of the humans who inhabit it.

Jamelle Bouie  writes about remodeling the debt ceiling:

It’s a good idea. As former Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson told CNBC, the whole idea of a “debt limit” is redundant. “Congress has already approved the spending,” he explained, “And then say ‘you have to then come back and agree to allow us to meet our obligations,’ that’s ridiculous.” When Congress authorizes spending, it gives an implicit OK to the president—“If you need to borrow to fulfill your obligations to the laws we passed, then do so.” McConnell’s idea [see link] would make that explicit.Indeed, it’s such a good idea that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has brought it back, to pressure John Boehner and House Republicans into ending the stand-off. As Brian Beutler writes for Salon, “Moving quickly, while Boehner and his lieutenants dither, is a can’t-lose move for Reid. If the plan fails—that is, if Republicans successfully filibuster the bill with a week before the Treasury Department’s deadline—markets will turn, and the pressure on the GOP to cave will increase. If it passes, Boehner will be isolated.”

But there remains a major obstacle to GOP concessions: The growing number of Republicans who believe that we can survive a debt limit breach with little trouble.

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Fox News Pundit Shuts Down Network’s Hysteria Over Benghazi: ‘It’s Gone, Baby. It’s In Your Head’

Juan Williams

Fox News contributor, Juan Williams

It’s about time Juan Williams stop playing a “shill” and stand up to Fox News’ pundits.

Think Progress

Fox News’ Juan Williams tersely dismissed the GOP’s year-long effort to implicate the Obama administration in a so-called “cover-up” of the attack on a U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya on Sep. 11, 2012, telling off a panelist who suggested that the debate over the incident was still ongoing.

During a heated discussion on Fox News Sunday, former Bush administration official Karl Rove regurgitated GOP claims that “someone constructed a lie” that the incident resulted from “a spontaneous reaction to a video no one saw” and suggested Obama refused to scramble necessary military assets to save the U.S. personnel. Conservative commentator Brit Hume agreed, adding, “the list of questions that remain unanswered to this day are what make this a legitimate topic of conversation. I’m sorry to say this is not over.”

Williams disputed these charges point by point and explained that months of Republican-led Congressional hearings had been unable to uncover any evidence of a cover up. “It’s gone, baby. It’s in your head. That’s the only place,” he added. Watch it:


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Donors Pressure House Republicans To Act On Immigration Reform


Think Progress

With House action at a standstill on immigration reform, more than 100 Republican donors and fund-raisers urged House Republicans to take immediate action to legalize undocumented immigrants on Tuesday. In a move to sway House Republicans when immigration reform stakeholders have been unable to do so, the open letter calls upon members to fix the perception of a Republican party that “would rather see nothing done than pass needed reform.” Some House Republicans want to take a piecemeal approach towards immigration, while others are hoping that the momentum will die during the August recess.

Republicans signers told lawmakers throughout the letter that an overhaul for the immigration system would secure the borders, make it impossible to hire undocumented workers illegally, and give legal status for immigrants who pay a penalty and back taxes. Such requirements are already part of the approved Senate comprehensive bill.

Notably, the Republican signers support a legalization pathway, but did not explicitly support citizenship. Legalization is a point of contention among Republicans, some of whom are only open to granting citizenship to undocumented youths who were brought to the country by their parents.

The letter warned that “doing nothing is de facto amnesty.” While eleven million undocumented immigrants would argue that their current situation is hardly “amnesty,” the conclusion of doing nothing could be a real possibility. House Speaker John Boehner pointed to such a conclusion when he vowed topass an immigration bill only with a majority of Republicans supporting it.

The letter was written by former Secretary of Commerce Carlos Gutierrez and signed by several signatories including former Vice President Dan Quayle, former President George Bush’s aide Karl Rove, and Mitt Romney’s campaign finance director Spencer Zwick. Romney once called for self-deportation, a statement that later hurt him at the polls.

Over 430 prominent businesses like Facebook, eBay, Adobe, and the Intel Corporation also circulated their own letter urging immigration reform on Tuesday. Their letter emphasizes the economic growth of allowing legalized immigrants to “complement” the U.S. workforce by “generating greater productivity and economic activity that will lead to new innovations, products, businesses, and jobs” in the U.S. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is expected to publicly speak about immigration reform next month. During the Senate bill, Zuckerberg’s political group FWD.us spent over $5 million on a pro-immigration reform campaign.

Earlier in July, former Republican President Bush voiced his support for immigration reform. But given that immigration reform collapsed under his administration, it remains to be seen whether House Republicans would be encouraged by the support of his former administrative staff.


The Federal Law Enforcement Officer Association (FLEOA), comprised of over 26,000 federal law enforcement officials from 65 agencies, threw its support for a comprehensive immigration reform bill on Tuesday. The letter addressed to Congress states, “While FLEOA understands the theory of the piece‐meal approach put forth by the House leadership, FLEOA questions if this will ever lead to any meaningful immigration reform legislation in the foreseeable future.” The letter further states that it hopes for the House to take up the Senate immigration bill.

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The Top 10 Dark Money Donors — That We Know Of, Sort Of

Karl Rove

TPM Muckraker

Thanks to the folks at the Center for Responsive Politics, who have spent the past year and a half putting together the largest publicly available set of IRS data on politically active non-profits, the world of dark money got just slightly less opaque on Tuesday.

The Center’s employees manually inputted thousands of records from tax documents, including annual reports (called 990s) and applications for tax-exempt status (called 1024s), submitted to the IRS by 501(c)4 “social welfare” groups, 501(c)5 union groups, and 501(c)6 trade associations. The compiled information is now live on the Center’s website, OpenSecrets.org.

As the center points out, the biggest part of the data details grants to, from, and between politically active non-profits. While these groups don’t have to disclose their donors, they do have to report grants to other organizations. The Center found that grants to political active non-profits amount to almost $200 million so far. That number is soon expected to rise dramatically. Non-profit groups have an 11-month window following the end of their fiscal years in which to submit 990s, meaning that most 2012 filings will not be turned in until this fall.

The grant information is useful. We can’t know the individuals or corporations behind the hundreds of millions of dollars received and spent by dark money groups. But the figures show us which groups have been most active giving to politically active non-profits, getting us one layer of the onion closer to the source of millions of dark dollars.

Here are the top 10 politically active non-profits ranked by their giving to other non-profits, as compiled by the Center for Responsive Politics (The Karl Rove-linked Crossroads GPS ranks No. 3 on the list):

1. Center to Protect Patient Rights
Non-profit type: 501(c)4
Amount of money given: $55,740,985
Top recipient: American Future Fund

2. Sea Change Foundation
Non-profit type: 501(c)3
Amount of grant money given: $26,986,150
Top recipient: League of Conservation Voters

3. Crossroads GPS
Non-profit type: 501(c)4
Amount of grant money given: $13,875,000
Top recipient: Americans for Tax Reform

4. TC4 Trust
Non-profit type: 501(c)4
Amount of grant money given: $11,787,800
Top recipient: American Commitment

5. Donors Trust
Non-profit type: 501(c)3
Amount of grant money given: $8,832,250
Top recipient: Americans for Prosperity Foundation

6. Republican Jewish Coalition
Non-profit type: 501(c)4
Amount of grant money given: $8,000,000
Top recipient: American Action Network, Crossroads GPS (tie)

7. Pharmaceutical Research & Manufacturers of America
Non-profit type: 501(c)6
Amount of grant money given: $7,100,000
Top recipient: American Action Network

8. Green Tech Action Fund
Non-profit type: 501(c)4
Amount of grant money given: $5,775,300
Top recipient: League of Conservation Voters

9. Advocacy Fund
Non-profit type: 501(c)4
Amount of grant money given: $5,632,488
Top recipient: League of Conservation Voters

10. Alliance for Freedom
Non-profit type: 501(c)4
Amount of grant money given: $4,190,000
Top recipient: Alliance for America’s Future

 Dark Money


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Tea party speaker presents proof Grover Norquist is a secret Muslim: ‘He has a beard’

Texas Eagle Forum President Cathie Adams

What is this perpetual right-wing nonsense of denigrating Muslims at  every turn?  More specifically, what the heck does Grover Norquist having a beard” have to do with being a Muslim?

If that’s the only criteria in which Ms. Adams bases her assertion, then Abraham Lincoln was a Muslim!

Hey, it’s wacky Friday TFC friends.

The Raw Story

A speaker at a tea party event in Texas recently suggested that anti-tax lobbyist Grover Norquist was a secret Muslim because “he has a beard.”

In a video posted by the Far North Dallas Tea Party on Thursday, Texas Eagle Forum President and former Chairman of the Texas Republican Party Cathie Adams presented evidence that Norquist was part of a “stealth jihad” in the United States.

Adams said that Norquist, who is married to a Muslim woman, was “trouble with a capital ‘T’” because “he’s showing signs of converting to Islam himself.”

“As you see, he has a beard,” she pointed out. “He’s married a Muslim woman. But he denies that he has converted himself. He denies that.”

“He and Karl Rove are very good friends. I don’t like Karl Rove, and I certainly don’t like Grover Norquist.”

Adams went on to suggest that CIA Director John Brennan could also be a secret Muslim.

“Where is the outcry?” she asked. “Thank God that Ted Cruz is now in the United States Senate!”

Norquist, along with conservative activist Suhail Khan, are often labeled as stealth Muslimsby Islamaphobic conservative activists led by Pamela Geller, Frank Gaffney and Robert Spencer, most recently at at 2013 CPAC panel.

Watch this video from the Far North Dallas Tea Party, uploaded May 30, 2013.

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Obama is clearly the worst socialist ever

Wrong again GOP and sycophants…

Maddow Blog

Wall Street’s major indexes soared this morning after U.S. home prices saw their best annual rise in seven years, and consumer confidence got another boost. But even before today’s stock-market gains, President Obama is in rare company when it comes to Wall Street returns.

In the 84 years that the Standard & Poor’s 500-stock index has been calculated, it doubled during the terms of only four presidents before Barack Obama’s election in 2008. This month that number rose to five as the index climbed to more than twice what it was when he took office.

Through Friday, more than 52 months after he took office, the index was up 105 percent during his term in office, for a compound annual gain of 18 percent.

In terms of the percentage gain, it’s worth taking some of this with a grain of salt. If I open a widget factory and sell two widgets a year, I’ll find 100% growth if I sell four widgets the following year. In Obama’s case, it was easier to double the value of the major Wall Street indexes given the scope of the catastrophe he inherited from Bush/Cheney.

Nevertheless, Obama had to get the economy back on track, and he did. As the above New York Times chart helps demonstrate, when it comes to stock-market growth, Obama is already among the most successful modern president of either party, and if the economy continues to steadily improve over the next three years, Obama will fare even better from a historical perspective.

From a purely political perspective, it’s worth remembering that the president’s critics on the right predicted the opposite.

As we talked about several months ago, the real fun begins when we reminisce about what Obama’s Republican critics were saying in early 2009. Indeed, the Wall Street Journal ran anentire editorial in early March 2009 arguing that the weak stock market was a direct result of investors evaluating “Mr. Obama’s agenda and his approach to governance.”

Karl Rove and Lou Dobbs made the same case. So did Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Fred Barnes. For a short while, it was one of Mitt Romney’s favorite talking points, too. EvenJ ohn Boehner got in on the larger attack.

For the record, I don’t think a strong stock market is necessarily proof of a robust economy. On the contrary, I care far more about unemployment, median wages, and economic growth than Wall Street returns. But the right shouldn’t try to have it both ways — if a bear market in 2009 is, in the minds of conservatives, clear proof that Obama’s agenda is misguided and dangerous, then by the same reasoning, should we interpret soaring Wall Street indexes as proof of Obama’s genius?


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Some Groups Targeted By IRS May Have Violated Election Law

This certainly sounds interesting…

Think Progress

A report conducted by the Treasury Department’s Inspector General found that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) improperly targeted conservative groups applying for 501(c)(4) status and IRS officials have publicly admitted to relying on inappropriate criteria to screen out the names of organizations that included “tea party” or “patriots” for additional scrutiny. But the New York Times reported on Sunday that some of the targeted groups may have used most of their resources to engage in political activity and backed Republican candidates for office, potentially violating the terms of the “social welfare” designation.

Under the law, 501(c)(4)s cannot be “primarily engaged” in electioneering activity. Though the guidelines for acceptable levels of political activity are unclear, organizations with such designations operate under the understanding that they are prohibited from spending more than 49 percent of their funds or time on political advocacy. Several Tea Party groups that reported unfair IRS scrutiny appear to have overstepped these bounds, the paper notes:

When CVFC, a conservative veterans’ group in California, applied for tax-exempt status with the Internal Revenue Service, its biggest expenditure that year was several thousand dollars in radio ads backing a Republican candidate for Congress.

The Wetumpka Tea Party, from Alabama, sponsored training for a get-out-the-vote initiative dedicated to the “defeat of President Barack Obama” while the I.R.S. was weighing its application.

And the head of the Ohio Liberty Coalition, whose application languished with the I.R.S. for more than two years, sent out e-mails to members about Mitt Romney campaign events and organized members to distribute Mr. Romney’s presidential campaign literature.

The IRS is separately reviewing “roughly 300 tax-exempt groups that may have engaged in improper campaign activity in past years, according to agency planning documents” and lawmakers are urging the agency to reconsider the applications of much larger groups like Karl Rove’s Crossroads GPS. The group told the IRS that any political ads run by the group would be “limited in amount” and “would not constitute the group’s primary purpose,” but it appears to be primarily focused on campaign activity.

As Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) explained on Fox News Sunday, while the IRS’ use of a partisan list to go after conservative groups is not justified, the law requires 501(c)(4)s to be “engaged in social welfare and not politics and campaigning.” “Crossroads was exhibit A.  They were boasting about how much money they were going to raise and beat Democrats with,” Durbin said.




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Fox News Gives Karl Rove’s Crossroads Groups Millions In Free Airtime

Karl Rove on Fox News Channel

It’s important to review why the Tea Party groups were petitioning the I.R.S. anyway. They (the Tea Party) were seeking approval to operate under section 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code. This would require them to be “social welfare,” not political, operations. There are significant advantages to being a 501(c)(4). These groups don’t pay taxes; they don’t have to disclose their donors—unlike traditional political organizations, such as political-action committees. In return for the tax advantage and the secrecy, the 501(c)(4) organizations must refrain from traditional partisan political activity, like endorsing candidates.  (The New Yorker)         Ed. Note: Emphasis are mine

Think Progress

Though Karl Rove receives a salary from Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp for his work as a Fox News Channel “political contributor,” his compensation doesn’t end there. The network frequently airs ads by his American Crossroads and Crossroads GPS political committees, as “news,” free of charge.

A review of Fox News Channel broadcasts over the past twelve months revealed that Fox News programs ran all or a significant part of Crossroads ads at least 34 times — an estimated value of more than $3.6 million in free air time. Frequently, the network’s hosts run the ads during Rove’s segments and then allow him to explain and repeat their charges.

On Monday, for example, Fox News aired a significant chunk of a new American Crossroads ad attacking former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton over her handling of the attacks in Benghazi, Libya. Noting criticism the ad received from conservative columnist William Kristol, host Martha MacCullum asked Rove: “What say you?”

Watch the video:

Continue reading here…


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Chris Hayes explains why Citizens United is the real scandal behind the IRS scandal

Chris Hayes screenshot


The Raw Story

MSNBC host Chris Hayes on Monday night explained how the Supreme Court’s controversial Citizens United ruling lead to the current IRS scandal.

The IRS on Friday admitted that it had targeted tea party groups applying to be social welfare nonprofits with extra scrutiny.

Hayes said the Citizens United ruling obscured the line between political organizations and social welfare organizations, such as the American Civil Liberties Unions and volunteer fire departments. Political organizations have been categorized under section 527 of the federal tax code, while social welfare organizations fall under section 501(c)(4).

“Citizen’s United said essentially any organization of any kind can spend money out of its general treasury to run political ads,” Hayes said, “and that decision brought about a pivotal moment for politics and taxes and campaign spending in this country and we’re still dealing with the fallout.”

Republican strategist Karl Rove and Democratic strategist Bill Burton used the Citizens United ruling to their advantage ahead of the 2012 elections. Both used social welfare nonprofits to run overtly political ads, allowing them to intervene in political campaigns without disclosing their donors. Hayes remarked that their example obviously inspired others to do the same.

“Suddenly, the IRS starts getting a flood of new applications from other political groups and strategists saying, ‘Oh, oh, it turns out I too want to set up a social welfare organization that just so happens to be focused on taking the country back from Barack Hussein Obama,’” he said. “Now, here is the thing the IRS appears to have done unequivocally wrong, that we all agree was absolutely inexcusable. They reacted to all this by targeting one part of the ideological spectrum in looking at whether this flood of new applicants passed the smell test. Being skeptical about a new wave of wolves in sheep’s clothing invading the nonprofit game was entirely appropriate.”

Watch video, courtesy of MSNBC


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Karl Rove Ranks Bush’s Presidency Somewhere ‘Up There,’ Just Below Washington, Lincoln, Reagan, FDR

Karl Rove just can’t seem to get it right on certain issues.   After all, he wrongly predicted the 2012 election would go to Mitt Romney then had a rather embarrassing display on Fox News on election night when he didn’t believe that Obama had won.  Not to mention that many American citizens and foreign nationals around the globe believe Mr. Rove is a war criminal.

So this from the guy who hasn’t gotten anything right since the 2000 election?  I think Rove has been around too long and all the big money deals with deep pocket donors contributing to his various PACs may just be taking its toll on poor Karl.  Not to mention that the Hague wants to have a little talk with Rove’s colleagues from the Bush administration: Cheney and Rove, Rice and Rumsfeld about the “war” in Iraq.  In fact none of the above can travel to Europe at this time…

The Huffington Post

Former President George W. Bush isn’t quite a George Washington or an Abraham Lincoln, his former campaign strategist Karl Rove admitted to ABC News on Thursday, but according to Rove, he’s not too far off.

“The greats, you can’t touch: George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Reagan, FDR,” Rove said in Dallas at the dedication of the George W. Bush Presidential Center. “But yeah, I’d put him up there.”

Rove’s claim came after an aggressive defense of Bush’s legacy, which he said history would view favorably more quickly than most thought. Bush left office in 2009 as themost unpopular outgoing president in the history of Gallup polling. Rove pointed to arecent poll that showed his popularity at 47 percent to argue that Bush was already experiencing a turnaround.

Rove also said that Bush deserved more positive treatment, claiming that he “kept us safe after 9/11″ and “tackled the big issues of trying to reform Social Security, Medicare, immigration, education.” He also defended the Iraq War as “the right thing to do.”

(Watch Rove’s entire interview at Yahoo News.)

Bush’s recent return to the main stage has highlighted the controversial decisions that he made as president, renewing a dormant battle between his supporters and his opponents. While Rove has been one of Bush’s most vocal defenders, writing a column in the Wall Street Journal this week jabbing back at his former boss’ critics, Bush himself has consistently maintained that his legacy doesn’t need defending.

In an interview published in USA Today last week, Bush declared that “there’s no need to defend myself” on issues like the Iraq War.

“I did what I did and ultimately history will judge,” he said.

That said, nobody has ever said you can’t attempt to nudge history into your corner. On Thursday, former President Bill Clinton ribbed Bush on that point, saying that his impressive facility was “the latest, grandest example of the eternal struggle of former presidents to rewrite history.”


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