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Stewart Praises Budget Deal: Hallelujah! A Break From All the ‘Congressional F*ckery!


It’s been so long since Congress actually compromised on something, Jon Stewart seemed almost giddy Wednesday night that there’s a budget deal that could very well pass. Stewart even played “Hallelujah” in celebration, though quite frankly, absolutely no one on either side is really happy about this.

Stewart fully expected to do another cursory look at “today’s congressional f*ckery” but was legitimately surprised at the “witchcraft” that must have led to this deal. He mocked all the piling on the deal prior to reading what was actually in it, and John Oliver stridently declares the deal is so good, it “ranks up there with the Civil Rights Act.”

But let’s face it, this isn’t a sexy story, so in the second segment of the show, Jason Jones tried to make it more like Die Hard, but buzzkills like NBC’s Chuck Todd ruined all the fun for him.

Watch the first segment below, via Comedy Central:

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Jon Stewart Apologizes To Republicans… For Being Too Easy On Them (VIDEO)

The Huffington Post

Jon Stewart is very sorry. In recent days he’s called Republicans responsible for the government shutdown everything from “morons” to “taint-sniff McGillicuddys.” And that’s just wrong… because he’s clearly been too easy on them.

Now that House GOP members are trying to sell the idea that it was the Democrats who wanted a government shutdown all along, Jon Stewart has realized he has far more verbal arrows in his quiver: like “self-righteous Orwellian zebra-queefs.”

Watch part one of Stewart’s shutdown segment above where he reviews some of the names he’s called Republicans over the last few days, and part two below where he asks John Oliver if Republicans are dumb or if they simply think we are.

Part 1

Part 2

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October 4, 2013 · 6:26 AM

WATCH: John Oliver slams the Supreme Court over affirmative action

The Week

The Daily Show host rips the high court’s conservative majority for gutting minority voting rights, unless Congress steps in. Sigh.

On Tuesday, the Supreme Court struck down Section 4 of the Voting Rights Act — thus punching, says John Oliver on Tuesday night’s Daily Show, a hole through the landmark civil rights law “in the exact shape of John Roberts’ middle finger.”

If the law were as obsolete and archaic as Chief Justice Roberts suggests, says Oliver, then the Justice Department probably wouldn’t have found it necessary to invoke it 74 times since 2000. And Texas, Oliver points out, waited less than two hours before announcing it would put its own contentious voting laws into place immediately following the ruling.

The good news, Oliver says, is that the Supreme Court opened the door to fixing the problem; the bad news is that the hopeless Congress would have to pass the fix. This sets him off on an extended riff about how Congress — and mostly the House — can’t pass anything big, wastes time focusing on hopeless legislation, and only excels at passing “borderline meaningless legislation.” There’s a musical montage.

See video here



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Jon Stewart: Dr. Bachmann Cures Gays ‘So He Can Hoard All The Gayness For Himself’

It appears that several people in the media and in entertainment have claimed that their “gaydar” goes on alert when watching Dr. Marcus Bachmann dance with his wife Michele or when listening to him speak.

As I mentioned last week, I’ll reserve my judgment until there’s actual proof that Marcus Bachmann is gay.

However, I couldn’t resist publishing this comedy routine from The Daily Show.  Jon Stewart is really funny in the video below:


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