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Bill O’Reilly freaks out: #BlackLivesMatter ‘wants to tear down the country’

'O'Reilly Factor' host Bill O'Reilly on July 28, 2015. [YouTube]

‘O’Reilly Factor’ host Bill O’Reilly on July 28, 2015. [YouTube]


Fox News host Bill O’Reilly accused Black Lives Matter organizers again on Tuesday of being more political operatives than demonstrators, while also scoffing at Jay-Z and Beyoncé for donating money to groups affiliated with the movement.

“Do you think they know that [they are] giving money to an anarchistic group like this that wants to tear down the country and is talking about genocide, and really really extreme things,” O’Reilly told Washington Times reporter Kelly Riddell. “You think they have any idea what they’re doing?”

As he did last December, O’Reilly accused the demonstrations of being orchestrated by “agitators,” noting a remark by co-founder Patrisse Cullors over the weekend that they would stage protests at next year’s Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

“I don’t know whether this crew, Black Lives Matter, have any constituency other than the radical left, the real fringe nuts that run around the country saying crazy things,” O’Reilly said.

Riddell told the host that the demonstrators should be taken seriously in the wake of their protest during the Netroots Nation conference earlier this month, which prompted an apology from Democratic presidential candidate Martin O’Malley for using the phrase “all lives matter” — typically seen as a way to downplay police violence against black Americans.

“He didn’t have to issue an apology,” O’Reilly said of the former Maryland governor. “He chose to. But that’s O’Malley’s fault for even going to the Netroots convention.”

“I mean, Hillary Clinton has been there before,” she replied. “A lot of liberal activists go to this on a yearly basis.”

Riddell also referred back to her report this past January stating that groups affiliated with the movement had received donations either directly from progressive billionaire George Soros’ Open Sources Foundation, or affiliated groups.

According to her, a number of organizations under the #BlackLivesMatter “umbrella” benefitted from the funding, and followed narratives set out by “think tanks.”

“They believe fundamentally that it’s social policy and ‘The Man’ and the professional political class that is out to get them with unjust policies,” she said. “That basically all of their social woes, all their economic woes can be based on unfair policies.”

Watch the segment, as posted online on Tuesday, below.

San Fran Supervisor Who Told Off Fox Reporter Speaks Out: They’re a ‘Propaganda Machine’


Scott Wiener


Bill O’Reilly has been in such an uproar over the death of Kate Steinle that he’s sent a few Fox reporters down to San Francisco to confront city supervisors over sanctuary city policies. During one such report last night, supervisor Scott Wiener told off the Fox reporter, saying, “Fox News is not real news, and you’re not a reporter. I talk to real news only.”

Fox News, of course, has been ripping into Wiener over that comment, but he’s sticking by them in a new interview with ThinkProgress.

Wiener said he didn’t want to answer the reporter’s questions because they weren’t trying to cover the issue with any sort of fairness. He believes that they are “tak[ing] advantage of Kate Steinle‘s death “to bash immigrants.”

And apparently, he’s gotten a lot of feedback from constituents because, Wiener said, “there is such a deep seated frustration with Fox News and the fringe it represents.”

He considers them nothing but a “propaganda machine.”

You can watch Wiener’s confrontation below, via Fox News: HERE>>>

‘I’d Knock You Out Right Now!': Fox Cuts To Break As Geraldo Threatens Co-Host


Fox News | Screenshot


The panel was talking about Donald Trump’s efforts to highlight the recent killing of Kate Steinle, who was allegedly killed by an undocumented Mexican immigrant already deported five times for felony convictions. The case has become a flashpoint, and an important element of Trump’s aggressive campaign against illegal immigration.

The squabble began with Jesse Watters praising Trump for tapping into the “red-blooded American bloodstream,” with his fiery comments about undocumented immigrants, which he said resonate with a public tired of watching a “skinny community organizer” president run the country.

Rivera provided the spark for the show’s powder keg, chiding Watters for his “disrespectful” description of President Obama and saying Trump backers are “exploiting the misery of that family” by buying into the candidate’s talking points about Steinle’s killing.

“Trump, who is my friend, is going to learn that immigration is like a cheap drug. You get a big bang, a real quick high, and a very long hangover,” Rivera said.

“It’s not a quick high when people are being murdered in San Francisco,” Watters fired back.

Co-host Eric Bolling jumped into the debate, telling Rivera that he’s the one who “exploits and sensationalizes everything.”

“You’re lucky that you’re my friend, or I’d knock you out right now!” Rivera told him. “That’s absolute BS! … What do you do? Where do you get your stuff from?”

At that point, co-host Kimberly Guilfoyle cuts in, calling for the control room’s attention to cut to a commercial break and give everyone a chance to cool down.

Watch the full blowup below, via Mediaite:


Trump: ‘Rapist’ Comment Backlash More ‘Severe’ Than I Expected


AP Photo / Elizabeth Frantz

It’s called Just Deserts, Mr. Trump…

TPM LiveWire

“I didn’t know it was going to be quite this severe,” Trump said on “Fox & Friends.” “But I really knew it was going to be bad.”

“You know, maybe I’m leading in polls, but this is certainly not good,” he also said. “I lose customers, I lose people.”

Macy’s, NBC Universal, Univision, Televisa and Serta have all dropped partnerships and business dealings with Trump following his “rapists” remark — which “Fox & Friends” co-host Clayton Morris described as “straight talk.”

“They’re bringing drugs, they’re bringing crime. They’re rapists,” Trump said during his presidential launch. “And some, I assume, are good people.”

Several of Trump’s fellow GOP presidential contenders have stepped forward to rebuke his remarks, such as Jeb Bush, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), and former New York Gov. George Pataki (R).

“For the people who say I’m doing it for my brand — this isn’t good for my brand. I think it’s bad for my brand,” he said.

Watch the Fox segment>>>

The Sarah Palin era is over: What the end of her Fox News contract really means

The Sarah Palin era is over: What the end of her Fox News contract really means

Sarah Palin, Roger Ailes (Credit: AP/Rebecca Cook/Reed Saxon)


The one-time superstar is out at Fox News, and barely an afterthought as it is. What a difference five years make

In 2010, Fox News announced with great fanfare that it had hired Sarah Palin as a contributor. On Wednesday morning, Politico’s Mike Allen informed his readers that her days with the network were through — and that she’d actually severed ties with Fox nearly a month ago. The former conservative superstar had found her tenure at the leading conservative news outlet quietly smothered with a pillow.

What a difference five years make.

The reasons for the split are easy enough to divine. Fox News must have decided that it wasn’t worth paying Sarah Palin a very large sum of money (her first contract was worth $1 million a year) to ramble on incoherently, especially when Sarah Palin isn’t what she used to be. The network’s core viewership is ultra-loyal — the only thing that makes a stalwart Fox News viewer disappear is death — and unlikely to switch to CNN just because Palin isn’t around as much as she used to be. Any way you look at it, Fox News needs Palin far less than Palin needs Fox News. (Casual observers could be forgiven for having forgotten that Palin was even on Fox anymore.)

It wasn’t that way at the beginning. When Palin first signed on with the network in 2010, she was a far more potent force, thanks to her post-2008 celebrity and her successful second act as the face of the Tea Party. Her every utterance was national news, especially since she kept dropping hints that she might run for president in 2012.

As we all know, Palin didn’t run in that election, and her value to Fox News chief Roger Ailes cratered the second she announced the news. Just like his boss, Rupert Murdoch, money is only part of the reason that Ailes is in the game. He also sees himself as a crucial GOP power broker and gatekeeper. Despite his lousy track record at picking winners, Republican hopefuls still want to be near Ailes; at one point in the 2012 cycle, a large portion of the eventual GOP field was on the Fox News payroll.

So when Palin took herself out of contention, a large part of her attractiveness to Ailes evaporated. To make matters worse, she enraged him by breaking the news on Mark Levin’s radio show, not Fox News.

Things got so bad after that that Palin was reduced to publicly complaining when her appearances got canceled. Relations haven’t improved much since then, even after Fox News signed a new contract with Palin in 2013. Her most memorable appearance in the years since was when she went on Megyn Kelly’s show and delivered a monologue about everything and nothing, which was incomprehensible even by her paltry standards.

Given all of that, it’s no shocker that Palin found herself slipping down the Fox News hierarchy. What’s more, the political landscape has shifted in fundamental ways since her heyday. Nobody’s thinking too much about the Tea Party these days. In a world where the continual murder of black people and the omnipresence of the surveillance state are the dominant themes of our discourse; where gay marriage is on the cusp of nationwide victory and the South is finally getting embarrassed about the Confederate flag; where the only woman people are really thinking about for 2016 is Hillary Clinton, what is the point of Sarah Palin anymore? Even Fox News itself seems to be moving away from those days, at least superficially. Its big star now is Megyn Kelly, who is positioning herself as an independent-minded heir to Barbara Walters.

It’s all very end-of-an-era, isn’t it? You almost want to thank Fox News for allowing everyone to begin to move on completely from Sarah Palin, and hastening her consignment to the dustbin of history, where she belongs.

H/t: DB

Paul Ryan Repeatedly Declines To Detail GOP Plan For O-care Subsidies (VIDEO)

Wallace then asked specifically whether the GOP plan would make sure that all Americans with subsidies could keep them.

Ryan said he would not go into details because congressional Republicans want to see the “nature of the ruling.”

He then refused to answer whether Republicans would include in their fix a provision to eliminate the individual mandate.

Wallace later reminded Ryan that the GOP has yet to propose an alternative to the Affordable Care Act.

“For all the complaints, Congressman, we’re five years into Obamacare and Republicans have still not come up with a coherent plan that will ensure that all of those millions of uninsured people get coverage,” Wallace said.

Watch the video via Mediaite:


Megyn Kelly: Black Teen Thrown To Ground By Texas Cop ‘Was No Saint’ (VIDEO)

“I’m sure he didn’t know she was 14 at the time,” Kelly said on Monday night during “The Kelly File.” “Maybe he did, we can’t assume it. But now we know, and she looked like a young woman. It’s brutal.”

“And now people have made this into a race thing. Are we there yet?” Kelly asked one of her guests, radio host Richard Fowler.

“Race aside, Megyn, I think to watch a woman being handled like that by a guy who’s two times her size made me totally sick to my stomach,” Fowler said.

He said that many of the teens likely ran from the cops because they “are used to seeing police brutalizing young African-American men.” Fowler noted that Becton repeatedly asked for someone to call her mother.

“The girl was no saint, either,” Kelly responded. “He had told her to leave, and she continued to linger. When the cop tells you to leave, get out. I’m not defending his actions. Let me make that clear.”

Becton told Fox 4 News in Dallas-Fort Worth that the officer told her to keep walking and that she was following his orders just before he grabbed her arm and slammed her onto the ground.

“And then I’m guessing he thought we were saying rude stuff to him,” Becton said.

Watch “The Kelly File” clip via Media Matters


Fox Host Hits Santorum On Pope And Climate Change: You’re Not A Scientist (VIDEO)



“If he’s not a scientist — and, in fact, he does have a degree in chemistry — neither are you,” Wallace said, adding that 80-90 percent of scientists agree that humans contribute to climate change.

The Pope is expected to release a strong statement on climate change in an encyclical by June 18.

“If he shouldn’t talk about it, should you?” Wallace asked.

“We have to make public policy with regard to the environmental policy,” Santorum, a devout Catholic, said. “Whether we like it or not, people in government have to make decisions with respect to our public policy that affect American workers.”

“The Pope can talk about whatever he wants to talk about — I’m saying, what should the Pope use his moral authority for?” he asked.

“He would say he’s protecting the Earth,” Wallace interjected.

“There are more pressing problems confronting the earth than climate change,” Santorum said.

Watch the clip around the 7:20 mark: HERE


CIA’s #2 Debunks Fox News And The Benghazisteria Once And For All


Images from the May 14, 2013, episode of Fox News program “Hannity.” | Fox News


Benghazisteria has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? For going on three years now, Fox News and the minions of madness the right-wing adores have been harping on a single incident in Libya to keep the low-information voters that are their base focused on anything but Republican policies.

Michael Morell, former deputy director and one-time acting director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has finally come forward to school the ill-informed on the realities of how the intelligence community works and why the hype over Benghazi is just that: Hype.

In a scathing article for Politico, Morell takes the Benghazi boneheads to the woodshed, offering the real-world view of what so many have distorted for political gain:

“Like clockwork, every several weeks, someone discovers a new document that, to their minds, “proves” that what the administration and the intelligence community have been saying about Benghazi is a bunch of lies. But time and again these documents don’t add up. They don’t show what the pundits think they show—and the Benghazi broadsides miss their mark anew.”

Morell’s opening paragraph is a preview into what reasonable people have understood from the beginning of the FBI/CIA investigation and what conservatives refuse to acknowledge in their mission to discredit Hillary Clinton ahead of the 2016 presidential election:

Intelligence reports are just that, reports. When information comes in, a report is generated. That report is vetted, cross-referenced and added to other relevant reports. The end result is a conclusion, which in the Benghazi case, don’t EVER support the Fox News propaganda and speculation.

Morell gives an excellent example:

“Here is a recent example: Earlier last week a handful of number of news organizations, including Fox News, breathlessly reported that they had just gotten their hands on a Defense Intelligence Agency report—acquired through a FOIA request by Judicial Watch—that they say proves that the government knew very soon after the attacks on U.S. facilities in Benghazi, Libya on 9/11/12 that they had been planned ten or more days in advance. These news organizations suggest that this document puts the lie to what I and other current and former intelligence officials have been saying—that there was little planning before the attacks.”

So…they lied. How unusual. Typically Fox News is so very trustworthy.

The Benghazi “outrage has built on three main points: The administration knew it was terrorism and blamed a video, they could have saved the four men who died and instead ignored them, and that Susan Rice engaged in some sort of “cover up” to hide the truth that Hillary Clinton was aware of the threat long before it happened.

All three of those points have been debunked, numerous times, including by GOP House and Senate reports. That doesn’t hinder the right from spreading more lies, every time a new “report” comes out that they can speculate on, in an attempt to take votes from Hillary’s upcoming presidential bid.

Morell again debunks the Susan Rice conspiracy theory in his article:

“They say DIA’s report was issued on September 16th—the same day that former U.N. ambassador Susan Rice appeared on five Sunday talk shows, so she must have known before she went on the air, right? Wrong. The DIA report was issued hours after her final TV appearance that day. Some accounts, including the first piece written on the DIA report by Judicial Watch, erroneously say that the report was issued on September 12th, four days before Rice was on national television. They simply misread the report.”

That on bit of truth in and of itself takes most of the wind out of the conservative sails. How about the YouTube video?

While there are no shortage of new arguments on this old subject, there are also some old ones that resurface on a regular basis. One is the debate on whether an anti-Islam YouTube video played any role in sparking the Benghazi attacks. The short answer is that we still don’t know with absolute certainty. Intelligence community analysts in the days immediately after the attack said that the attackers were probably motivated by an attack that happened in Cairo earlier in the day. We know that that attack was motivated at least in part by the video. However the analysts also said that the attack in Libya might have been motivated by Al Qaeda leader Ayman Zawahiri’s call just two days before the Benghazi attack for avenging the death of the terrorist Abu Yaya al-Libi earlier in the summer.

The most strident voices on Benghazi ridicule the notion that a video might have played any role. But among those who have argued that the video may have been a factor include the FBI, who told the House Intelligence Committee in February 2014 that the attacks were ordered in response the YouTube video and to Zawahiri’s call for avenging the death of al-Libi. You can read that on page 18 of the House Intelligence Committee’s report on Benghazi.

So the administration citing the YouTube video as a possible cause wasn’t some sort of cover up, it was the information they were given, information that to this day is still considered valid.

In one beautiful article, with nothing but logic, reason and fact, Michael Morell, who also says Bush and Cheney lied about nukes and Al Qaeda in Iraq, puts the Benghazi conspiracy to bed.

Will that be the end of it?

Of course not. In some dark basement as we speak some conservative dimwit is pasting a picture of Hillary Clinton dragging the lifeless body of Ambassador Stevens through the streets of Benghazi.

Because they care so much about his sacrifice.

Largest Paper in New Jersey Calls Chris Christie Out for Losing Touch with Reality

Christie (1)

attribution: None


In the wake of Governor Chris Christie’s (R-NJ) delusional answer to Fox News asking him why 65% of New Jersey voters think he would be a bad president, the editorial board at the Star-Ledger thinks they have finally figured it out.

“The man has lost touch with reality,” they opine.

This can be the only explanation for how Christie still thinks he can win the presidency “when New Jersey is in such rotten shape after his six years in office.” They came to this conclusion after listening to Christie’s answer on Fox.

Christie told Megyn Kelly that New Jersey voters think he would be a terrible president because they love him so much they want him to stay their governor. Christie knows this because some people have said it to him at his town halls.

But the editorial board is not buying this excuse, especially because, as they write, “First, the governor needs to hold more town hall meetings in Democratic districts, and at night when working people can attend. He preaches to elderly and overwhelmingly white audiences, over and over.”

Citing several other polls the Governor might take a glance at if it is reality that he seeks, the editorial board took a few guesses as to why they don’t love Christie in his state:

It could be the rotten job market. Or the high property taxes. Or the crumbling transit system. Or the broken promise on pensions. Or the private jets. Or the Bridgegate indictments. And so on.

Ouch. Lest anyone think this is the opinion of some far left outlet or an obscure paper, Wikipedia says “the Star-Ledger is the largest circulated newspaper in the U.S. state of New Jersey.” In fact, “The Star-Ledger‍ ’​s daily circulation is larger than the next two largest New Jersey newspapers combined and its Sunday circulation is larger than the next three papers combined.”*

This is also the same paper that endorsed him in 2013.

From that same Quinnipiac poll that Megan Kelly referenced on Fox, 56% disapprove of the job Governor Christie is doing, which is the lowest approval rating for any governor in the nine states they surveyed.

Firing a very loud warning shot, the Star-Ledger ended on this note, “God forbid he gets a chance to make an even bigger mess on a larger stage.”

Familiarity has bred contempt when it comes to Chris Christie. Yet he believes he’s going to the White House.

This stunning disconnect with reality, so strong that the largest paper in the state has called it out — though they hope he doesn’t actually believe the things he says, exemplifies the Republican Party’s Fox problem of epistemic closure. They are breeding an entire party of delusional people who have no concept how extreme they sound to the rest of the country, how their belief in Glenn Beckian conspiracies isolates them because they sound crazy and dangerous, and most of all, they have no idea what people are really saying about them or about the issues.

It is very tough to win elections outside of gerrymandered safe zones when you’re party is not even close to reality.

*Wikipedia cites data from the New Jersey Press Association.

~Sarah Jones