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Fox News is Tearing Us Apart: Race Baiting and Divisiveness Hits a Disgusting New Low

How Fox News Uses Hip-Hop to Create Race Panics | Courtesy of Color Lines

This article is spot on and should be shared wherever possible.  It’s a six page analysis of the problem with Fox News’ race-baiting and it’s effect on the country.  I’m only covering the first page and have linked to subsequent pages…


Night after night, Fox News doubles down on hate. Whether George Zimmerman, Bundy or Ferguson, it just gets worse.

With this framework as background, it’s not hard to understand the evolution of even more pernicious extremist variants in the right-wing media, which Boehlert sketched out. It began with Andrew Breitbart and his website announcing that “basically racism had been eradicated, and that anyone who talked about the topic was therefore a racist,” especially “civil rights activists and civil libertarians … because by raising questions, or talking about it, or discussing it, they were trying to rip the country apart, because the country is already solved racism.”

Thus, the allegation is that simply  talking about race in America makes you a racist. It is, as Boehlert called it, “a very odd brand of projection” that’s “very weird and complicated,” but that’s where the roles of endless repetition and cognitive closure come in. They naturalize and normalize what would otherwise clearly be both arbitrary and bizarre. After years in development, the result can be quite stunning, as Boehlert went on to note:

That’s like Glenn [Beck] that went on Fox News and called the president of the United States a racist, because he dared to discuss it in the wake of the Henry Louis Gates arrest in Cambridge. So that’s why he was denounced as having ‘a hatred of white people. Why? Because he talked about race.”

Of course, the framework of colorblind racism also explains the persistence of racial stereotyping, albeit in a “cultural” framework.  But the right-wing media takes this aspect to extremes as well, which accounts for another, contradictory tendency: the persistence of “increasingly race-baiting rhetoric,” including all manner of things that Hannity, Limbaugh and Beck have been saying about Obama since his inauguration. “This is some of the most rancid, insulting kind of gutter rhetoric you could imagine,” Boehlert said.” But the cone that they’ve tried to protect themselves in is that the other people are the racists. It’s very weird. I guess said, it’s a lot of weird projecting going on.”

While the development of colorblind racism as Bonila-Silva describes it took place over decades, the nastier variants in the right-wing media developed much more rapidly, spurred on in part by Obama’s election. They have now burst forth in multiple forms, one of which is the automatic demonization of any black victim, and the matching valorization of whoever killed or injured that victim. Of course, the specific details of any given case are not always so accommodating to the pre-determined colorblind racist script. As a result, in the killings of both Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown, we’ve strikingly similar false claims about both victims, as well as the men who killed them, and some of those claims have persisted quite powerfully, despite all evidence to the contrary.

While we’ve seen some of those attitudes most brazenly expressed on the Darren Wilson Gofundme site, we see more subtle echoes reflected in statements of support that are carefully crafted to conform to “all-American” norms, such as calls for due process — which Michael Brown, naturally, did not get, and which would not be threatened by treating Wilson like any other murder suspect.

This reflects a broader phenomenon, the persistent power of misinformation, which an inter-disciplinary collection of researchers has been studying for some years now. Most recently, I wrote about one study of misinformation in the context of three initiatives on Washington state’s 2006 ballot. The issues involved were much less charged than the murder of an unarmed black teenager, but all the better, it occurred to me. It may be easier to anecdotally recognize extremely charged distortions in a rapidly shifting framework of rationalizations (unless you’re a Fox News devotee), but as a matter of scientific methodology, it’s easier to study less-charged distortions in more stable issue areas.

Page 2.

GOP Rep on ISIS: ‘A Bunch of Guys Wearing Pajamas Pushing Up Logs’



From the comment section of this article:

This appears to be a guy who wants to treat ISIS rationally, rather than a cudgel to bash Obama with.

I wish more Republicans would act in such a way.


On Fox News’s The Kelly File Tuesday, Republican Rep. Duncan Hunter dismissed the Islamic terrorist group ISIS as a major threat to the U.S.

ISIS claimed responsibility for the recent on-video beheading of American journalist James Foley.

“ISIS in Iraq and Syria is not an existential threat to us,” Hunter said. “They’re not going to harm the United States. They’re bad guys, yes, if you’re there but a bunch of guys wearing pajamas pushing up logs, they’re not an existential threat to us like North Korea is, like Iran is, like Pakistan is. They are not like that.”

He said ISIS only becomes a threat if they can “get people back in the United States and do harm to us here and commit acts of terror.”

President Barack Obama has authorized military air strikes against ISIS in Iraq.

Watch via Fox News:

Dear Fox News: Please Stop Using Asian-Americans to Attack Black People

Youtube screenshot

The Daily Beast – Asawin Suebsaeng

Bill O’Reilly’s attempts to use the success of Asian-Americans to shame African-Americans is shameful and historically illiterate.

“Talking Points does not—does not—believe in white privilege.”

That was Fox News host Bill O’Reilly’s big, brave pitch during his third-person “talking points” segment on Tuesday’s edition of The O’Reilly Factor. The peg for the segment was the uproar and race issues surrounding the police shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, earlier this month. O’Reilly was blasting the idea of people citing “white privilege” to help explain anger or inequality in predominantly black community. He railed against a perceived failure of black leaders to spark a “cultural revolution” in their “precincts,” and the lack of personal responsibility instilled in young African-Americans.

Of course Bill O’Reilly doesn’t believe that the concept of white privilege exists. (Neither does much of the rest of Fox News.) He has denied the existence of such a privilege for white Americans in previous segments, including one in which he falsely claimed that Harvard Kennedy School was requiring freshmen to take a class on the subject.

O’Reilly’s latest salvo of white-privilege denialism has already been mocked and (rightly) criticized enough. But one aspect of his crotchety monologue that was particularly unappealing was how he invoked the general economic and academic successes Asian-Americans in order to highlight the supposed failings of African-Americans.

“So, do we have Asian privilege in America?” the Fox host asked rhetorically. “Because the truth is that Asian-American households earn far more money than anyone else.”

O’Reilly also compares the statistic on Asian-American children raised in single-parent households (13 percent) to that of African-Americans (a “whopping” 55 percent) to make the point that Asian families in this country are stronger. This is a favorite bugaboo of O’Reilly’s, and in the past he’s even said that First Lady Michelle Obama should come on his show and tell black teens, “You stop having sex; you stop getting pregnant.

O’Reilly has made the Asian-privilege pointbefore. He’s also praised Asian folks by asserting that, “Asian people are not liberal, you know, by nature” because “they’re usually more industrious and hard-working.” (It’s worth noting that not all Asian demographics fit neatly into this positive stereotype that colors the way O’Reilly talks about Asian citizens.)

First, let’s be consistent and call this phenomenon “yellow privilege.” So, sure, you could reasonably argue that there is a general yellow privilege that people who look like me enjoy in the United States. For instance, Asian-American men under the age of 35 have a far lower chance of being wrongly accosted by a police officer than a young black man would. The difference is that, unlike white people, we don’t have a bitter, well-payed armada of commentators to go on TV and complain about black people every time someone brings said privilege up.

But the real reason O’Reilly black-yellow comparison is so annoying and intellectually dishonest is because it is patently bizarre to compare the Asian-American experience to the African-American one. Such a crass talking point—one that uses the favorable stats of one minority group to attack the culture of another—overlooks, or at least glosses over, some of the most obvious facts and tragedies in our nation’s history. Generations of Asian-Americans did not endure the traumas, legacies, and residual effects of slavery, Jim Crow, and decades of racist housing policy. These are factors that O’Reilly mentions only as an aside, preferring to talk more about the importance of getting black kids to “speak properly” and behave themselves in public.

Asian-Americans and African-Americans have had very different experiences in America, a complicated reality that O’Reilly and many of his colleagues do not seem eager to tackle. But at least his commentary in the wake of the Michael Brown tragedy has been more refined than some of his co-workers—a thought that is less a compliment to Bill, and far more indicative of the kind of organism that Fox News has become.

Russell Brand absolutely demolishes Fox News over Ferguson coverage

Russell Brand absolutely demolishes Fox News over Ferguson coverage

Russell Brand (Credit: AP/Ellis O’Brien) 

Say what you will about Russell Brand but that fact is, every now and then he makes salient points on his video program.  This is just one example…


On the latest episode of his Web series, the British comedian takes Fox to task for its one-sidedness

Russell Brand eviscerated Fox News’ coverage of the protests in Ferguson, Missouri, on Thursday, blasting the network for its one-sidedness.

“It’s so outrageous,” Brand said on the latest episode of  his show, “The Trews.”

“It’s almost art.”

Brand criticized Fox News for its nearly unanimous support of Darren Wilson, the white Ferguson police officer who shot and killed Michael Brown earlier this month, and for its deeply negative attitude toward protesters in the Missouri city.

“I think what’s interesting about Fox News’ coverage is the complete evisceration of any compassion in the argument,” Brand said. “Pain and suffering is the lifeblood of their channel. There’s no one so disadvantaged, so oppressed, that Fox News can’t get some mileage out of exploiting or condemning them.”

Beginning his takedown, Brand homed in on Greg Gutfeld’s comments on “Red Eye,” where the host said that “the media, like humanity, can only handle two sides to a story, and they almost always flock to one side — and it’s David, never Goliath.”

Cutting in, Brand cannily responded: “Yeah … When you look at the Bible, you think, ‘Hang on here! Should we revise this clearly allegorical story about David and Goliath? What about Goliath — the hapless, lovable giant?’ No, you don’t — Goliath is clearly there to demonstrate oppressive power, isn’t he?”

Brand continued his assault on Gutfield, playing a segment where Gutfield called the overwhelming support for Brown whom the “Red Eye” host deemed the “underdog” the result of “decades of pop culture, deeming what’s cool and what isn’t.”

Interjecting, Brand offered his rebuttal.

“It’s not ‘cool’ to stick up for the people of Ferguson, who after a century of oppression and the only limited success of the civil rights movement, have decided that after the killing of an unarmed man to protest. They’re doing it because they like some of their trainers,” Brand said, referring to expensive athletic shoes.

Brand also took aim at Fox News contributor Jason L. Riley, author of the book “Please Stop Helping Us: How Liberals Make It Harder for Blacks to Succeed.” Riley, who consistently has attempted to explain black crime as a pathological deficiency, recently lambasted President Barack Obama for his comments that “black crime stems from poverty, or a racist criminal justice system, which is nonsense!”

Brand wouldn’t stand for it.

“That’s outrageous,” Brand said. “Of course there’s an economic aspect to the argument. Of course there’s a social aspect. You can’t just bring out the author of the book ‘We Deserve to Be Shot’ to bring out arguments just so Fox News can keep being as they are.”

He continued: “People don’t just spontaneously have an attitude toward the criminal justice system …Like the same way you might not have an attitude to your dishwasher. If your dishwasher doesn’t do anything except wash the dishes, you won’t just suddenly wonder one day, ‘You know, it’s really unjust the way that dishwasher keeps shooting unarmed black men!’”

Watch the whole clip here:

Official Ku Klux Klan Party Platform IS The GOP And Tea Party Agenda

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This article proves most Progressives and center-right Americans were right about these clowns…

Addicting Info

I have been saying for a long time that the republican and tea parties are just mouthpieces for the American white supremacist movement.  Based on a hunch, I decided to go to the official site of the KKK and read the platform of the “Knight’s Party.” You can verify that this IS the official platform of the Ku Klux Klan by clicking here and visiting the hate group’s official website.

First and foremost, the KKK claims that:

“There is a race war against whites.”

It’s the same as claiming that reverse-racism is a real problem for white people.

And where have we heard this before? It is the exact same propaganda being promoted by Fox News, by right wing pundits like Rush Limbaugh and by right wing politicians like Mo Brooks. It’s also the same propaganda that is being distributed by the “Official Tea Party USA” website.

The official platform of the Knight’s Party (KKK) also includes the following:

1. “The recognition that America was founded as a Christian nation.”

This is the first line from the official platform of the KKK. The underlying idea here is that if you accept the false premise that America was founded as a Christian nation, you will also accept the false (and unchristian) premise that it’s ok to hate, discriminate and segregate everyone who is not a Christian.

Where have heard this Christian nation stuff before? Fox News, Tea Party representatives like Michelle Bachmann, talk show personalities like Rush Limbaugh and everywhere else right wing propaganda is spun. From the Official Tea Party website:

“The Tea Party includes those who possess a strong belief in the foundational Judeo-Christian values embedded in our great founding documents.”

2. “The recognition that America was founded as a white nation.”

As Mitt Romney would say, it’s the ‘Anglo-saxon heritage‘ white people share with the people of Europe, that President Obama just can’t understand.  We can see this as clear as day in this recent article about the situation in Ferguson, which appeared in the Tea Party Tribune on August 20. There’s also the non-stop revisionist history lessons taking place on Fox News.

3. “Abolish all affirmative action programs.”

White people are being discriminated against. It’s totally unfair to white people if other people are given a fair chance. Again, we see this propaganda being disseminated via Fox News,  republican politicians, and of course, republican talk radio personalities.

4. “Put American Troops on the Borders and Stop the Flood of Illegals.”

“America is being over run by illegal immigrants mostly from nonwhite countries who do not share the Christian European values of our nation’s founders.”

Is there any doubt that the republican and tea parties are pushing this part of the KKK agenda?

5. “Abolish all anti-gun laws and encourage every adult to own a weapon.”

This sounds remarkably similar to the position of the GOP and tea party.

6. “Drug testing all welfare recipients.”

Again, a policy strongly promoted by GOP and tea party politicians, pundits and media personalities. It has been struck down by federal courts because the idea behind it is deeply rooted in stereotypes and racist ideas.

7. “Balance the budget.”

Yes this is a part of the official KKK platform.

8. “Privatization of the public school system.”

“We must remove the humanist influence in our schools and teach fact based curriculum to further the students knowledge not someone’s opinion. Parents should have the option of private or home schooling if they prefer and students should be free to practice their Christian faith in the classroom.”

In it’s official platform, the KKK states that the group wants to abolish the National Education Association and children’s protective services, as well.

As Adolph Hitler said “Give me the text books and you give me the country.”

Below is the rest of the KKK agenda. It’s clear that all of these policies mirror those of the republican and tea parties.

9. “Restoring individual freedom to Christian America.”

“People should be allowed to hire who they want, live where they want and practice the Christian faith as they please. Likewise people should be able to sell to whom they want , rent to whom they want and socialize and conduct business with who they want. The government should not interfere with the everyday lives of white Christian Americans.”

10. “Sovereignty of the states.”

“Each state should be able to officially declare that any power of law not directly given to the federal government by the constitution can be nullified by the state congress. We furthermore recognize that the 10th Amendment means that the federal government was created by the states to be an agent of the states instead of the states being an agent of the federal government.”

11. “Everyone who can work, should work.”

12.  “A strong defense department.”

(Women should be excluded from combat.)

“We believe that the defense dept. should consist of volunteers of both men and women with women being excluded from combat positions.”

13. Outlaw abortion.

14. Outlaw homosexuality.

“This is a Christian nation and the Bible condemns homosexual activity and the perversion of our society which it encourages.”

15. Death penalty (and extend it to include rapists and child molesters.)

16. A flat tax rate.

“A flat income tax should be introduced to allow for the funding of community, state and federal projects.

This should be the one and only tax allowed. It is the only fair way to collect revenue and does not discriminate against any economic class.”

On the KKK’s official website, the Klan states the following in relation to its goal of becoming “the leader of the White racialist movement’:

Through a strong organized show of leadership

Through the training and use of qualified media representatives

Through a concerted effort of all Klansmen and Klanswomen to carefully follow instructions, suggestions, and guidelines as set by headquarters and to continually strive to be THE BEST.

In relation to the Klan’s goal of “becoming the representative and driving force behind the White Community,” there’s this:

Through an aggressive use of television, radio, and print advertising

Through huge nationwide literature drives in which millions of people are reached with our literature.

To legally break through the liberal wall that surrounds America’s colleges and universities – to reach and instruct students in the reclaiming of their schools.

Through the effective use of project committees to assist in the re-education of law enforcement agencies and the educational establishment. These two very important groups must be given another side of the story instead of only receiving information from organizations such as the ADL, NAACP, or ACLU.

You can compare the agenda of the KKK with the agenda of the republican and tea parties, to determine for yourself what, if any, differences there are between them.

Fox Says Police Are Justified In Killing Unarmed Teens If They Have Alleged Footage Of Them Doing Something Wrong (VIDEO)

fox news

Oh the sheer stupidity of the above comment makes me ill…

Addicting Info

Even though video released by police allegedly showing Michael Brown shoving a store clerk during a robbery is questionable, Fox News is nevertheless using it to call his murder a justifiable homicide.

On the Sunday morning edition of Fox & Friends, host Juliet Huddy claimed that if the video had been released immediately after the shooting, there wouldn’t be such large protests in the streets of Ferguson, Missouri. The fact that Officer Darren Wilson didn’t even know that Brown was a suspect in the robbery was completely ignored. Huddy then suggested that the killing was justified because of the robbery call police received about fifteen minutes prior to the shooting.

“But the thing is that the crowd immediately went out there when they found out that this man was shot — a young black man was shot by a white cop,” Huddy said.

They went out there, they were furious about it. Had that tape been out there, had the crowd realized that this man might have been robbing a store, there might have been something else criminal going on there, you know, to lend credence to the fact that maybe in some way — we don’t know this — but maybe this officer was justified, maybe this was a bad guy, maybe he wasn’t the ‘gentle giant.’ I’m not saying that’s what it was.

 Here’s the video via Raw Story.


You see how Huddy framed her comments? First she says it’s a “fact” that the officer was justified in killing an unarmed teen. And then she claims that she’s “not saying that’s what it was.” Of course, the only words the zombies who watch Fox News heard is the ones Huddy used first.

Michael Brown was an unarmed African-American teen who was running down the street when he was shot and killed by a police officer who had no clue Brown was even suspected of doing anything wrong. There was no reason to kill Brown, yet the officer did it anyway. One witness to the shooting said Wilson shot Brown twice from behind and kept firing his gun even after Brown stopped and turned around. Police would admit that ten rounds were fired in all, which is ten too many considering Brown was UNARMED. But Fox News is clearly endorsing killing unarmed black kids in broad daylight as long as there might be evidence that a crime had been committed. If Michael Brown had been a white teen armed to the teeth, Fox would be throwing a temper tantrum over the killing.

So, to recap. Fox thinks it perfectly fine for police to kill unarmed black people, but they whine about people calling the police when white rednecks carry assault weapons in the public square. It’s yet another double standard demonstrated by Fox News.


Fox News host brings Michelle Obama hate to Russell Wilson interview

Fox News' Neil Cavuto interviewing Russell Wilson. Chyron: 'Seahawks quarterback Russel Wilson on his fight to end childhood hunger'

‘Please say you hate Michelle Obama. It’s all we have left here.’

Why? What the hell is Fox News’ “endgame” with the Obamas?  They have about 2 years more to be in the White House.  Talk about ‘overkill’…

Daily Kos

Quick, can you tie an interview with Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson to an irrational hatred for the First Lady? No? Well then I guess you can’t be on Fox News.

“Can this Seattle Super Bowl champ do what Michelle Obama could not?”  Cavuto asked during a teaser for the interview. “Food for thought from the guy dishing it out.”

I forget if Neil Cavuto is on the “real news” side of Fox News, but since that was never actually a thing, I guess not.

“Well, Russell, what are we doing wrong then as a nation though with this urging them to eat healthy or set up these school lunch programs where they’re urged to eat healthy. I mean, Michelle Obama’s trying. Many argue that she’s getting to be too much of a food police mommy,” Cavuto said. “Be that as it may, whatever she’s doing isn’t working and I’m wondering what you’re doing that is working. What’s the difference?”

When you’re a quarterback who Fox News will suck up to, that’s gotta count for something. No First Lady has gotten that since the last one before this one. The rest of the banter solidifies Cavuto’s reputation as being the guy on Fox you really do not want to have to sit for an interview with, aside from all the other people on Fox.

“Well, the first lady, I have so much respect for her. I was able to meet her and the President, obviously, you know when we went to the Super Bowl, we won the Super Bowl and got to go to the White House,” Wilson said. “You know, I think at the end of the day, you know the kids, it’s tough to eat healthy. You know, I remember when I was a little kid I was always struggling trying to eat healthy.” [...]“Really? That was never my problem, Russell. I guess you have some issues,” Cavuto said.

We keep reminding Democratic politicians that appearing on Fox News will gain you nothing but trouble. We probably ought to extend that warning to every other person in America as well.

Bill O’Reilly Accidentally Proves Fox News Is Not ‘Fair and Balanced’

Screen Shot


On Thursday night, Bill O’Reilly read emails from viewers as part of his “Mad as Hell” segment. The Fox News host was joined by Heather Nauert, who helped him determine whether those viewers have the proper justification to be so angry. One letter from a Louisiana man helped the host get to the bottom of Fox’s infamous “fair and balanced” motto.

“I’m aggravated when I see smug liberals like Kirsten Powers and Alan Colmes on the air. Enough already with these leftists,” viewer Ed Ortelli wrote.

“Well, look, ‘fair and balanced’ is the Fox News motto, Ed,” O’Reilly said, smirking. “If the liberal view were not represented we would be liars, so that’s ridiculous.” A brave O’Reilly asked Nauert how many Fox contributors do “lean left.”

She came up with a total of 19 paid contributors on the Fox network who have a liberal point of view, citing Bob Beckel and James Carville as examples. But just when you thought Nauert was going to give a number for the right-leaning contributors, she simply said, “We have a mixed boat.”

A quick look at the Fox News website shows that the network listed a total of 175 on air personalities. So if they are admitting they only have left-leaning contributors, that leaves 156 who go the other way. That means Fox News is approximately 11% liberal and 89% conservative. In other words, “fair and balanced.”

O’Reilly’s reaction to Nauert’s assessment said it all. “So we are fairly, in our commentary, balanced,” the host remarked. “We have much more on the left than, say… uh… I’m trying to think, you know CNN? I don’t know. But 19, OK, that’s the number.”

Watch video, via Fox News

Fox Panel on Impeachment Erupts into Charges of Racism and Lawlessness

Fox News Screenshot


A Fox News Sunday panel that began skeptically of the GOP chatter about impeaching PresidentBarack Obama erupted with charges of racism and lawlessness, as Fox contributor Juan Williams and Heritage Action leader Michael Needham went at it over the motivations behind the calls for impeachment.

Both National Journal editor Ron Fournier and Williams called out Needham for calling Obama “lawless.”

“You listen to Michael and you understand why lots of Republicans think [Obama's] a demon,” Williams said. “Lots of people in the minority community see it as an attack against the first black President. They think it’s unfair, and so it’s gonna spur their turnout in the midterms, which is going to be critical in several races.”

“If you just break it down as a matter of political analysis and say who is this group [calling for impeachment], it reminds me that the Republican Party has become almost a completely white party,” Williams continued. “The people who want him impeached are all white, they’re all older, and guess what — they’re all in the far right wing of the Republican Party.”

“He might as well have just said they’re all racists,” Needham objected. “That’s ridiculous….You’re the one demonizing people who are concerned about the fact that we have a crisis of Constitution.”

“Look, we can have a principled argument about President Obama’s actions and use of executive actions, but you called him lawless, as if he’s an outlaw, as if he’s riding the range and we gotta go get that guy,” Williams said.

Fournier finally cut in: “The way the Americans are hearing this conversation, is they’re hearing you say that our president is a criminal and hear you saying that Republicans are racists,” Fournier said. “What they want is solutions.”

Watch the clip below, via Fox News:

President Obama Perfectly Zings Republicans While Responding To Fox News


President Obama – CNN Screenshot

Daily Banter

At Friday’s surprise presidential press conference, Fox News tried to inject a little “blame Obama” into the Republicans’ embarrassing failure to pass even its own watered-down bill to deal with the border crisis, but President Obama had other ideas.

Fox News’ Wendell Goler wanted Obama to explain how this is all his fault. “Do you hold yourself totally blameless in the inability to reach agreement with the Republican-led house?” he asked.

The President first took Goler through a history of the comprehensive immigration reform bill that everyone in the world, including enough House Republicans to pass it if it ever came up for a vote, agrees needs to be passed, and explained the absurd inability of the House to even pass its own border bill, and delivered the punchline:

“They can’t even pass the bill. They can’t even pass their own version of the bill. So that’s not a disagreement between me and the House Republicans, that is a disagreement between House Republicans and House Republicans.

At Friday’s surprise presidential press conference, Fox News tried to inject a little “blame Obama” into the Republicans’ embarrassing failure to pass even its own watered-down bill to deal with the border crisis, but President Obama had other ideas.

Fox News’ Wendell Goler wanted Obama to explain how this is all his fault. “Do you hold yourself totally blameless in the inability to reach agreement with the Republican-led house?” he asked.
The President first took Goler through a history of the comprehensive immigration reform bill that everyone in the world, including enough House Republicans to pass it if it ever came up for a vote, agrees needs to be passed, and explained the absurd inability of the House to even pass its own border bill, and delivered the punchline:


After weeks of hair-on-fire complaining about the “border crisis,” which is really a refugee crisis, Republicans have been legislatively shitting the bed like Rip Van Winkle on a prune juice bender. When President Obama immediately requested a $3.7 billion emergency appropriation, along with additional flexibility to deal with the influx of unaccompanied minors, Republicans in the House responded by proposing a bill for about one-sixth that amount, mostly for border security that has nothing to do with this crisis, and conditioned on changing the law to deprive the kids of due process, sending them back to Central America to be murdered. They also somehow managed to work in gutting of environmental protections.

The bill is so shitty that it has no chance of passing the Senate, and the Obama administration has gently signaled that it would veto it anyway, but in a truly revealing twist, that bill wasn’t shitty enough to gain the support of House Republicans, who were forced to pull the bill from the floor Thursday, and work feverishly all day Friday to further enshitify. On top of all that, the same party that is suing President Obama over executive actions, and was also trying and failing to pass a bill forbidding him from acting alone on immigration, issued a statement yesterday complaining that the President should be taking action on his own.

The House expects to pass an even worse version of their bill later today, featuring the GOP’s new bumper sticker immigration slogan “Treat Them All Like Mexicans,” but what I’m really waiting for is John Boehner’s angry assertion that White House democrats are concocting all of this hoo-ha about a “border crisis.” If Republicans think impeachment talk will play poorly in the midterms, wait until they get a load of this. They will be nostalgic for a time when they only got clobbered in the Hispanic vote by only 40 points.

The President also discussed the situation in Ukraine and the ongoing crisis in Gaza, but he pegged his opening remarks almost entirely to the failure of Republicans to act, even on things that Republicans say are important. Toward the end, he also fished for some birthday wishes, which he managed to extract from the American Urban Radio Network’s April Ryan.

Here’s the full video of the presser, including a treat: the network reporters simultaneously doing standups in the minute before the President comes out. Enjoy.