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Mr. Trump’s Applause Lies (Editorial)

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America has just lived through another presidential campaign week dominated by Donald Trump’s racist lies. Here’s a partial list of false statements: The United States is about to take in 250,000 Syrian refugees; African-Americans are responsible for most white homicides; and during the 9/11 attacks, “thousands and thousands” of people in an unnamed “Arab” community in New Jersey “were cheering as that building was coming down.”

In the Republican field, Mr. Trump has distinguished himself as fastest to dive to the bottom. If it’s a lie too vile to utter aloud, count on Mr. Trump to say it, often. It wins him airtime, and retweets through the roof.

This phenomenon is in fact nothing new. Politicians targeting minorities, foreigners or women have always existed in the culture. And every generation or so, at least one demagogue surfaces to fan those flames.

Here’s Donald Trump on Sunday: When the Syrian refugees are going to start pouring into this country, we don’t know if they’re ISIS, we don’t know if it’s a Trojan horse. And I definitely want a database and other checks and balances. We want to go with watch lists. We want to go with databases. And we have no choice. We have no idea who’s being sent in here. This could be the — it’s probably not, but it could be the great Trojan horse of all time, where they come in.”

Here’s Joseph McCarthy in 1950: “Today we are engaged in a final, all-out battle between communistic atheism and Christianity. The modern champions of communism have selected this as the time, and ladies and gentlemen, the chips are down — they are truly down.”

Here’s Donald Trump last Tuesday: “We’re going to have to do things that we never did before. And some people are going to be upset about it, but I think that now everybody is feeling that security is going to rule. And certain things will be done that we never thought would happen in this country in terms of information and learning about the enemy. And so we’re going to have to do certain things that were frankly unthinkable a year ago.”

Here’s George Wallace in 1963: “We must redefine our heritage, re-school our thoughts in the lessons our forefathers knew so well, in order to function and to grow and to prosper. We can no longer hide our head in the sand and tell ourselves that the ideology of our free fathers is not being attacked and is not being threatened by another idea … for it is.”

Mr. Trump relies on social media to spread his views. This is convenient because there’s no need to respond to questions about his fabrications. That makes it imperative that other forms of media challenge him.

Instead, as Mr. Trump stays at the top of the Republican field, it’s become a full-time job just running down falsehoods like the phony crime statistics he tweeted, which came from a white supremacist group.

Yet Mr. Trump is regularly rewarded with free TV time, where he talks right over anyone challenging him, and doubles down when called out on his lies.

This isn’t about shutting off Mr. Trump’s bullhorn. His right to spew nonsense is protected by the Constitution, but the public doesn’t need to swallow it. History teaches that failing to hold a demagogue to account is a dangerous act. It’s no easy task for journalists to interrupt Mr. Trump with the facts, but it’s an important one.


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Ben Carson Insists He’s Seen Non-Existent Video Of New Jersey Muslims Celebrating 9/11



A day after Donald Trump made widely debunked claims that crowds of thousands in New Jersey had cheered as the the World Trade Center collapsed on September 11, 2001, Ben Carson reportedly has vouched for him.

ABC’s Katherine Faulders tweeted on Monday that the Republican presidential hopeful Carson had told her that “he saw the film” of American Muslims cheering as the towers fell in New Jersey at the time.

Trump initially made the comments about Jersey City, NJ, at a campaign rally. On Sunday, he defended the claims to This Week host George Stephanopoulos, saying, “There were people that were cheering on the other side of New Jersey, where you have large Arab populations. They were cheering as the World Trade Center came down. I know it might be not politically correct for you to talk about it, but there were people cheering as that building came down — as those buildings came down. And that tells you something.” Trump added that the alleged celebration “was well covered at the time.”

Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop forcefully denied the claim, saying Trump “has memory issues or willfully distorts the truth, either of which should be concerning for the Republican Party.”

Carson, whose own advisers have reportedly questioned his grasp of foreign policy, would appear to fall in the same boat.

A Washington Post article in September of 2001 contained a single line referencing celebration: “In Jersey City, within hours of two jetliners’ plowing into the World Trade Center, law enforcement authorities detained and questioned a number of people who were allegedly seen celebrating the attacks and holding tailgate-style parties on rooftops while they watched the devastation on the other side of the river.” Though Carson claims to have seen video footage of these celebrations, even the conservative National Review noted “There are no videos of ‘thousands and thousands of people’ cheering the collapse of the towers from Jersey City, New Jersey,” but rather there was a Fox News video broadcast purportedly showing a handful cheering of Palestinians in East Jerusalem on 9/11.


That racist Trump tweet about blacks killing whites isn’t just false — it’s neo-Nazi propaganda

German Faith Movement logo (Twitter)

German Faith Movement logo (Twitter)


Donald Trump capped a week that found him flirting with fascism by sharing a blatantly false, racist graphic that apparently originated with a Hitler-admiring neo-Nazi.

The Republican presidential frontrunner tweeted an image Sunday afternoon that claimed 81 percent of white homicide victims are killed by blacks and 97 percent of black homicide victims were killed by other blacks.

The graphic cited the Crime Statistics Bureau in San Francisco as its source — although that does not exist and the statistics are, quite simply, made up.

In reality, the FBI shows that 82 percent of white homicide victims were killed by other white people and 15 percent of white homicide victims were killed by black people, and 91 percent of black homicide victims were killed by other black people.

So where did the image and the bogus statistics come from?

Blogger Charles Johnson, of Little Green Footballs, was unable to determine its source through a Google Image search or — but he was able to find the earliest tweet using the graphic.

The account’s avatar is a modified swastika used as the symbol of the neo-Nazi German Faith Movement, and the account profile expresses admiration for Adolf Hitler: “A detester of any kind of sick perverted dildo waving marxism and liberalism,we Should have listened to the Austrian chap with the little moustache.”

The image was posted on the conservative Sexy Patriot account shortly before Trump shared it.

There’s no indication Trump was aware the graphic seems to have originated with a neo-Nazi, but a quick Google search should have revealed the statistics as inaccurate — and its racist suggestions are plainly obvious.

Trump supporters beat up a Black Lives Matter protester Saturday in Birmingham, Alabama, and the GOP candidate said afterward that the man was “so obnoxious and so loud” that “maybe he should have been roughed up.”

The Republican repeated his call to closely monitor or even close down U.S. mosques to fight terrorism, and he refused to rule out creating a database of American Muslims and expressed openness to the possibility of requiring them to carry special ID.

This isn’t the first time Trump has tweeted Nazi propaganda on his official social media account.

Trump shared a campaign graphic, which he later deleted, that included an image of Nazi soldiers taken from a World War II re-enactment.

Donald Trump: My Fans Were Right To Beat Up Black Protester



After his supporters beat up a Black Lives Matter protester on video, Donald Trump suggested that they may have done the right thing.

The protester, a black man, reportedly started chanting Black Lives Matter at a rally in Birmingham, Alabama on Saturday. In a video captured by CNN reporter Jeremy Diamond, rally attendees swarm around the man, kicking and punching him as he curls up on the ground.

Trump was asked to weigh in on his supporters’ actions on Fox & Friends Sunday morning. “Maybe he should have been roughed up,” he said. “It was disgusting what he was doing.”

The Republican frontrunner compared what happened at his rally to a Black Lives Matter protest at a Bernie Sanders event, which prompted the Democratic candidate to release a detailed racial justice plan. “This is not the way Bernie Sanders handled his problem, I will tell you, but I have a lot of fans and they were not happy about it. And this was a very obnoxious guy, a troublemaker, looking to make trouble,” Trump said.

He gave a similarly winking response when his supporters have turned violent in the past. Two men in Boston said they ambushed and brutally beat a homeless Latino man because they were “inspired” by Trump, who later explained his supporters “are very passionate” and “love this country.”

Reports of Trump supporters launching violent and racist attacks have become fairly commonplace. Another recent rally took a dark turn when attendees shoved and spat on on immigration advocates. The following week, Trump supporters were filmed dragging and kickingan immigration activist while others yelled “U-S-A! U-S-A!”

After a slew of these highly publicized incidents, Trump’s campaign began corralling media this week and refused to allow reporters into the crowd at rallies.


Black protester attacked at Donald Trump rally called ‘monkey’ and other racial slurs, he says

Black Lives Matter protester Mercution Southall is escorted from the Trump rally.  (Joe Songer/

The Black Lives Matter protester attacked during Donald’s Trump’s Birmingham rally said he was punched, kicked and called “n****r” while a group of eight or nine people were on top of him.

Mercutio Southall Jr., a well-known activist who said he has been tased at least 30 times and just recently marched heavily –armed through a Birmingham neighborhood to teach people about gun rights, said he is sore after today’s pummeling but doesn’t think he was seriously injured.

“I’m alive,” Southall told in his first interview since he was escorted out of the Birmingham- Jefferson Convention Complex.

Southall said he attended today’s rally because of Trump’s disparaging remarks about minorities – blacks, Latinos and most recently Muslims. “Birmingham is 75 percent black, so why did he choose to come here,” Southall said. “He could have gone to Mountain Brook or Hoover, I know they have the venues that can handle his rhetoric.”

Southall said the fracas began when one of his fellow activists was recording their presence at the rally, which they always do. He said, “I’m recording this live from the BJCC because we want Donald Trump to know he’s not welcome here,” and that’s when someone knocked the phone out of the other man’s hand.

“They said ‘Go home, n****r, and somebody punched me,” Southall said. “I punched back. You know don’t do the turn-the-other-cheek (expletive).”

He said people encircled him, and he was being pushed and punched from every direction. Someone hit him from behind, and the next thing he knew, he was at the bottom of pile. He was kicked in the stomach, and the chest, both men and women. “I got enough people off of me that I was able to get up a little bit,” he said. “Somebody got behind me and started trying to choke me out.”

Asked what he was thinking when he was being pummeled from above, Southall said what he always says: “I’m not dying today,” he said. “I’ve got (expletive) to do. They’re not fixing to kill me.”

Southall said he was also thinking, “Is it me? Every time I go somewhere they’re trying to beat me, or tase me or kill me.”

Trump, the front-running Republican presidential candidate, had Southall thrown out. Secret Service agents and Birmingham police escorted Southall from the room. “They were trying to protect them from me and I was like, ‘where were you when they were attacking me and choking me?” he said.

Southall said he was repeatedly called a “n****r” and “monkey” and told his life doesn’t matter. It’s nothing new to him. “When I wake up in the morning, I pretty much expect trouble,” he said. “We’re not the Negros from the 60s. I believe in defending myself, defending my people and sticking up for my people.”
“I’m not violent. I’m not out threatening to blow up people,” he said. “Self-preservation is an instinct every creature has and we deserve respect.” captured a video of Southall flipping off the crowd while being led out of the building by police. In the video posted to Twitter by CNN reporter Jeremy Diamond, Trump can be heard speaking in the background saying, “Get him the hell out of here.”

Southall said he doesn’t yet know what will happen next, but said he would support a police investigation and criminal charges against those who attacked him. “I would love for them to experience a little bit of what I go through,” he said. “I’m all for that.”

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Who would proudly say ‘President Trump’?

Donald Trump gestured toward photographers at the end of his campaign event Wednesday in Worcester.
Donald Trump gestured toward photographers at the end of his campaign event Wednesday in Worcester | AP


DONALD TRUMP brought his self-celebrating, tub-thumping, trash-talking traveling tour to Massachusetts this week, replete with his usual mix of nativism, half-truths, boasts, insults, and put-downs. With Trump, I’m always left with this question: What kind of voter hears him and says: Wow, now there’s a guy I’d be proud to have as my president!

Last week, Trump seized on Ben Carson’s description of his teenage anger as a “pathological temper — a disease” and used it to compare the man who is currently his chief Republican rival to a “child molester.” That was jaw-dropping even by Trump’s limbo-bar standards.

Usually his mockery runs more toward teenage-bully taunts. He finds or invents a weakness and then harps on it so relentlessly that his disparagement becomes part of the campaign narrative.

Thus Jeb Bush, whose demeanor is that of a thoughtful conservative policy wonk, is derided as “low energy.”

Marco Rubio? Trump makes fun of his perspiration.

Now, politics ain’t beanbag, but serious national candidates don’t normally stoop to comparing rivals to pedophiles. Or to deriding them for their appearance or physiological functions.

So back to my question about Trump backers.

Even in a party described by those demographics, Trump’s supporters tend to be older, whiter, and more male, says Steve Koczela, president of the MassINC Polling Group. They also tend to be less well-educated and less affluent. And they are defined more by a shared sense of disgruntlement than a consistent set of ideas or principles.

“Anger is a more important identifier for Trump supporters than their ideology,” Koczela says.

Much of Trump’s appeal among Republicans is, of course, based on his hard-line stance on illegal immigration, which is why his send-them-back and build-a-wall stands are mainstays of his stump speech. Meanwhile, he has outdone his GOP rivals in anticipating and playing to xenophobia over Syrian refugees, fretting, ridiculously, that we might somehow allow entry to a large terrorist army in disguise.

Gary Langer, who does the ABC News/Washington Post poll, identifies two other distinguishing characteristics: a deep dissatisfaction with the status quo and a desire for a political outsider.

And as for Trump’s jeering jibes?

Well, this fall, MassINC Polling queried New Hampshire voters about the importance they placed on various qualities in a candidate. One of those attributes was treating people “with respect and courtesy.” Eighty-two percent of those who supported Carson or Bush said that characteristic was “very important.” Overall, 67 percent of respondents thought so.

Not so Trump supporters: Only 37 percent put a priority on civility.

Now, as the belligerent billionaire’s current standing demonstrates, there are obviously lots of Republican voters who appreciate his sentiments, mindset, and demeanor.

That’s good news for Trump, but better news for Democrats.

Why? Because, given the polarizing pitch needed to consolidate that vote, it’s difficult to see how a candidate who rides it to the GOP nomination could prevail in a national election. Not with the rapid way the American electorate is evolving.

And that’s a reality practical Republicans will soon have to confront.

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Donald Trump: Mizzou Students’ Anti-Racism Protest Is ‘Disgusting’



Donald Trump has joined the chorus of presidential candidates reacting to anti-racism protests at the University of Missouri (Mizzou), which culminated this week with the resignation of both the university’s president and chancellor.

Asked by Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo about the protests — spurred by a number of racist incidents on campus including a swastika drawn on a bathroom wall in feces — Trump said they were “disgusting.”

“I think it’s disgusting. I think it’s disgusting,” he said. “I think the two people that resigned are weak, ineffective people. … Trump should have been the chancellor of that University. Believe me. There would have been no resignation.”


The Mizzou protests are being led by a campus group called Concerned Student 1950, named after the first year that black students were admitted to the college. The group asserts that the university hasn’t done enough to handle racist incidents and discrimination on campus. To protest, graduate student Jonathan Butler began a hunger strike, and the black members of the school’s football team refused to play or practice until Butler ate.

The resignation of the president and chancellor was one of the group’s demands. But there are more — the demands also include increasing black representation among university staff, increasing funding for social justice and mental health centers, and improving retention for minority students, who are more likely to drop out.

On Thursday, Trump called those demands “crazy.”

“Their demands are like, crazy,” he said. “The things that they’re asking for, many of the things that they’re asking for, many of those things are like, crazy.”

Trump is not the first presidential candidate to react negatively to the anti-racism protests. On Wednesday, neurosurgeon Ben Carson called the protests “infantile.” On Thursday, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie reacted by blaming President Obama and the Black Lives Matter movement for “strip[ping] people of hope.”


WATCH: Larry David Interrupts Trump’s ‘SNL’ Monologue: ‘You’re A Racist!’




Multiple groups had called on NBC to dump Trump from hosting the late night comedy show this weekend. But the network made a joke of it.

Trump was near the end of his of monologue when someone yelled, “You’re a racist!”

“Who the hell is — I knew this was gonna happen,” Trump said, as the camera panned to the protestor. “Who is that?”

The camera cut to David.

“Trump’s a racist!” David screamed.

“It’s Larry David,” Trump said. “What are you doing, Larry?”

“I heard if I yelled that, they’d give me $5,000,” David said.

“As a businessman, I can fully respect that. That’s OK,” Trump replied.

David had returned to the late night program on Saturday to impersonate Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT).

Watch Trump’s monologue:


Bill Maher hammers Donald Trump and Ben Carson: ‘Experience? Republicans avoid that like a gay son!’

Bill Maher hammers Donald Trump and Ben Carson: 'Experience? Republicans avoid that like a gay son!'

Screenshot | You Tube


How else do you explain “Captain Carnival Barker” (Donald Trump) and “Sleepy McCrazy-Pants” (Ben Carson)?

Comedian Bill Maher nailed it on Friday night’s “Real Time” in his monologue about Ben Carson. Following jokes about Donald Trump and Jeb Bush, Maher had the ultimate burn when he said, “If neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson really believes that somebody with zero governing experience is qualified to be president, he must first let someone with zero medical training operate on his brain.”

Carson has long reiterated he’s not a politician, which should set him apart from many other candidates running for the 2016 nomination. In a January 2015 interviewwith Fox News, Carson said, “I do make it clear that I’m not a politician and that I never intend to become a politician.” Don’t worry, no one would mistake you for it.

Maher said that if there’s one thing this election has shown us it is that amateur is the new black. “If there’s one thing republicans can agree on, it’s that the less the head of our government knows about government the better,” Maher said. Perhaps this comes from their secret hatred of government and the desire to reduce the government as much as possible. How else to get someone on the side of smaller government than to make the public agree that a leader they just elected is a moron. Oh, if only they were that smart. “Experience? Republicans avoid that stuff like a gay son!” Maher declared.

This perfectly explains the GOP’s two leading candidates who Maher calls “Captain Carnival Barker” aka Donald Trump and “Sleepy McCrazy-Pants” aka Ben Carson. Yes,that Ben Carson, “who says that the Ayatollah Khamenei and Vladimir Putin went to college together? Which no one can even find a source for, except, perhaps, Ambien.”

This is the GOP frontrunner now? Maher isn’t surprised. “Because 85% of Iowa Republicans say they find the total lack of government experience to be his biggest selling point. But if their kid needed brain surgery, would they say ‘forget Ben Carson. He’s a brain surgery insider.’” Maybe that’s why the Iowa Caucus doesn’t matteranymore—just ask Rick Santorum and Mike Huckabee who never became the party’s nominee.

Maher wondered where else in life does anyone apply the thinking that people who don’t understand government should be the ones that run it? A plumber? No… “The shit’s about to back up in here, what we need is an outsider,” he joked.

This has prompted Maher to completely change his thinking on how long elections should be. He once thought our elections should be like the British who take only five weeks. “No, Americans are dumb. They need extra time.”

Check out the video here:

John Leguizamo Has the Perfect Response to Donald Trump Hosting ‘SNL’ This Weekend

Image Credit: Getty Images


John Leguizamo Has the Perfect Response to Donald Trump Hosting 'SNL' This Weekend

Source: Mic/Getty Images

Why not? Saturday will mark the second time Trump, 69, has headlined NBC’s banner sketch comedy program (the first was in 2004).

This time is different. Trump’s imminent gig comes at the heels of multiple derogatory remarks the candidate has made directed at immigrants — Mexican immigrants in particular — and policy proposals that include “forcing” Mexico to build a wall along the United States-Mexico border to keep people out of the United States.

John Leguizamo Has the Perfect Response to Donald Trump Hosting 'SNL' This Weekend

Source: Mic/Getty Images

He has also referred to immigrants from Mexico and Latin America as “rapists” and “killers.”

“When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best,” he said when he announced his presidential bid in June. “They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists.”

John Leguizamo has had enough. The Colombian-born actor and comedian spoke to Bianna Golodryga atYahoo! News this week and made his position clear — he has no time for Trump and his anti-immigrant rhetoric:

“I think ‘inflammatory’ is … a polite word for what he’s done,” Leguizamo said. “I mean, it’s hatemongering. And I think that’s really unacceptable.”

He continued: “For him to go around saying that Mexican people are, you know, coming across the border, they’re murderers and rapists and all the horrible things he’s said, is so dangerous. People have been hurt because of his words…”

“I find it hurtful and insulting, and you’re celebrating someone who has said some horrible things. I find it unacceptable. I will not watch … I won’t watch SNL anymore.”

John Leguizamo Has the Perfect Response to Donald Trump Hosting 'SNL' This Weekend

Source: Kathy Willens/AP

Leguizamo is not alone. Demonstrators have gathered in front of NBC’s studio in New York City this week, pressuring the network to rescind its invitation to have Trump host.

The Congressional Hispanic Caucus echoed this in a statement Monday, calling on NBC to “disinvite” Trump because his “demonizing [of] Latinos and immigrants has created fear within these communities around the country, many of which are represented in Congress by members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus.”

Even with his rhetoric, Trump remains at or near the top of Republican presidential polls, and has for some time.

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