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The week in one-liners: Boehner, Palin, Rummy



The top quotes in politics this week:

“It’s going to get harder. So, we might as well do it now. Pull off the band-aid. Eat our peas.”— President Obama saying it’s time to pass the debt deal.

“Dealing with them the last couple months has been like dealing with Jell-O.” — House Speaker John Boehner on working with the White House.

“I love Jell-O personally.” — Press Secretary Jay Carney joking around with reporters.

“I’m ready to answer the call.” — Fox’s Bill O’Reilly offering to broker the debt talks.

“I’m running.” — Alan Grayson declaring his next congressional run.

“I believe that I can win a national election.” — Sarah Palin teasing a 2012 run in an interview with Newsweek.

“She’s got a good family, she’s got a good husband, she’s got awesome support, she’s got God on her side, and I think people are envious of that.” — Bristol Palin talking about her mother.

“I don’t sign pledges — other than the Pledge of Allegiance and a pledge to my wife.” — Jon Huntsman refusing to sign the “Cut, Cap and Balance” pledge.

“It takes those of us with two titanium hips and a titanium shoulder a bit longer to get through TSA…” — Former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld tweeting about his airport pat-down.

“I thought that the topic was perfectly legitimate and I certainly would do it again,” Fox’s Chris Wallace defending the substance of the “flake” question he asked Michele Bachmann.

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