Is this the ‘worst Congress ever’?

The Week The acrimonious debate over raising the debt ceiling has shined a spotlight on partisan rancor in Washington. Norman Ornstein of the American Enterprise Institute, who wrote a 2006 book saying Congress was “broken,” now says at Foreign Policy that hardliners in both parties have gained such “inordinate power” that compromise, even on crucial matters such as… More Is this the ‘worst Congress ever’?

Democrat House Losses: Democrats Fearing The Worst

Well, if the pundits and polls are correct, Dems and Progressive leaning independents, like myself will most definitely be hoping for the best while fearing the worst case scenario.  There are some diehards like myself who think that the poll numbers are too skewered and left out younger voters who’s only phone is a cell phone.  Polling… More Democrat House Losses: Democrats Fearing The Worst